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Landmark Ledger The Adventures of Benjamin Blue™ Our Son Turned 3 and Inspired a Side Project

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April 2019

In 2016, my wife Hanna and I anxiously awaited Tax Day. Like most people, we focused on filing

Benjamin’s curiosity and my foray into parenthood even inspired a side project. Once Benjamin was born, we started singing nursery rhymes and reading lots of books to him. Soon, I began creating my own rhymes to help him stop crying when he was upset, and I took to writing down the little stories I came up with. Eventually, I decided to take this prose and turn it into a book about Benjamin. At the time, Benjamin was trying various fruits. So in August of 2018, “Cherries, Cherries Everywhere™” became the first installment in “The Adventures of Benjamin Blue™” children’s book series. The story follows a little boy named Benjamin Blue as he tries new juicy and sweet fruits. Like most children’s books, it follows a cadence and rhythm that’s easy for young readers and listeners to understand, and the artist I partnered with did a great job turning my visions for Benjamin Blue into fun, lifelike renderings of our cute son. I have plans to continue the series as Benjamin keeps exploring. But the project was really just about finding a creative outlet to relieve some stress. Helping people find solutions to their back taxes can be emotionally and mentally exhausting at times, and to be able to relax by writing up fun adventures about my son provides a lighter perspective for me. I’ve already begun on the second book in the series, but I’m sure I’ll add more to the story as our family grows. I’m happy that Benjamin can see his explorations documented in a book, especially as he continues to get older.

our taxes on time, but we counted down the days until April 15, 2016, for a whole different reason. It was actually our first child’s due date! You can imagine how ironic it was for a former IRS agent and back-tax expert to be anticipating his first child to arrive on Tax Day.

But our baby had different plans.

He just couldn’t wait a moment longer. So three years ago, on April 11th, Hanna and I welcomed our son Benjamin into the world. Since then, we’ve watched him grow into the boisterous, energetic little boy he is today. As he grows more curious about the world around him, I love taking Benjamin with me to Landmark Tax Group’s office and answering all the questions he comes up with. Benjamin is also excited to become a big brother to his new little sister in August — yes, it’s a girl! — and he’s been so inquisitive about the situation. After we became aware of the pregnancy, we sat him down and let him know that Mommy has a baby in her belly. Rather than jump, scream, or cry, Benjamin paused thoughtfully then looked down Mommy’s shirt saying he wanted to see the baby. Watching him learn more and inquire about the world like this has been truly amazing for us. “I’m happy that Benjamin can see his explorations documented in a book, especially as he continues to get older.”

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Have a wonderful 3rd birthday, Benjamin! I can’t wait to see what you’ll discover next.

If you are interested in exploring with Benjamin or learning more about “The Adventures of Benjamin Blue™,” visit or search for it on Amazon.

–Michael Raanan, MBA, EA


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