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' re beer lovers ' re island lovers And they ’ re out to make the beers that ’ ll make



Sanibel ( even more ) famous

Who’s rockin’ the kitchen? Ryan Kida at Yabo , that’s who.

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Stand Up Paddleboarding Yoga Christine Lemmon: Artist in Residence Plus Win a 3-Night Captiva Island Vacation!

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ON OUR COVER: the Pugh family at Lighthouse Beach, Sanibel. Image: Milissa Sprecher


Images: Milissa Sprecher ARTIST IN RESIDENCE SANDS

Sanibel, Captiva and Southwest Florida provide the perfect backdrop for this acclaimed Midwesterner-turned-islands- novelist.

From a child, she’s known these islands. As an adult and novelist, she writes

around Sanibel Island — most certainly as an adult, but also as a little girl.

(as Hemingway would always preach) what she knows. Lemmon, the acclaimed Sanibel novelist of Sanibel Scribbles, Portion of the Sea and Sand in my Eyes , Christine

“For me, writing is like picking up some dolls and playing,” she exclaims. “You’re not exactly sure what they’ll say to each other or do. When I begin, I have no idea where the story may go, and I don’t use an outline.”

says the inspiration for much of her work comes to her while simply kayaking, biking or walking

While that processmayallowfor theunexpected,



SERIF By Bill Schiller

readers can expect to be led on an emotionally evocative journey in stories compelled by characters, who often struggle to overcome

Ms. Lemmon, a mother of three boys, has worked as a contributing writer to newspapers and magazines throughout America, migrations

challenges or undergo beneficial change in their lives; themes that may revolve around the relationship

prompted inpart byher husband’s profession in the pharmaceutical industry. Lemmon’s emergence as a critically acclaimed Southwest Florida novelist began many

“It was always one of my favorite places in the world and to be able to live here full time is a dream come true.”

between a woman and her husband, or a mother and her children, or the interaction simply between one and her own inner sense of self awareness.

years ago after she and her husband moved to Sanibel — although she is far from a newcomer.



“My grandmother lived on the island and I started visiting here when I was only three years old and living in Michigan,” she says. “I vacationed here as a child, growing up, and during breaks from college. It was always one of my favorite places in the world and to be able to live here full time is a dream come true.” Her current Sanibel best sellers include Sanibel Scribbles, where readers can discover an island of their own where they may take a needed time-out from the chaos of the world to better consider the course of their lives as well as appropriate actions; Portion of the Sea (bonus chapter presented online), where the restorative powers of paddling among the waves are explored; and Sand in My Eyes , where Lemmon reminds readers of the beauty and wonder of life, often unfortunately obscured through simply dealing with challenges.

Each issue, COASTE will feature an “Artist in Residence” who will be invited to share their works with you. { } To learn more about Christine Lemmon and her highly popular islands lifestyle novels, visit



This month COASTE is honored to present an abbreviated chapter of Ms. Christine Lemmon’s Portion of the Sea — which you can read to conclusion online at or click here . Ava China breaks. A wedding dress dulls. Money gets spent. But the prayers awomenutters inher lifetime flutter back and forth throughout the generations like eternal butterflies landing ever–so-lightly on the shoulder of a daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter, or any old girl, often without her ever knowing. It was a cold New York morning, and I knew the coldness had something it wanted to say to me. I could tell by the way it howled outside my window and then knocked on my bones, At first I tried not to pay it any attention, but then when my knees started creaking, I knew the cold was following me and that it wasn’t going to give up. I put my robe on and walked over to the table in my room, the one near the window in the spring, and the one where I drank my tea under the rays of morning light. This time of year the table is dark and I place a blanket over my legs when I sit there. The cold doesn’t bother my daughter as it does me, so I try not to complain of it, and we go on drinking our tea in the cups I inherited from my mama. They were part of the set that I was given after her death, and they reminded me of our moments long ago when she, Grandmalia, and I would drink the comfort tea together. But it wasn’t the tea or the china or even the brandy that meant anything. It was the ritual and those have a way of continuing throughout generations if someone takes on the sacred responsibility of declaring them rituals in the first place. “I don’t have time for you,” I said rubbing the goose bumps on my arms. “Why don’t you come back in a couple of weeks?”

I glanced at the clock behind me. It was seven- thirty in the morning, Where was she? My daughter usually came wandering into my roomby now to lazily plant a good-morning kiss on my cheek before sliding down into the chair across fromme. I loved having tea with her each morning, before she left for school and, occasionally, if the boys weren’t in a hurry for work, they would wander in, preferring coffee to tea and only having time for a quick sip, if that. I call them boys, but that’s because I’m their mother. Ask any women, and she’d say they’re men! Their days living here with me at the estate were numbered, but I wasn’t counting. They could stay as long as they wanted, but my oldest son would soon be engaged, and my middle son was thinking of buying his own place — twice as big as this — and my youngest was making plans to move downtown. The boys grew up too fast, which is why I’m grateful God blessed me with a daughter. I still had her home with me for many years yet, and I was glad. I wasn’t at all ready for a childless house and life. I enjoyed having tea in the morning with my children. But once they all left and the house was mine, I switched to coffee so I could write. I drank three cups spread throughout the day. The room was cold, so I stood up and paced back and forth a few times, leaning my hands over the tray with the hot tea and rubbing my fingers over the rising steam as one does over a campfire. I thought about which story I might tell my daughter today. She enjoys hearing one story before school, but a short one, and she prefers nonfiction to fiction and her favorite genre, simply put, is true stories having to do with me — her mother — at around her age. But now that I’ve entered my fifties, I forgot things that happened when I was fourteen or fifteen, so I have to think awhile before coming up with a good story to tell her. I tell her whatever I remember. Or what I want to remember. Or what I want to relive. Or what might reunite me with the girl I once was. According to recent statistics, the average life expectancy for a man or women is under fifty-five years old. I refused to become a statistic.




