2020-21 SaskEnergy Annual Report

Management’s Discussion and Analysis

Workforce Development Recognizing that employees drive the success of the organization, SaskEnergy is committed to providing learning and development opportunities that prepare its workforce for the future. Workforce development includes enhancing capabilities to match a more digital and greener world, as well as a focus on coaching, mentoring, leadership development and succession. Representative Workforce Aligned with Crown Sector Strategic Priorities, SaskEnergy aims to have a workforce reflective of Saskatchewan’s population by providing opportunities to qualified people, and recognizing that Indigenous people represent a large portion of Saskatchewan’s current and future labour force. Actual results were slightly below the targeted benchmark due to reduced hiring activity. This can be attributed to the impact of the pandemic health crisis coupled with the challenging economic conditions that the energy sector is experiencing. Women in management roles, including professionals, has been added as a new measure for future years. SaskEnergy’s percentage is currently lower than the

Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission’s recommended target and is an area of focus toward developing a diverse and inclusive workforce. Employee Experience SaskEnergy is committed to the attraction, retention and engagement of employees. Employee experience is primarily dependent on a positive corporate culture, supportive managers/supervisors, trust in leadership and opportunities to perform meaningful work. An employee engagement survey was conducted in February 2021, which measured SaskEnergy’s results to the public sector norm. The survey produced a variety of data points, including the overall engagement score, which is slightly below the public sector norm. However, the Corporation’s engagement score increased from the prior survey, which is commendable, particularly in light of these unprecedented times. SaskEnergy is implementing a comprehensive action plan that includes connecting diversity and inclusion initiatives to the Corporation’s strategy, recruiting from a larger talent pool, and targeting learning and development to diverse groups.

These strategic actions are categorized as sustaining SaskEnergy’s core business of delivering safe, reliable and affordable natural gas to its customers, and advancing the Corporation’s business into the future. OPERATIONS

March 31, 2020 Actual

March 31, 2021 Actual

March 31, 2021 Target

March 31, 2022 Target

March 31, 2023 Target

March 31, 2024 Target

March 31, 2025 Target

March 31, 2026 Target

Operations Strategic Measures

Operational Excellence Distribution – Operating and Maintenance Costs per Customer Transmission – Operating and Maintenance Costs per Book Value of Assets Managed



$353 $340 $345 $345 $345 $350



6.5% 6.4% 6.7% 6.8% 7.0% 7.4%

Residential Delivery Rates

Competitive Competitive Competitive Competitive Competitive Competitive Competitive Competitive

Unplanned Distribution Customer Outages Events Greener Energy Provider Output Based Performance Standard (OBPS) – Emissions (Tonnes of CO 2 e/MWh)


















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