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anuary 1st of 2018, I start- ed to count drivers when I showed my courtesy by a wa v e By Bill Stevenson, Target Building Construction A conversation about common sense, courtesy, manners, etiquette and technology J

70 MPH with tons of people on the road not a good idea and then we have the guy who does 85 MPH because he did not leave enough time to reach his destination weaving in and out of traffic. He must be special! The Technology is way faster than we are. This is a very serious SAFETY issue! Maybe we are trying to do too many things when in reality one thing at a time is enough. Turn a TV show on one of our 1000 TV chan- nels we have now and the discussion about how we are all sleep deprived. If you are lying in bed with your cell phone next to you it’s probably going to keep you awake. All of the information we receive all day long has to be stored somewhere but you have to have a life balance where you just shut it down. Growing up we had a rotary phone on the wall in our kitchen and no computer so the only way you could talk to anyone was to stand three feet away from the wall or sit on a kitchen chair if the cord was long enough. Now everything is tap, tap, tap keys Hit Send. Texts, emails, texts, emails….. Technology seems to be out- pacing human beings. Nowwe are stuck in a 24/7 news cycle where somebody has to have the story first and it’s an over saturated media. Who needs that? Do you like watching sports on TV? Get ready for a half hour watching officials, timekeepers and the replay booth figuring out what just happened. The games we en- joy in our leisure time seem like a courtroom trying to reach a verdict. On July 20th 1969, Astro- naut Neil Armstrong traveled on Apollo 11 and was the first man to walk on the moon. He said: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. There are more electronics in an I Phone then there were on Apollo 11. I’m still counting the waves and flickers of headlights and it’s still three out of ten. Remem- ber what Ed Sullivan used to say :Good evening ladies and gentleman”. Like my parents said, “Good manners are never out of place”. Bill Stevenson is the di- rector of business develop- ment for Target Building Construction. n

in the mirror. My article is as much about the craziness of cell phones as it is about courtesy. Like the popular- ity of the audible F-Bomb in public or leaving your fast food trash all over the parking lot. People walking like robots across the street phone in hand and I have to stop even when my light is green. Generally speaking this is a conversation about common sense, courtesy, manners, etiquette and technology. Recently, I have been reading a book titled, The One Thing at a time . A chapter about

Multitasking really made me think about something. Mul- titasking a term originally used referring to computer systems in the 1960’s. Mul- titasking is about multiple tasks alternately sharing one resource {the CPU}, but in time the context was flipped and it became interpreted to mean multiple tasks being done by one resource {a per- son}. Even computers can only process one piece of code at a time. When they multitask they switch back and forth, alternating until both tasks are done. The speed with

which computers tackle mul- tiple tasks feeds the illusion that everything happens at the same time, so comparing computers to humans can be confusing. My parents always taught me good manners are never out of place. Traveling is about half of my time in my position visiting job sites and customers so I am always on 95, The Blue Route and Turn- pikes. Texting and driving with the phone on the steer- ing wheel or in either hand is about one in three drivers in my estimation. Traveling at

o r f l i c k e r of lights to cut them a break in traf- fic. Out of the first ten driv- ers three ac- knowledged my gesture

Bill Stevenson

with a thank you wave or flicker of lights. This number has held true since I have been counting and that means 70 % of us need to take a look


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