Fabey Dental February 2019

From Dentist and Assistant To Husband and Wife

February 2019

Like all good dental love stories, mine begins at a practice. It’s hard to believe I first met my wife, Joanne (Jo for short), some 25 years ago while doing what we still do today. I was working for another practice at the time, and she was an assistant there. I guess we must’ve developed some serious chair-side chemistry, because we’ve been together ever since. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I want to take a moment to pay tribute to Jo. Some people may regard working alongside your spouse as a recipe for disaster, but our experience has been the opposite. Jo and I trust each other deeply and implicitly. We communicate with ease and are always on the same page. Sometimes, it feels like we’re doing a synchronized swimming routine because our movements are so seamless. Call it the dental version of completing each other’s sentences. Over the years, we’ve established a few ground rules that make working together a joy. The biggest one is that we never let issues from home show up at the practice. It actually makes our marital spats — everyone has them, right? — resolve quicker. Whatever we’re squabbling about at home, the fun we have working together always manages to make us smile. In turn, we also try to never bring work matters home. While I’m pretty good about keeping particular issues at the office, dentistry is something that never leaves my mind. I’m a nerd for this stuff, and Jo is incredibly gracious about my never-ending fervor for reading, learning, and talking about dentistry. The same goes for my passion for coaching soccer. Actually, one of the qualities I most admire about Joanne is that she appreciates the velocity at which I approach my interests. I can’t ever remember hearing her say, “Enough about teeth already,” though I couldn’t blame her if she did.

In addition to her patience and graciousness, Jo has a superhuman level of tenderness and empathy. She’s the person who’s always ready to give our patients a warm hug when they show up for an appointment. Her smile lights up a room, and she always knows what to say to lighten the mood.

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As empty-nesters, we are enjoying the chance to spend more one-on-one time, including going out to eat as often as we can. Another passion project, one that speaks to Jo’s character, is fostering dogs. Over the years, we’ve fostered over 100 good boys and girls, most of them beagles. While it’s a team effort, Jo is the one who inspired me to get involved with fostering in the first place. I consider myself lucky to work alongside the love of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Some couples may tell you they worry about spending too much time together, but in our case, there’s no such thing.


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