2020-21 SaskEnergy Annual Report

Responsible energy for a sustainable Saskatchewan

As Saskatchewan’s natural gas utility, SaskEnergy has a responsibility to support and protect the province and the people who call it home. Whether providing safe, reliable and affordable energy to our customers, reducing the impact of our daily operations on the environment, or introducing programs and services to assist customers in reducing end-use emissions, we are committed to Saskatchewan and its prosperity. Contents 43

Management’s Discussion and Analysis Introduction Strategic Scorecard Measures Operating Environment

Consolidated Financial Statements and Notes Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Engagement Supplementary Information Glossary of Key Success Measures Glossary of Natural Gas Measurements Saskatchewan Natural Gas Transmission Lines

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Corporate Profile Letter of Transmittal Chair’s Message President’s Message Financial and Operating Highlights

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Consolidated Financial Results Liquidity and Capital Resources Capital Additions Outlook Risk Management and Disclosure Critical Accounting Policies and Estimates Accounting Policy Changes










Our Sustainability Framework

Our Business Our natural gas system has served Saskatchewan and its people for close to seven decades.

Resilience and Reliability

SaskEnergy’s sustainability framework includes three pillars — Environment, Prosperity, and People — which set a strong foundation for our future.

SaskEnergy provides more energy to the province than any other system and meets the majority of the energy demand in Saskatchewan.



Delivering Value to Our Customers

Looking Back at 2020-21

Performance highlights from the past year.

We strive to provide value to our customers by focusing on five key strategic imperatives.


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