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atthew S. Hurley, founder and presi- dent of Hurley Auc- Matthew S. Hurley has been a successful auctioneer, appraiser, and broker since 1996 Hurley Auctions offers Real Estate auctions, online auctions, appraisal and consulting services M

in Real Estate and Personal Property Auctions, Farms and Land, High End Recre- ational Facilities, Corporate & Business Wholesale and Retail Liquidations, Luxury & Estate Homes, Bankruptcies, as well as Appraisals & Con- sulting services throughout the US and Canada. Having sold thousands of acres and hundreds of properties, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets, Hurley Auctions is known as a leader in the auction industry. He said there's nothing he doesn't love about auctioneer-

ing, but the road to success wasn't always so smooth for Hurley. His desire to be an auctioneer started when his father, Gene, took 5-year-old Matt to a farm auction. “All the way home, I remem- ber saying, ‘When I grow up, I'm going to be an auctioneer.’” In high school, his guidance counselor wasn't sure how to help the teen achieve his dream. “There’s not much you can do as a guidance counselor to help someone that wants to be an auctioneer because you had to be an apprentice at the time in Pennsylvania,”

Hurley said. “I tried, but no one would sponsor me because they didn't want competition.” When he was 19, Hurley went on a two-year mission for his church. Upon his return, his desire for the auction block was stronger than ever. “I got home on a Wednesday, and on Thursday morning, one of my favorite auctioneers, Bob Benshoff, called me and said, ‘Hey, do you still want to be an auctioneer? I am looking for an apprentice.’”. His call was a blessing. He served as an apprentice with Benshoff for two years.

“I decided that auctioneer- ing is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” he said. He even got his father hooked on auctioneering. Gene apprenticed under Matt from 1996 to 1998, and remains active in Hurley Auctions to this day. All six of Hurley's children are involved in the business. “My children will be third- generation auctioneers, but I’m a first-generation auc- tioneer… I love what I do, it's a lot of fun, and I feel like I’m just getting started.” Hurley said. 

tions in Gre- encastle, PA, has been a suc c e s s f u l auctioneer, appra i s e r , and broker since 1996. He realized his passion for the business when he was just five years old. Some boys dream of be- coming a policeman or a fire- fighter when they grow up, but Matthew Hurley had his sights set on being an auction- eer. Not only did his boyhood dream become a reality, but his devotion has allowed him to reach several milestones in his profession. In 2016 the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association named Hurley as Auctioneer of the Year at its 68th Annual Conference in Harrisburg, beating out over 3,000 auctioneers. The win- ner was selected by statewide peers based on leadership, high ethical standards, a will- ingness to share with others, participation in community affairs and outstanding con- tributions to the PAA and the auction profession. He has also received the title of Pennsylvania State Champion Auctioneer as well as the highest honor awarded to bid callers in both Pennsylvania’s "Champion of Champions" and Florida’s “Sunshine State Bid Calling Champion”. Hurley’s team has won numerous awards on both the State and National lev- el including First Place in the Land & Farm Division awarded by USA Today and was recently featured on last months’ cover of NAA Maga- zine for the National Auction- eer’s Association. Hurley currently specializes Matthew Hurley continued from page 9B LL 88 and LL 134 – Suggestions for . . . product that you plan to incor- porate in your retrofit. These samples should be installed in the same locations where the fi- nal installation will take place. Green Partners will provide and install LED samples at no cost for qualifying projects. George Crawford is a prin- cipal at Green Partners. n

Matthew Hurley pictured left is

featured on the cover of last month’s NAA Magazine (National

Auctioneer’s Association).

Why Hurley Auctions? RESULTS! “Hurley’s had more people look at my property in 2 weeks than my realtor did in a year” — R. Brenize

HURLEY AUCTIONS Headquarters 2800 Buchanan Trail E Greencastle, PA 17225 866.424.3337 hurleyauctions.com

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