They . so they Got together and have set out to make the Beers that ' ll make Sanibel Famous By Bill Schiller Images : Milissa Sprecher ( even more ) ’ re Sanibel lovers . They ’ re beer lovers



After an era of declining sales, the beer industry has brewed a bounce back that actually began in 2012 when, for the first time in several years, beer shipments nationally exceeded 13 million barrels (two million more than 2011). At the same time, analysts note that credit for this resurgence isn’t being driven by Clydesdales, the World’s Most Interesting Man or countless other media campaigns (and millions of dollars). Rather, it’s the concoctions created by a fast-growing niche of craft brewers nationwide that have inspired and excited both curious consumers and die-hard beer lovers alike to indulge in new, innovative, often fun, sometimes crazy flavors — accompanied, of course, by equally inspired marketing. To be sure, that’s a point not lost on Peter Kendall and Walt Costello, founders of Point Ybel Brewing Company. Having successfully introduced a variety of craft brews in restaurants throughout Sanibel, Fort Myers Beach and the surrounding area, Point Ybel Brewing Company has officially gone public, with a new brewery and tasting room in Fort Myers. For both



men, the brewery is the culmination of their beer-lover’s and island-lover’s dream.

“So many people have tried more commercial beer and thought that was the way a beer is supposed to taste,” Costello says. “With Point Ybel, it’s been exciting to see that our brand is not only appealing to people who have always liked beer, but also people who thought they would never like beer. Customers tell us that ours tastes better than anything they’ve had before, and they keep coming back for more.” This match made in beer heaven began several years ago with Costello, who was raised on Sanibel. Like so many young locals, he had developed a healthy penchant for fishing — while his fascination with beer arrived a little later at St. Leo College and Florida Gulf Coast University. Though Costello considered going to law school, his knowledge of local waters, passion for fishing and entrepreneurial acumen led him to great success as a charter boat captain and guide. And while he had no problem guiding clients to the best local fishing holes, he was far more challenged in recommending what awaits the end of every great expedition — a fun-filled watering hole with a tall, tasty cold one on tap. “I’ve always liked good beer,” says Costello. “Some communities around the country offer a lot of choices, but locally, options were very limited when it came to beer. Most of what was available wasn’t very good.” Inspired Island Hoppers After coming across a guide to brewing, Costello resolved to try his own hand. Upon acquiring the necessary ingredients and learning the process, Costello was soon piling pots and pans atop his own kitchen stove to brew batches. It took repeated experimenting to develop the correct flavor profile — and the bottling formula had to be tweaked as well since a number of bottles “Beer making can make for a joyful mess.”



gain distribution. He branded his beer “Point Ybel,” a tribute to the landmark site of Sanibel’s famous lighthouse. COASTE | PERSONALITIES “It’s difficult to describe, but when you finally brew that one that tastes really good, it feels like you’ve done something magical.”

would occasionally explode overnight. “Beer making can make for a joyful mess,” he admits.

Around this time, Costello started dating a woman who ultimately became his wife. Fortunately, Amy didn’t overtly object to Costello’s kitchen projects — and yes, even offered her services as a taste tester. The day finally came when Walt and Amy hit upon a brew that tasted exceptionally good. “It’s difficult to describe, but when you finally brew that one that tastes really good, it feels like you’ve done something magical,” says Costello. So inspired, Costello was soon pitching samples to local venues and began to


Costello’s brews began to develop a following as they flowed, batch by small batch, among area establishments — which is how Peter Kendall came to become a fan of Point Ybel. Originally from Vermont, Kendall had achieved a successful career in the financial services industry and made the move to Sanibel some ten years ago. Another admirer of quality beer, he and a few colleagues once considered launching a craft brewery. They had even come up with a name and created a website, but never moved forward on the actual brewing. Kendall says after he moved to Sanibel, the craft beer idea moved, so to speak, to the back burner. A bartender and mutual friend of Costello and Kendall finally helped introduce the two, and what has come from that first encounter continues to be history in the making.

