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Gebroe-Hammer marks Q1 2018 with . . .

Hourigan Construction to serve as gen. contractor Creative Development Ptrs. represents Stihl in HQ building

transactions in Bucks County (38 units) and Montgomery County (50 units). Since 1975, Gebroe-Ham- mer’s brokerage activities have concentrated on suburban and urban high-rise and garden- apartment properties. The firm’s client base includes private owners, REITs, private equity firms and other institu- tional investors. While initially focusing on New Jersey, the firm has evolved during the past 43 years to also dominate the northeastern Pennsylvania and New York State submar- kets as well as represent client interests nationally. In addi- tion, Gebroe-Hammer markets mixed-use and free-standing office and retail properties. Widely recognized for its con- sistent sales performance, the firm is a 14-time CoStar Power Broker.  The square footage of the planted area is 7,200 s/f. The original planting consisted of 90,000 plugs of native grasses and 52 different types of plants. CTA closely collaborated with SiteWorks, which performed an analysis and documentation of the existing plant material to be contract grown. It also con- ducted a detailed topographic survey to document the fur- rows, which are integral to the design intent. The inventory and subsequent restoration of the furrows proved challenging. SiteWorks’ existing conditions survey included points taken every three feet. This pains- takingly produced document was instrumental in providing a base for the soil profiles and irrigation layout. Specifically, the team not- ed that the soils system was comprised of three zones that mimicked natural soil profiles, namely a sand drainage layer, a combination of existing drain- age layer soil and sub-base soil, and a new engineered topsoil layer. “To ensure that the exist- ing soils could be reused, they were trucked off site and main- tained with a specific windrow length and height,” said LiRo senior design manager Paul Ersboll, RLA . These soils had actually become homogenous over time, so the team sepa- rated out a portion and added organic material to make up the top layer.  despite the planted area being located on top of a waterproof concrete slab.

abandoned structures once stood. Such is the case at 100 Halstead St., a 26-unit newly constructed, transit-village luxury high rise recently sold for $5.65 million by Execu- tive Managing Director David Oropeza. The property is one of two five-story buildings along Halstead Street delivered to market in the past year. Oro- peza and Nicolaou also were involved in the sale of an ad- ditional 113 units in North Jer- sey through the end of March. Other notable Gebroe-Ham- mer Q1 sales involved 143 units in Bergen and Passaic counties; 91 units in South Jersey/Gloucester; 65 units in Union County; and 43 units in Morris and Somerset coun- ties. In Pennsylvania, the firm also arranged two separate garden-apartment community continued from page 4B measure, CTA specified in- stalling approximately 2,000 square feet of a reinforced, cold- applied, liquid Kemper 2K PUR system over all exposed core walls and substrates. At the top of monument, CTA incorporated a custommasonry anchoring system for the field- stone-and-rubble wall, which is installed over a sturdy concrete masonry unit (CMU) core faced with fieldstone and mortar. The new masonry anchor system was installed to keep in place the irregularly shaped stones within the fieldstone wall. According to Pericle Gheo- rghias , CTA’s senior technical designer on the project, one of the new solutions employed was encapsulating the edges of the slab in the Kemper waterproof- ing membrane. “We extended the membrane and wrapped it around the edge of the slab for additional protection. The artist, Brian Tolle, expressed some concern, as this made the membrane on the edge of the slab was visible. So we found a mineral surfacing system ap- proved by Kemper that matched the finish of the concrete slab and we incorporated it into the membrane. It completely hides the waterproofing, maintain- ing visual consistency with the original slab,” he said. Extensive Landscaping The main challenge of the project was making the meadow function as a live elevated field with naturally growing plants and its own living ecosystem,

