2020-21 SaskEnergy Annual Report

Corporate Profile

Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan

SaskEnergy Incorporated

Many Islands Pipe Lines (Canada) Limited

Bayhurst Gas Limited

Saskatchewan First Call Corporation

TransGas Limited

Transmission and Storage

Natural Gas In Storage

Inter-provincial Transmission

Underground Facility Screening and Notification Service

BG Storage Inc.

Storage Joint Arrangement

Bayhurst Gas Limited (Bayhurst) owns, produces and sells natural gas from its two storage facilities in the western area of Saskatchewan. BG Storage Inc. (BGSI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bayhurst Gas Limited and owns a 50 per cent interest in a natural gas storage business, which is operated through a joint arrangement with Faro Energy Ventures Ltd. Many Islands Pipe Lines (Canada) Limited (MIPL) is a transmission company that owns eight transmission gas line interconnections to Alberta, two into the United States, and one into Manitoba, all of which connect to the TransGas system. MIPL is regulated by the Canada Energy Regulator. Saskatchewan First Call Corporation (Sask 1st Call) provides a centralized “Click Before You Dig” underground facility screening and notification service. Sask 1st Call was established primarily for safety reasons to maintain a database of oil, natural gas and other underground infrastructures. Sask 1st Call provides a service whereby landowners and other stakeholders planning any ground disturbance can contact Sask 1st Call to request the location of natural gas lines and non-gas line-related facilities of its subscribers. Sask 1st Call’s rate structure is intended to recover all operational costs and operate on a break-even basis.

SaskEnergy Incorporated (SaskEnergy or the Corporation) is a Saskatchewan Crown corporation governed by The SaskEnergy Act . It is a designated subsidiary of Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC). CIC is also a Crown corporation and effectively operates as the Province’s holding company for commercial Crown corporations (such as SaskPower, SaskTel and SGI) and various commercial investments. SaskEnergy’s main business is the natural gas distribution utility. SaskEnergy owns and operates the distribution utility, which has the exclusive legislated franchise to distribute natural gas within the province of Saskatchewan. The Provincial Cabinet regulates SaskEnergy’s delivery service and commodity rates. All rate changes are subject to review by the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel, an independent body, prior to receiving Provincial Cabinet approval. SaskEnergy’s corporate structure includes four wholly owned subsidiaries and one indirect wholly owned operating subsidiary, as follows: TransGas Limited (TransGas) owns and operates the transmission utility and has the exclusive legislated franchise to transport natural gas within the province of Saskatchewan. It also owns and operates a natural gas storage business, which is integrated with the transmission gas line system.


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