For Cravers of Flavors Costello and Kendall determined that Southwest Florida would be rightfully served to have its own local brewery, and that beer lovers could be better




served by having a place particularly dedicated to pleasing their palates. As Kendall also notes, it can prove challenging to grow business solely through distribution to local restaurants and bars. Initial plans to establish Point Ybel Brewing Company on Sanibel Island were stymied by pesky local ordinances — thus the location in Fort Myers where, every Thursday to Sunday, the brewery opens its doors to welcome a growing audience. Here’s what you have to look forward to: Endless Summer is an American-style pale ale of burnt orange color with a one-finger head and exceptional lacing, complemented by a tropical fruit and citrus flavoring, with a light malt background to impart a slight bitterness and alcohol flavor. Sanibel Red is a deep amber-colored brewwith light, frothy head infused with toasted malts and bready flavoring sweetened through a brewing process that incorporates local, mangrove honey.

lacing, all balanced through the use of five different varieties of hops.

YAY! Sanibel Saison is a Belgian “beach house” saison inspired by several local friends, imparting a sweet and spicy sensation through key lime zest, orange blossom honey, bird pepper and the combination of Citra Hops, Centennial Hops and EKG Hops. Kendall says current goals are focused on increasing distribution to other local venues. He also says the brewery plans to enter national taste competitions, like the Great American Beer Festival. For now, he’s encouraged to see that Point Ybel brews are already winning over a growing number of consumers. The brewers also plan to introduce more flavors in the future, including American dark ale called Black Mangrove. Costello is even open to potentially collaborating with other local craft brewers who may be inspired to bring their recipes to market. He wants Point Ybel Brewery to serve as both a platform for launching locally inspired products, but also as a

Snook Bite IPA is an orange-hued brew of moderate carbonation, with creamy white head and good


Semi-private 18-hole Championship Course • Just Minutes from Sanibel and Captiva

G r e a t G o l f Just a Short Drive Away

• Competitive Rates • Grass Practice Facility • Close to Beaches • Full Pro Shop • Rental Clubs

Shell Point Golf Club combines the best of many worlds: a beautiful, tropical location right on the doorstep of Sanibel & Captiva Islands, a challenging and exciting championship course, and professional expertise with attentive service. Experience one of Lee Island Coast’s finest semi-private golf courses today.

Reserve your tee time by calling (239) 433-9790 or visit Located 2 miles from the Sanibel Causeway • 17401 On Par Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL 33908

©2014 Shell Point. All rights reserved. SLS-2648-14

The rocking

22 Images: Milissa Sprecher


You notice the attitude when you approach the door of this restaurant with the funny name. The glass stencil features a blinged-out urban-dwelling rodent with a boom box, above which is posted this warning: Here at Yabo you may experience live music, great food and good times. Relax and enjoy.



That attitude doesn’t disappoint once you walk into Yabo — clearly one of the hippest, hottest and refreshingly different restaurants for both atmosphere and cuisine in Southwest Florida. Once inside, darkness quickly engulfs you and you wonder whether Yabo’s a place to dine or a shrine to masters of the music industry. Tobe sure, it is both, andyetmuchmore. Immediately noticeable is the guitar hanging on the wall at the entrance, autographed by Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and musician Dave Matthews. But that’s only an appetizer of what reveals to be a visual feast of music and memorabilia up, down and all around Yabo — including encased gold and platinum records from a who’s who in music highlighted by Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Cliff Williams and Brian Johnson, respectively known as the bassist and lead singer for a little musical act called AC/DC.

Reminiscent of a hidden jewel you might gratefully stumble upon off Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Yabo delights in sensory overload of the very best way — taste, sight and sound — with a creative and altogether delicious Italian-infused menu, complimented with a revolving side of local and nationally-touring musical artists, performing live. And the man rockin’ the kitchen? That’s Ryan Kida. Savoring Success Yabo’s current rock star status began six years ago as a mere three-table, hole-in-the-wall tucked away in a tired strip mall on McGregor Drive in south Fort Myers. Even in that small setting, live music and awesome food shared center stage — and Ryan Kida’s recipe for true “experiential dining” proved so successful that new digs followed in 2012, with credits to recording artist Chris Corley for the assist.



For Ryan Kida, Yabo is “the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.” Originally from New Jersey, Kida was only a young boy when he moved to Sanibel and struck a friendship with Sean Woods, a friendship prompted from their mutual appreciation of music. Both secured jobs working in local restaurants that over time, helped hone Kida’s cooking expertise. At the same time, Kida’s appreciation for music prompted him to invest in recording equipment and complete studies in audio engineering. Some years ago, he produced and recorded an album of alternative blues.

In his lifetime of working restaurants and loving music, Kida has found a way to combine his passions for good food, good music and good company — a combination that’s proven to resonate with an ever- expanding base of fans that flock to Yabo for both the Yabo is “the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.” menu and the music. In fact, Yabo attracts patrons of all generations — young adult professionals, couples and groups; a smattering of families; a healthy array of baby boomers; but also, Kida says, seniors who prefer to spend a night out rocking to music as opposed to sitting in a rocking chair.

Business partner Brad Thompson says his goal is to provide Yabo’s customers with an up-close, ear pleasing encounter of genuine musical talent — and some touring acts that previously bypassed Fort Myers are appearing now because of Yabo. At the same time, Thompson says Yabo is proud to serve as a venue for homegrown talent — from local runner-ups of “The Voice” to acts such as the Pit Bull of Blues Band, winner of the 2013 Southwest Florida Blues Society Challenge.

