2020-21 SaskEnergy Annual Report

Chair’s Message

On behalf of the SaskEnergy Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to join the Minister Responsible for SaskEnergy, the Honourable Don Morgan, in presenting the SaskEnergy 2020-21 Annual Report. The past year saw the people and communities of Saskatchewan come together in large and small ways to overcome the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a key infrastructure provider in our province, SaskEnergy experienced many of the same impacts as other businesses, successfully navigating the urgent need for new logistical and safety considerations for employees and customers, and changes in market demand and supply chain. The Board was pleased with the response on these fronts, and particularly recognizes those teams that continued to provide essential services to our customers without fail. It was evident throughout 2020-21 that the team at SaskEnergy, from leadership to frontline staff, recognize the vital role each and every one of them plays in supporting customers and communities — whether through reliable energy delivery, promoting safety through programming or assisting customers in achieving greater energy efficiency. It is fitting, then, that the title of this annual report is ‘Responsible energy for a sustainable Saskatchewan’. SaskEnergy has demonstrated its commitment to reliable, affordable energy for customers, now and in the future, while building meaningful relationships with communities and Indigenous groups and providing a safe workplace for its employees. Looking ahead, the Board will continue to align SaskEnergy with the Government of Saskatchewan’s Crown Sector Priorities and Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan. It will ensure the Corporation continues adapting to Saskatchewan’s changing energy needs and will support SaskEnergy’s focus on customers, financial sustainability, priority investments, private sector engagement, collaboration with other Crowns and the development of a skilled labour force. The Board is committed to the effective stewardship and transparent governance of SaskEnergy. Thank you to the Executive team, management and employees for their contributions to the company, and to our province, in 2020-21.

Susan Barber, Q.C. Chair, SaskEnergy Board of Directors


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