K-Line Ag Speedtiller Brochure

“It’s a great machine. It’s cut my costs down; usually to work up my property it costs me about $25000 on diesel, where it’s brought it back to probably say $2000. Time saving, where I’d need a worker to sit on two tractors to rip it all up I can go and do it on my own, one hour I can do, say 30 acres…dry ground, hard ground, doesn’t seem to be a problem for it. It just seems to bite in & do its job, you know…very easy to work, maintenance free, at the end of the day it’s what you want.”


Developed specifically for inter row vineyard cultivation, this model is ideal for cover crop seedbed preparation and as a one pass weed management solution. Sizes available: 1.75 – 2.25m

Cossy Marciano - Owner of a 1.75m Speedtiller

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