But Yabo’s menu is always the headline act and with Kida rocking the kitchen, you’re sure to find something you’ll love — beef, veal, seafood, pastas, salads and more, including standing ovations entrees such as Kong



(New York strip steak seasoned in rosemary cabernet demi-glace); Optimus (a prime Angus burger with goat cheese, pancetta and roasted garlic demi-glace served on a brioche bun); and the Rock-N-Rollo Pollo (sautéed breast of chicken topped with pancetta, provolone, cherry tomato and demi-glace). This complexity and sophistication stands, ironically, in stark contrast to the meaning of the name “Yabo” — a derivation of an Aussie expression that loosely translates to “lazy bum.” As Kida tells it, he was stumbling around to find a recipe to cook an Australian crustacean “Anyone who isn’t happy when cooking doesn’t belong in the kitchen.” known as a Yabby, fell in love with the word, and eventually changed it to Yabo. Of course, he kept the name even after learning what the expression meant. So does the rock star chef ever long to leave the kitchen and join a band on the Yabo stage? “Anyone who isn’t happy when cooking doesn’t belong in the kitchen,” he affirms. In fact, Kida



speaks with non-pretentious honesty on most matters, in tones of subtle intensity spiced with frequent F-bombs that are more enthusiastically inflected than evocative. Like the time AC/DC’s Chris Williams spent an evening at Yabo (“it was ----ing incredible”), to upcoming acts scheduled to perform (“they’re ----ing awesome”), to the idea of, say, building a larger place one day that could accommodate outdoor concerts (“that would be ----ing fantastic”).

Yes, Ryan Kida ----ing loves what he’s doing and plans to do it more. Stay tuned.

27 { } Yabo Restaurant | Food & Frets 16230 Summerlin Road Dinner 5pm - 9:30pm 239.225.YABO

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all a board Stand Up Paddleboarding YOGA Takes Offas theHotNewHealth, Wellness and Fitness Adventure

by emily przybylo

It’s early morning when Yali Zawady takes to the water on her stand up paddleboard. She gently glides through the rippling waters of Captiva’s Roosevelt Channel and finds a calm spot to anchor. A manatee gently bumps her top- of-the-line board with built-in mat, as she focuses her prana and strikes a fierce sun salutation. She’s not in a studio where the peaceful atmosphere is contrived — instead she’s standing on the water, absorbed by nature. Zawady is practicing SUP Yoga — a hybrid form of the ancient Meditation practice (yoga) and new- age sport (stand up paddle boarding or SUP). The two sports have been combined for a number of years, but only recently have been popularized.

Instructor Yali Zawady is the first to bring it to Sanibel and Captiva Islands, and she offers this class exclusively at ‘Tween Waters Inn Island Resort & Spa on Captiva Island. “All you need is to be willing to try something new — and be willing to fall in!”

As crazy as it sounds, SUP Yoga isn’t exclusive to trained fit students or very experienced yogis.

“All you need is to be willing to try something new — and be willing to fall in!” Zawady explains.




Images: Felicity Rafalski

Offering classes on both the Bay and Gulf, Zawady says the water depths vary — but neither body of water is very deep where she instructs her class. Most people fall in the water when attempting poses, but if you’re not up for a cool dip, it is possible to go an entire session without falling in. “Once they’ve gained balance and completed a particular pose, the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming.”

And for those looking for that added kick to their physical fitness, there’s nothing to compare. With both SUP and yoga, fitness-seekers activate core muscles, engage balance and increase flexibility — not to mention stimulate muscles that are otherwise accustomed to routine activities. Even more simple poses can be a physical challenge, as a result of the added element of balance needed. “I love to see the transformation of a student. At first there is a fear. Fear of the challenge and fear of falling in,” says Zawady. “Once they’ve connected with their inner-trust, gain balance and get into a particular pose, the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming.”

But SUP Yoga isn’t all work and no play. Often, the



class will be comfortable enough to start attempting more complicated poses that end in the water frequently. Classes also usually spot dolphins playing, and even manatees will sometimes bump the boards. “On a paddleboard, you’re exposed. You’re so in tune to nature — you can immerse yourself in the nature around you. Your senses are so activated that you perceive even the little things.” Zawadi categorizes the class as a “nature adventure.” A A portion of the time is spent warming up, learning to get comfortable with the paddleboard and also taking in the sights and sounds of nature. Students choose between a 75 minute SUP yoga class, or the two-hour bliss flow SUP yoga adventure, which includes a mangrove tour. “On a paddleboard, you’re exposed. You’re so in tune to nature — you can immerse yourself in the nature around you. Your senses are so activated that you perceive even


omplimentary Island Tours Concierge &

Go NativeWith Us (239) 472-3334 Imagine your private paradise in one of the most breathtaking spots on Earth. Go native with us and explore the possibilities. From the simplicity of island condo life to the sprawling adventure of a beachfront home, Sanibel-Captiva and surrounding islands form an oasis of ne living. Learn about the best golng and shing sites or nature conservation trails. Plan quiet ne dining or a night on the town. Relax with a sunset beach stroll and shell-hunting. Call today for your complimentary tour of island living. Robert Coscia, Owner

1177 Causeway Rd., Next to the Sanibel Welcome Center 

239.472.3334 

One & Two Bedroom Vacation Rental Condos on one of the best shelling beaches in the world!

