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Turkey and Football The Best Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is a time when you can’t help but notice how much your family has changed. When I was young, every Thanksgiving was spent at my grandfather’s house. He owned a car dealership in Herscher, Illinois, and lived in the apartments above the business. The family would get together to eat food and watch football at his place. Later in the evening, all the cousins would get into some world-class shenanigans. My grandfather passed away seven years ago, but my aunt took over the tradition before he passed. Thanksgivings at Aunt Dawn’s aren’t that different than when Granddad hosted, though her place is a bit bigger. Plus, she has a nice theater room in the basement with a built-in bar. It’s the perfect spot to kick back with a belly full of turkey and watch the game. I went to law school in Minnesota, so I make a point of watching the Vikings if they’re playing — but if Mike Block asks, I’m a Bears fan. In addition to the new location, another big change during Thanksgiving is the people around the table. As the years go by, families grow and change. Mine is no exception. I’ve been lucky to have my family nearby for most of my life. But these days, the cousins are starting to move away. They’re getting new jobs and doing well for themselves, but it’s unclear when we’ll see each other again. As a child, it’s guaranteed that you’ll see your cousins during the holidays and spend the day surrounded by your siblings.

Today, it’s not so certain. Even for Thanksgiving, everyone might not be able to come together like they once did. It’s a little sad, but this distance also makes the time we’re able to spend together all the more valuable. It’s interesting to think that this is the version of Thanksgiving my girls will remember as adults. I’m glad they have the tradition of spending Thanksgiving at Aunt Dawn’s to look back on. It’s a gathering full of family, love, and plenty of food. Second to the time spent with family, being encouraged to overeat a little is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. I am very fortunate to have so many reasons to be thankful this year. My family is healthy and happy, and we’re able to

gather together for another wonderful Thanksgiving. I am also thankful for the job I have and the work we do at the practice. I can look back on this year and know without a doubt that we have been able to help many people. It’s an honor to have clients who trust us in their time of need. We work hard to earn that trust and make sure our clients have plenty to be thankful for too. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! No matter how things may change, I hope you are able to enjoy Thanksgiving with your loved ones, eating great food and creating lasting memories.

–Brya n Shell

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