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As a working professional, you have a lot to do each week. Throw in your personal responsibilities too, and your plate is full. Relaxation is essential to wellbeing but often everything gets in the way – our job, kids, to-do lists, bills, deadlines, and commitments. Even good things can bring new stresses to our lives, like getting a new job, getting married, or having a baby. Life gets so busy that we forget to relax and take care of ourselves. Take steps to break that cycle and make this the summer of relaxation!

omega-3 fatty acids on cardio- vascular outcomes. A systemat- ic review is a type of literature review that summarizes and ana- lyzes the results of other studies. The research reviewed 829 ab- stracts and discovered increasing marine oil intake can lower tri- glycerides, raise high-density li- poprotein (HDL is known as the “good” cholesterol), and lower the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL. Therefore, consuming fish oil can help improve your cardio- vascular health. Whether through food or sup- plement s , incor por ate more omega-3 fat ty acids into your diet to reap its benefits. For additional support with High Choles terol , consider joining Pinnacle Health Management’s conf idential care management program. High Cholesterol is one of six chronic conditions that the care management program helps employees manage better. Participants receive complimentary one -on-one coaching wi th a regis tered nur se , medication discounts and educational mate- rials. For more information, con- tact us at (844) 230-1121 or at Additional Support

• Go to the beach and lay on the sand or float in the ocean • Star t a light exercise program (don’t overdo it in the heat) • Take a leisurely walk with a pet or friend • Try yoga, meditation, or practice mindfulness • Play spor ts outside with family or friends • Create a daily gratitude list • Recognize and celebrate your accomplishments The list of things to do is endless! Pick the ones that work for you and set realistic goals. Since it’s the summer, take advantage of the longer days and warm weather. Make relaxation a pri- ority. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

FRESH AIR summer There are a million ways to practice relaxation. Here are a few suggestions: • Take a day trip • Have a barbeque According to the Mayo Clinic, practicing relaxation can have many benefits, including: • Slowing hear t rate • Lowering blood pressure • Improving digestion • Reducing stress • Reducing muscle tension and chronic pain • Improving mood • Improving sleep quality • Lowering fatigue • Reducing anger and frustration • Boosting self-confidence

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