So mu ch more tha n a room with a view!

What makes an 8 Day / 7 Night Vacation Even Better? Only Paying for 5...


Su n Sa nd Shelli ng Sa nda lfoot

The perfect setting for a family reunion, girlfriends getaway or couples retreat on beautiful Sanibel Island.

671 East Gulf Dr, Sanibel Island, FL • 800-725-2250 •


{ } Ambu Yoga at ‘Tween Waters Inn Island Resort 15951 Captiva Drive Captiva, FL Every Saturday 9 AM Ready to take your yoga to the water? Zawady offers classes every Thursday and Saturday at 11AM at ‘Tween Waters Inn Island Resort & Spa on Captiva Island, weather permitting, for $40 per class. BYOB (bring your own board) for $25. Private classes are also available upon request. If you’re not quite ready to take your yoga to the water, Zawady also offers yoga on the beach every Saturday morning at 9AM; and Adventure Kayak offers SUP rentals any day of the week. the little things. In a studio, sometimes you have to create the atmosphere, but with SUP Yoga, it’s raw and natural.”

35 35

TAKE FIVE “The world spins faster when you’re in a big chair.” By John Sprecher

Tamara Pigott serves as Executive Director of the Lee County Visitors & Convention Bureau — the woman at the helm of the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, the brand name for the primary economic driver called tourism here in Southwest Florida. Since her appointment in 2010, her leadership — including changes in both organizational approach and branding-marketing partnerships — has resulted in record-setting tax revenues annually. As the number one destination in America, tourism is high-stakes business in Florida — and virtually every county in the state aggressively chases their piece of what today represents an almost $75 billion pie. Beyond the pressures of competition, VCB leaders must answer to a wide constituency (from public policymakers to hoteliers to Joe and Jane Citizen), each with their own agenda. With each issue, COASTE’s “Take Five” will pose 10 questions to a community leader that have not been shared with the subject. We present five of her answers here, and invite you to read (or video view) her entire interview. Here are Tam’s takes on the state of tourism in Lee County — and why all of us who live here, work here and love it here have a lot to be excited about.



Tell someone uninitiated about the value of tourism here. There are hundreds, almost a thousand businesses listed on our website, so each one of them feels like they’re a part of that tourism community. 52,000 jobs created by tourism right here in Lee County, I mean, it’s one in five people employed in tourism here, almost a three billion dollar industry. It is the economic driver, it is most people’s introduction to our community. You have a lot of bosses; how do you satisfy them all? You gotta be straight up. You gotta do what’s gonna put heads in beds. The focus is always, how do we entice more people to come to this destination? (And) it’s not just about more people, it’s about the right people who are interested in the offerings we have. It is a big job, it is hard to make everyone happy…but if you always keep the big picture in mind, then I think it’s easy to do the job. How much pressure is there to perform? The world spins faster when you’re in a big chair. Is there pressure? Well, I’m sure there is but for me it’s passion. For my team, it’s passion, we love this community, we believe in this community, we genuinely believe that what we do is good for the community. So although we’re working hard, and we certainly feel the onus is on us to be that enticement tool, we do it out of love for the community. So pressure or passion? It’s tough to separate the two. We’re just driven. I think that helps. How do you stay so smart? Listen. Be a good listener. This is not Tamara Pigott’s version of the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. Like I said, I believe we have thousands of partners that are equally passionate to myself and my team. You have to be a good listener and you have to really, genuinely understand your product. We’re not Naples. We’re not Fort Lauderdale. We’re not the Keys. Knowing (who we are) and staying true to the destination, I think that’s what makes us look smart. 5 Ready, set, go: Sell Southwest Florida to a stranger in a hundred words or less. I don’t know if I can do that in my head! I think what we deliver in Southwest Florida is a one-0n- one experience with nature, a chance to connect with your family and your friends in a very peaceful and relaxing setting. It’s not formal. It’s not staid. It’s not like everywhere else. It truly feels very removed. There’s something about when you drive across the causeway (to Sanibel), your shoulders drop. It feels special. It’s like: ah. There it is. I found it. And I think that’s what we really offer, that’s my selling point. 2 1 3 4

* To enjoy Ms. Pigott’s entire interview go to or click here to QwickClick video view it.




