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A lot of crazy things are going on in the world right now, but through it all, one thing remains the same: The fish only bite if they want to. The idiosyncrasies of fishing have been on my mind ever since I learned that National Go Fishing Day falls this month on June 18. I haven’t been fishing in a while, but now I’m itching to get back out there and cast my line, even though in the past I’ve had a rocky relationship with the pastime. Looking back, my most vivid fishing memory is definitely my worst one. I grew up fishing for carp using canned corn as bait, and by the time I was a football-playing senior in college, I considered myself a tough guy and a pretty good fisherman. So, when my buddy Derek called me up and invited me out to Ohio for a combination training and fishing trip that summer, I thought the idea sounded awesome. I jumped on a plane without so much as checking the weather. Derek played football for Ohio State, and when I got to Columbus, I found out that some boosters had provided a big boat for the two of us and four other football players to use for our fishing trip. It was a beautiful day when we climbed on board to go walleye fishing. There were some old-time fishermen with us, too, who knew Lake Erie like the backs of their wrinkled hands. I remember thinking it was going to be a day for the books. Well, I was right — in the worst possible way. Everything was going great at first, but we weren’t out there an hour before the weather turned, just as quickly and dramatically as you see in the movies. First, the wind kicked

up, then the clouds rolled in, and before we knew it, we were in the eye of a storm. We were way, way out in the middle of the lake in the pouring rain, and our boat was bobbing up and down big time. I thought we should probably hightail it to shore, but the old lake men wouldn’t do it. “This is the best fishing weather we could have!” they said, adding, “Now we’ll catch the real fish!” Well, I held out for about an hour before I had to sit down, then lie down. The motion of the boat was churning my insides like butter, but I was doing all I could not to be the weak one of the bunch and hack over the gunwale. I didn’t make it. Pretty soon I was hurling, and of course, the other football players were poking fun at me, the one Iowa guy who couldn’t hold it in. We must have stayed out there for another two or three hours while I lost my lunch before the old-timers finally agreed to bring the boat in. Needless to say, I didn’t catch a single walleye. As absolutely awful as that trip was, it wasn’t bad enough to make me quit fishing. Honestly, I think I had too many happy memories from my childhood. Back when I was a teenager, before cell phones or video games, there was a summer when my friends and I got totally hooked on fishing (pun intended). For weeks, we’d go out each morning, set up camp, fish all day, and stay out through the night. We ate what we caught and slept in a tent by the river like real frontiersmen. On one of those days, I caught 11 fish in 24 hours, which is pretty good if you’re just sitting on a riverbank throwing your line out. The older I get, the less frequent my fishing trips have become, but I still fish up at our lake house in the summer. Now that June is here, my fishing season is finally starting. With any luck, I’ll make it to the lake on June 19 and spend National Fishing Day tossing my line into the water.

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I may never have lived through a pandemic, but in my 30 years working in real estate investment, I’ve weathered a lot of other ups and downs, including the 2008 recession. If you’re running into issues or have questions about your multifamily investments, give me a call at 319-350-5378. I’ll help you get through it!

–Darin Garman

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