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STRIKING THE PERFECT BALANCE I grew up in the Midwest, in a small town near the border of Illinois and Iowa. My dad was an attorney with his own small practice. I watched him take cases and help people. He cared about his community, and he loved what he did. When he came home from work at the end of the day, he shared many interesting and inspiring stories.

Though my dad was an attorney — a line of work known for long hours and stressful days — he made it a point to spend time with his family. He wasn’t a workaholic. He didn’t spend all of his time at the office. He found a way to balance work and life. He gave his clients the attention they needed and deserved, and he gave his family the attention they needed and deserved. As I grew up, went to law school, and shaped my own career, my dad’s philosophy toward work and life stuck with me. That’s one of the reasons I made it a point to open my own firm and work for myself. This gave me the opportunity to have the balance I wanted, and it’s been wonderful for our family, just as it was for my family growing up. I also made it a point to open an office near my home. Though we have two locations — one in Palm Beach Gardens and one in Fort Lauderdale — I live near the office where I spend many of my working hours. This means I’m not wasting precious time in traffic. I can dedicate more time to clients, and I often can run home to have lunch with my family. There is one piece of technology that has made balancing work and life incredibly easy: the calendar. Most people use a calendar every day, but it’s sticking to it that makes all the difference. I can create a reasonable expectation of where I’m going to be on any given day, or at any hour, whether it’s with a client or with my family. For some attorneys, the “always on” lifestyle works. There are many attorneys and other professionals who enjoy being busy with work all the time. When you work late into the night six or seven days a week, this doesn’t leave a lot of time for much else, like family or time to de-stress. And, to that point, de-stressing is an important part of our lives.

practices yoga. We’ve found these to be effective outlets for stress. Plus, they help us stay in shape and feel great. In many respects, I’ve come to treat my health as I would an appointment with a client. That is, just as I make time for each and every client, I make time for my health. I’ve been practicing law on my own for over 13 years now, and I can say I have a lot to be proud of — from all of the hard-fought cases to my family. I feel like I have successfully struck a balance between work and making time for my family and myself, much like my dad did, and it feels great! — Matthew Konecky

Practicing law can be stressful, and as a family, we’ve prioritized our health. For example, I’m involved in jiujitsu, while my wife


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Summer reading lists are always popular, but most families rarely have time to have dinner together, let alone sit still reading for hours. Luckily, the ever- growing popularity of audiobooks means you don’t have to wait for school to start again for your kids to get back into literature. Here are a few great audiobooks you can introduce to your family this summer. For the Long Road Trip “The Bad Beginning” (A Series of Unfortunate Events) by Lemony Snicket, read by Tim Curry When a terrible fire destroys the Baudelaire mansion, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny find themselves orphans. Convinced their awful new guardian is only after their fortune, the Baudelaires must use their intelligence and skills to stick together and (maybe) overcome their sad circumstances. SUMMER READING FOR BUSY FAMILIES Audiobooks Your Family Will Love A beloved family favorite since 1954, “Half Magic” tells the story of four siblings who discover a magic coin. They soon realize the coin only grants half of what they wish for, and an unplanned vacation to the Sahara, followed by chaos in King Arthur’s court, is just one of the hilarious misadventures this family must overcome together. IFYOU HADAGREAT EXPERIENCEWITH OUR FIRMWEWOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROMYOU. HERE’SWHAT SOME OFOUR HAPPYCLIENTS HAD TO SAY. ‘Konecky Works Hard and Gets the Job Done!’ “If you need a lawyer who is responsive, dedicated, and effective, Mr. Konecky is the one for you! Thank you, Mr. Konecky, for helping us. #grateful” – Quintera ‘Very Successful’ “Mr. Konecky did one heck of a job. He very much exceeded our expectations, and we also couldn’t ask for more. Mr. Konecky provided me with exact details and info on everything. He’s a great guy who works and manages with you. Mr. Konecky is a man of trustworthiness, honesty, and dedication — to get you the best outcome for whatsoever situation you need. Mr. Konecky will stand behind you every step of the way with great satisfaction. This I do highly recommend.” – Limoine ‘Great lawyer’ “Matthew Konecky is an excellent lawyer. He is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. I was extremely pleased with the service I received from him. Would definitely recommend him.” – Dwight For Family Bonding “Half Magic” by Edward Eager, read by Words Take Wing

For Something Entirely New “ The Wild Robot” by Peter Brown, read by Kate Atwater

When lonely robot Roz opens her eyes for the first time, she finds she’s trapped on a wild island. Struggling to survive and befriend the island’s hostile animal inhabitants, Roz must eventually face her mysterious past, which threatens to tear her home apart. These are just a few of the many titles your family can enjoy this summer. Find even more by visiting or checking the audiobooks catalogue on iTunes.