SWEET LIFE Islands of the The sweet life is certainly yours to savor when you live on Sanibel, Captiva or anywhere in beautiful South- west Florida. So to satisfy your sweet tooth, we’ve collected a baker’s dozen of our favorite islands-style desserts and treats. See if you can spot your favorite — we’ve put the who’s who answer key on page 57. Don’t forget to vote for it online at 1 . Key Lime Pie


Images Milissa Sprecher Photography


2 . Chocolate Explosion

3 . Mmmmm Donuts

4 . Key Lime Parfait



AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT Best Price on East-end Canal 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, $499,900

GULF OR GOLF? Custom Mediterranean Pool Home 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath, $995,000

RARE NEW CONSTRUCTION Quality Built with Custom Charm 3 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath, $857,000

STUNNING AERIAL VIEWS Luxury Penthouse in the Sky 4 Bedroom, 4 Bath, $2,399,000

DUNES POOL HOME Open & Airy with Huge Pool 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, $599,000

HAVE IT YOUR WAY! Island Luxury Building Soon 3 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath, $1,299,000

INCREDIBLE BAYOU VIEWS West-end Boaters Solitude 3 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath, $1,350,000 SOLD

LUXURY CAPTIVA ESTATE Resort Style Waterfront Acreage 9 bedroom, 9 bath, $4,895,000 SOLD

THAT’S HOW WE DO REALTY DONE RIGHT. That’s what you’ll discover with McCallion & McCallion — among the top real estate producers on Sanibel and Captiva Islands these past three years. Led by Susan and Jim McCallion, the McCallion & McCallion team brings you comprehensive, effective real estate sales and marketing. Most importantly, Susan and Jim live on and love these islands — and will bring their passion, knowledge, objectivity, honesty and true commitment to your satisfaction. That’s what we mean by “realty done right.” INTERESTED? LET’S SHARE COFFEE TODAY.

M M CALLION R E A L T Y D O N E R I G H T & CALLION | 239.233.6117


5 . Chocolate Cake

6 . Mixed Berry Tart

7 . Chocolate Grand Marnier Mousse Cake


Come and find out why Sunshine Seafood Café & Wine Bar of Captiva was voted 1st Place in Gulfshore Life Magazine as Best Kept Secret & Zagat rated. This casual and lovely café specializes in fine dining witha very respectable wine list. You have your choice of dining inside or outdoors Reservations are suggested and children are welcome. Open Daily, 11:30am - 9:00pm

Award winning RC Otter’s Island Eats is a place for the whole family! Serving the finest seafood dishes, voodoo steak and chops, creative pasta, and the largest vegetarian and kid’s menu anywhere. Over 100 menu items. Happy hour daily. Take-out available. Call-ahead seating available. Play the ring game and listen to the island sounds of our talented local musicians.

You ought to eat at Otter’s! MONDAY - SUNDAY, 8am - 10pm

14900 Captiva Drive, Captiva Island 239.472.6200 or Visit our Sister Restaurant Sunshine Grille Wood Fired Steaks & Seafood 8700 Gladiolus Drive at Winkler, Fort Myers 239.489.2233

Located in the Heart of Old Captiva Village 11508 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva Island, FL 33924 (239) 395-1142

Featuring Queenies Homemade Ice Cream, Milk Shakes, Smoothies, Candy Store, Gifts and More! 11508 Andy Rosse Lane Captiva, FL 33924 239-472-0234

The only place for fresh gourmet pizza


11513 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva Island, FL •

An Island paradise atmosphere for every special occasion.

Captiva’s most exciting restaurant Lunch and Dinner

Aside from offering an eclectic, innovative and contemporary menu, the Keylime Bistro boasts a less formal ambience with an uncompromising level of cuisine. Voted Best Island Dining by the News Press Readers Poll, Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, First Place at the Junior League’s Taste of the Town, First Place People’s Choice at the Chef’s Auction, the Bistro continues to be a popular destination. We feature live music daily during lunch and dinner with a Sunday Jazz Brunch. Monday - Sunday 8:00am - 10pm Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Sunday Jazz Brunch Late night bar 239.395.4000 • 11509 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva Island

Seven Days a Week 11:30am - 10:00pm

Enjoy unique and spicy atmosphere while savoring the fine Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. To complement the evening choose from an array of imported and domestic beers and wines, not to mention refreshing margaritas. Dine inside or out. Take out available for those on the run.


14970 Captiva Drive, Captiva Island • 239-472-0248


8 . Apple Crisp

9 . Chocolate Marble Cheesecake

10 . Ice Cream with Sprinkles



11 . Chocolate Ice Box Cake

12 . Chocolate & Coconut Supreme

13. Baker’s Dozen. More Key Lime Pie





BIG ARTS 2014 Season

STRAUSS THEATER H E R B BIG ARTS BIG ARTS Herb Strauss Theater 2014 Season


P h i l l i p s G a l l e r y



Into The Woods Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Book by James Lapine Adult: $42 • Student/Child $5 8 pm Shows: Jan. 10 - Feb. 15, 2014 2 pm, Wed. Matinées: Jan. 22 & Feb. 5

1 8:00 pm Concert: Susan Egan


3 7:00 pm Monday Night Film Series “Stories We Tell”

5 3:00 pm ARTSalon: Martha Graham 5 7:30 pm FORUM: David M. Walker

6 7:30 pm Special Event: The Lomazov/Rackers Piano Duo 8 8:00 pm Concert: The Piano Men Starring Jim Witter 3 7:00 pm Monday Night Film Series “Unfinished Song”

