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FlagD | The Issue

FlagD | The Solution

FlagD distances measured by determining GPS coordinates of targets on range (pins/flags) and providing information back to each FlagD unit. GPS coordinates taken ONCE and programmed into each device upon initial setup. Individual devices “reset” each day by simply pressing button on back of unit with golf tee. This insures distances are calculated from exact spot where the FlagD device is located each day. Each device will display unique distances depending on it’s location on the range.

FlagD | Simple





FlagD | E-Ink Display

• Easy to Read •

No glare or shadows

Bold print

• • •

Large numbers

No issues w polarized sunglass lenses

• Always On •

No on/off button

Appears to always be on Nothing for golfer to press

• •

• Low Power Consumption • Only uses power when registering pin locations (typically once per day).

Battery life: Four AA batteries rated at 12-18 months.

FlagD | Customizable

FlagD | Durable

Ultraviolet ink used for graphic overlays to reduce fading.

Robust case made of aircraft grade aluminum and built to handle tough environments. Weatherproof case sealings using high performance O-rings to keep out the elements (heat, cold, rain, movement, etc.) Designed, manufactured, and assembled in USA by resources with decades of experience developing and manufacturing high end laboratory equipment.

FlagD | Secure



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