Download These 2 Books Today ! YOUR LEGALRESOURCE

When it comes to the legal process, you have a lot of questions. Well, I have answers! Right now, I am offering my two resource books for free. “My Loved One Has Been Arrested: What’s Next?” Get questions answered and find insight into the criminal defense process. “What the heck is my Personal Injury case worth? And Why Billboard Advertising is So Deceptive” Learn what goes into a personal injury case and how those attorney billboard ads are designed to mislead. Head over to matthewkoneckypa. com today for your free downloads!


ARE YOU FULLY COVERED? The Difference Between Full and Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage

All too often, our clients tell us, “My insurance agent told me I had full coverage, when in reality, it was just the minimum coverage.” And they tell us this after they have been in an auto accident. It’s critical to understand the difference between full and minimum coverage. If you rely on an insurance agent who says they are giving you full coverage, you may be left in the dark about what coverage you really have. Additionally, there are instances when an agent may think they are giving you full coverage when they are only giving you Florida’s basic minimum requirements. Those requirements are personal injury protection and property damage of $10,000. Florida does not require bodily injury coverage unless you have been in an accident in the past. But ideally, you should have bodily injury coverage, regardless. In the event you are at fault for causing an accident and someone is hurt as a result, it may protect you from a lawsuit. Beyond having bodily injury, it’s also important to have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. The roads of South Florida are filled with uninsured and underinsured drivers. If they cause an accident and they are at Cooking With Ashley Ashley’s Orange Dream Fruit Salad

fault, but they don’t have the proper coverage, you will be the one stuck with the bills, including medical bills, repair bills, and so on.

Basically, if you don’t have the right insurance, you will be on the hook for the associated costs of the accident. The next time your insurance agent tells you that you have full coverage, ask them to show you what coverage you are really purchasing and what coverage you could purchase.

And make the right choice. Get bodily injury, uninsured motorist, and collision coverage to ensure you are fully protected in the event of an auto accident.


Ingredients •

1 (11-ounce) can of mandarin oranges, drained 1 (8-ounce) can of crushed pineapple, drained 1 small packet of orange flavored gelatin mix 1 (16-ounce) container of cottage cheese

• • •

• 1 (8-ounce) container of frozen whipped topping, thawed

Instructions 1. In a mixing bowl, combine the oranges, pineapple, and gelatin. Mix well and chill for 30 minutes. 2. Add cottage cheese to the bowl; stir to mix. 3. Gently fold in the whipped topping; chill and serve with a few mandarin oranges garnished on top.


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This Fourth of July, no hot dog is safe. In fact, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans will consume as many as 155 million frankfurters on the holiday alone! But hey, you’re eating one, two, maybe three hot dogs tops, right? That’s small- time, kid. If you’re looking to tangle with the big dogs, take a trip to Coney Island and check out the world-famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Each year, on the anniversary of America’s fateful inception, the world’s greatest eaters warm up their chompers on the biggest stage in competitive consumption. Then, in front of a cheering horde of Major League Eating fans, they feast. But as I’m sure you’re aware, this ain’t your dad’s barbecue. The clock runs for 10 minutes, and whoever devours the greatest number of doggies — buns and all — is crowned top dog. These competitors chow down at a pace unfathomable to us mere mortals. Chew on this for a second: Last year’s champion, Joey Chestnut, dispatched a whopping 70 dogs — that’s seven a minute, folks, more than one every 10 seconds. To some, the competition is a marvelous munching media blowout. To others, it’s a truly grotesque display of American avarice. But regardless of which side of the bun you land on, you have to agree: Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is a marvel of contemporary marketing.

This Independence Day, whether you’re in the crowd at Coney Island, watching in awe as 20 adults inhale absurd quantities of film-wrapped mystery meats, or at the park, quizzically guessing at the chemical makeup of a half-eaten frankfurter on a picnic table, take a moment to thank the humble hot dog. It may be the most American meal you eat all year.


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