■ WED 12 8:00 pm Concert: Southwest Florida Symphony ■ THU 13 3:00 pm ARTSalon: Martha Graham ■ THU 13 7:30 pm FORUM: John Dickerson ■ SAT 15 7:30 pm Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater ■ SUN 16 7:30 pm FORUM: Edward Luce ■ MON 17 7:00 pm Monday Night Film Series ■ FRI 21 7:30 pm Rachel Carson Distinguished Lecture: 23 7:30 pm FORUM: Nicholas Eberstadt ■ MON 24 7:00 pm Monday Night Film Series “Fill the Void” ■ THU 27 7:30 pm Concert: Fauré Quartett ■ FRI 28 7:00 pm ARTPoems MARCH ■ SAT 1 7:30 pm Dance Alliance ■ SUN 2 7:30 pm FORUM: Anne-Marie Slaughter ■ MON 3 7:00 pm Monday Night Film Series ■ FRI 7 8:00 pm Concert: Tom Paxton ■ SUN 9 7:30 pm FORUM: Christie Todd Whitman ■ MON 10 7:30 pm Community Players: “Love Letters” ■ THU 13 7:30 pm Writers Read ■ FRI 14 7:30 pm National Geographic LIVE! Greg Marshall ■ SAT 15 5:30 pm “Latin Beat” & “Trick of the Light” Black & White Photo Show Reception ■ MON 17 7:00 pm Monday Night Film Series “Hannah Arendt” ■ WED 19 3:00 pm ARTSalon: David Acevedo ■ FRI 21 8:00 pm Concert: Country Royalty ■ MON 24 7:00 pm Monday Night Film Series “Before Midnight” ■ TUE 25 7:00 pm Concert: BIG ARTS Community Chorus Concert ■ WED 26 8:00 pm Concert: Southwest Florida Symphony ■ THU 27 7:00 pm Concert: BIG ARTS Community Chorus ■ FRI 28 7:00 pm Concert: BIG ARTS Concert Band ■ MON 31 7:00 pm Monday Night Film Series APRIL ■ WED 2 1:30 pm Documentary Film Series ■ MON 7 7:00 pm Monday Night Film Series “The Patience Stone” ■ TUE 8 3:00 pm Photography Scavenger Hunt ■ WED 9 1:30 pm Documentary Film Series ■ FRI 11 5:30 pm “It’s Illuminating” & Eliza Brewster: “Quilts & Prints” Reception ■ MON 14 7:00 pm Monday Night Film Series “Sister” ■ MON 14 7:30 pm Community Players: Play Readings ■ WED 16 1:30 pm Documentary Film Series ■ MON 21 7:00 pm Monday Night Film Series – “In the House” ■ WED 23 1:30 pm Documentary Film Series ■ MON 28 7:00 pm Monday Night Film Series “Augustine” ■ MON 28 7:15 pm Concert: Wendy Webb & Friends MAY ■ SUN 4 3-5 pm BIG ARTS Family Day & Visual Arts Reception (239) 472-0900 BIG ARTS • 900 Dunlop Road • Sanibel • “A Sense of Wonder” performed by Kaiulani Lee ■ SUN

4 pm, Sun. Twilight Shows: Jan. 12, 19, 26 & Feb. 9 Ever wonder what happens after “happily ever after”? Find out what does happen to iconic fairy tale characters in this Tony-award winning musical. Show Sponsor: ‘Tween Waters Inn Original logo created by Martin Murphy. Into The Woods is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI, 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019. Tel.: (212) 541- 4684 Fax: (212) 397-4684

Defamation A Play by Todd Logan Adult: $42 • Student/Child $5 8 pm Shows: Feb. 20 - March 1, 2014 4 pm, Sun. Twilight Shows: Feb. 23 & Mar. 2




In a trial full of twists and turns, the courtroom drama explores the issues of class, religion, race and gender With the audience as the jury the nal verdict is up to you. Show Sponsor: Linda & John Kramer Romance/Romance Book and Lyrics by Barry Harman Music by Keith Herrmann Adult: $42 • Student/Child $5 8 pm Shows: March 7 - April 5, 2014 2 pm, Wed. Matinées: March 12 & 19 4 pm, Sun. Twilight Shows: Mar. 7, 9, 16, 23 & 30 Get a glimpse into the romantic entanglements of several couples and feel the love in this Tony-nominated musical. Show Sponsor: Congress Jewelers

The Big Bang Music by Jed Feuer Book and Lyrics by Boyd Graham Adult: $42 • Student/Child $5

8 pm Shows: April 11 - May 3, 2014 2 pm, Wed. Matinées: April 16 & 23

Enjoy the extravaganza as two producers try to nd the funding for a madcap musical tour through history – from creation to the present and everything in between! Show Sponsor: The Jacaranda and Island Sun

Season Sponsor:

Opening Night Receptions Hosted by:

