Trinity Elder Law & Estate Planning October 2019

My Journey in Elder Law Peace of Mind Post I t’s hard to believe summer is over and that very soon, we’ll be wearing sweaters and carving pumpkins. If you are a regular reader of our newsletter, you may have noticed it took a summer hiatus. However, the newsletter is back with an updated format and more information for you. THE MOST IMPORTANT CHOICE YOU’LL EVER MAKE OCTOBER 2019

We last left you with the story of my late grandmother and her elder care journey. I am a certified elder law attorney because of two reasons: my grandmother and a farm. I had the good fortune to grow up on two farms on both sides of the tiny town of Renfrew in Butler County. One farm was my father’s — it was about a mile on one side of Renfrew — and the other farm was my grandparents’, which was about 3 miles on the other side. Growing up on a farm instilled a strong work ethic, an appreciation for the little things, and a unique understanding of the fragile nature of life. Farm work is good work, but it is hard work. While I loved the farm, somewhere around the eighth grade, I decided I wanted to become an attorney. I commuted from the farm to Oakland to complete my undergraduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh. Commuting, working two jobs, and studying kept me quite busy. When it was time to choose a law school, I decided to venture outside western Pennsylvania. I landed in northwestern Indiana, at Valparaiso University, for law school. In school, I focused on estate planning and tax law. Valparaiso was a charming little town, but it wasn’t home. My grandmother was living alone by that time, and I came home frequently to visit her. As soon as I graduated from law school, I came back to western Pennsylvania and got my first job in a small firm in the North Hills. Sixteen days after I passed the bar exam, my grandmother fell in the middle of the night and fractured her hip. For her, it was the beginning of the downward spiral that led to her passing and the sale of her farm.

“I realized that we should all be planning our lives proactively, not reactively. We can’t leave our future up to chance when a crisis affects us.”

Through my grandmother’s experience, I saw firsthand what can happen to us and our families if we neglect our estate planning. I wanted to make sure families were able to put preventive plans in place to get the care their loved ones need and avoid losing assets when a crisis happens. I realized that we should all be planning our lives proactively, not reactively. We can’t leave our future up to chance when a crisis affects us. Our families mean too much to us. My grandmother’s experience also made me realize that my place wasn’t anywhere else but Butler County. I got my start in Butler County, it will always be my home, and it certainly has my heart. I still spend as much time as I can on my father’s farm. And now, I have the tools and expertise to help others protect their farms and families. We work hard to see to it that nothing in your life is left to chance. To learn more about what we can help you with here at Trinity Estate Law, give us a call at 724.256.8850 or visit our website anytime at



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