New glass partitions, very popular in open office plans, do not lend themselves to sound absorption in any way--sound bounces off of glass. The best option in this case is to add air and mass- a dual glazed partition system that many de- mountable manufacturers now fabricate can offer STC ratings onto the high 30’s (Teknion). To achieve this, your designer should detail a soffit that ex- tends from an inch or two below your ceiling plane up to the deck can be beneficial. In addition to the quality of your partition construction, doors and windows should always have rubber or silicon gaskets and seal properly. No matter the type of con- struction, your mechanical engineer should also specify dampers in the ductwork to prevent sound transmission though HVAC ducts and reg- isters. In open ceilings the ducts themselves can also be wrapped in fabric sound at- tenuation material to prevent reverberation (Kaufmann). Sound Masking is a great option for space where the cli- ent is concerned with changing the aesthetics of the design. These systems use a central unit, typically located in a re- mote closet, with distribution points scattered strategically to provide white noise. This does not actually remove sound The property broke ground on March 29, 2018 on more than 150 acres at the site of the existing Stihl corporate headquarters on Viking Dr. Besides the new administra- tion space with a Stihl mu- seum and customer welcome IRGINIA BEACH, VA — Creative De- velopment Partners , announced the recent ground- breaking of Stihl, Inc.’s new $25 million, 80,000 s/f admin- istration building in Virginia Beach. Since the project’s in- ception, Creative Development Partners has served as owner’s representative for Stihl. V

Stihl, Inc.’s new $25 million, 80,000 s/f administration building

from the environment like Ab- sorption or Isolation but adds a low-level hum to the overall atmosphere. While it is far more cost effective to install these systems before space occupancy, many times it is rejected by clients due to cost until the space is in use and it becomes obvious how problem- atic the issue really is. While it is less costly than building new partitions, clients can spend almost double by retrofitting a system that could have been installed more economically during construction. Space Planning is your earli- est defense against problematic spaces for noise distractions. HF Planners has engaged a “neighborhood” approach with success on multiple projects. By allocating space so that similar tasks are grouped to- gether with work stations de- signed for proper task set up. For example, if customer ser- vice agents are consistently on the phone, providing immedi- ate sound attenuation at the desk would be best. Further, if a marketing team of 6 work together on a daily basis, they should have no communication impediments from each other, but might want a buffer zone between them and the afore- mentioned customer service employees. Additionally, when all individual work stations are open, the space must provide workers with opportunities installation would be safe, secure, and expedient. Crystal also had Porcello Engineering review and approve the pro- posed installation materials and methods. Then Crystal’s center, the project will include improvements to an outdoor demonstration area, enhance- ments to the entry guard- house and updates to traffic flow and security at the main entrance gate. The expansion

for scheduled and impromptu meetings as well as conference calls. No matter howmuch a de- signer absorbs or masks noise, six people on a conference call is not a task recommended in an open space. By taking the factors above into consideration, facility managers can go into a project knowing the acoustic challeng- es they will face with an open office plan. Once acknowledged, the potential issues can use Absorption, Isolation, Sound masking and Space planning as assets instead of roadblocks. HF Planners encourages facil- ity managers to educate your end-users and push your design team on the inclusion of these sound attenuation measures. It is your designer’s job to make you shine with the customer, and a productive, focused end- user is one of the best ways to accomplish that goal. Works Cited Kaufmann, Nick. "The HVAC Fac- tor." Facility Executive July/August 2016: 8. Magazine. LoBosco, Maryellen. "Don't Let Poor Acoustics Sabotage Your Open Office." Building Operation Management Au- gust 2017: 40-46. Magazine. Teknion. "www.teknion.com." 2013. Teknion-Architectural Products. 19th February 2018. United States Gypsum Company. "www.usg.com." 2006. USG-Acoustical Assemblies. 2018. Casey Murphy, NCIDQ is senior interior designer & project manager with HF Planners.  aluminum extrusion affili- ate, Gateway Extrusions in Union, MO, stepped up to cut new dies and extrude the custom-designed aluminum components.  will replace the former 21,000 s/f administration building which was razed to make way for the new building. Hou- rigan Construction will serve as general contractor for the project. 

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printing equipment provided samples and models of the various new components to assure the architect and the fenestration contractor the

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