(239) 472-6862 Herb Strauss Theater • 2200 Periwinkle Way • Sanibel

www. BIGARTS . org


What’s Happening on Your

Feb 15- 16 SANIBEL ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR February 15-16 The Sanibel Arts & Crafts Fair, is the area’s premier arts & crafts extravaganza annually coordinated by the San-Cap Rotary Club, where you’ll find paintings, photography and sculpture to rare finds in jewelry, wood working, fashion and more. The fair is on the grounds of the Sanibel Community House, 10AM to 5PM, Feb. 15-16. For more information, visit February + March — Community Events Mar 6- 8 IN TRIBUTE TO TREASURES OF SANIBEL March 6-8 The 77th Annual Sanibel Shell Festival takes place March 6-8, from 9AM to 4PM. There will be an array of island events that salute Sanibel’s status as the sea shell capitol of the world, highlighted by the Annual Shell Show. Sponsored by The Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club. The Judges and Awards Reception will be held at The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum on March 5 at 5:30PM. For additional information on the Shell Show phone event coordinators with the San-Cap Shell Club at (239) 472-3151 or (503) 871-1082. LIONS CLUB ARTS & CRAFT FAIR March 21-22 The 31st Annual Sanibel-Captiva Lions Club Arts & Craft Fair takes place at the Sanibel Community Center and features numerous vendors of original mixed-media art and craft work. The Fair takes place from 9AM to 5PM. For more information, email Event Chairman Walter Wolczek at Mar 21- 22 GORDON COUGHLIN January 20 – February 26 A retrospective of the oil paintings by award-winning Sanibel Coughlin who has been painting for 50 years as a plein air artist in New England, Europe and Sanibel. BIG Arts showcases 50 years in evolution of Coughlin’s loose painting style through different stages of abstraction together with vivid colors and lively texture. Exhibit closes February 26. ARTISTIC ANNIVERSARY February 10 Hirdie Girdie Gallery, a collaboration of local artists, is celebrating a 20th Anniversary by host- ing a reception and exhibition in February. The event will showcase the works of Beverly Fox, Jeff Springer, Nancy Cameron Smith, and Carolyn Johns. Opening reception begins at 4PM on February 10. Hirdie Girdie Gallery is located at 2490 Library Way on Sanibel Island. For more informa- tion, phone 239-395-3007 or visit Feb 10 Artist Gordon LANDSCAPE LOOK-SEE February 11-March 8 From February to March, the sanctuary of art known as will host “Landscape: Different Views,” an exhibition of works from Greg Biolchini, Sondra Dorn, Karen Glaser, Owen Gray, Alejandro Mendoza and Marianne Van Lent. An opening reception begins at 5PM on February 11, and will be followed by an Artist Talk on February 12. The artworks will remain on display until March 8, 2014. Watson-MacRae Gallery is located among The Village Shops on Sanibel. For more details, phone 239-472-3386 or visit Watson-MacRae Gallery Feb11 -Mar 8 February + March — Art Exhibitions Now -Feb 26



February + March — Art Exhibitions Continued POETICALLY PICTURESQUE February 28

Feb 28

ARTPoems is artworks inspired by poems and poems inspired by artworks; a program that unites paintings, sculptures, photography and mixed media artwork with inspired villanelles, sonnets, ballads and free verse. The program follows a 7PM reception at BIG Arts Schein Performance Hall on February 28. Tickets are $10 for adults and free for students and children.

February + March — In Concert ISLAND JAZZ February - April

Feb -Apr

This annual island-favorite returns to fulfill all audiences want in the way of jazz standards, Dixieland, be-bop, pop and more. The band is comprised by talented amateurs as well as semi-professional and professional musicians, including some of the best jazz artists of SWFL. Performances take place outside (3PM every Sunday, February through April) amidst the Boler Garden of BIG Arts Center on Sanibel Island, but in the case of rain, venue will move to the Gainer Veranda. Concerts are FREE. All are encouraged to bring a chair and enjoy the music. Feb 8 THE PIANO MEN February 8 A tribute to the 1970s with songs of Billy Joel and Elton John, The Piano Men salutes two of the century’s most popular contemporary song writers. Led by Recording Artist Jim Witter and accompanied by sizzling musicians on keyboards, guitar, bass, flute, sax and drums, The Piano Men recreates an entire decade of hits and utilizes rear-screen projection and iconic 70s-era multi-media images to transport the audience through a musical time machine. Program is 8PM, February 8, at BIG Arts Schein Performance Hall. Tickets are $42 for general seating ($47 Loge) and $5 for students and children.

Feb 13

KENNY LOGGINS! February 13 Kenny Loggins, the acclaimed song composer and musician who has earned multiple Grammy Awards and countless fans for his works that include Danny’s Song, I’m Alright, Footloose, Whenever I Call You Friend, Heart to Heart and so many more, will be in concert at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, 7:30PM, on February 13. For tickets or additional information, phone 239-481-4849 or visit www. A BLUES-MASTER’S BLAST February 16 Buddy Guy is an indisputable world-leading blues artist who has not only earned six Grammy Awards, but also more Blues Music Awards than any other artist. His style has influenced a list of other iconic performers including a certain guitar prodigy known as Jonny Lang, who was only 16 years old when he made his major label debut album Lie to Me . Lang has since shared in the spotlight with acts that include the Rolling Stones, B.B. King, Aerosmith, Sting and (yes) Buddy Guy. Together, they’ll rock Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, 7:30PM on February 16. For tickets or additional information, phone 239-481-4849 or visit

Feb 16


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