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Hansen Millennium ® Windows & Doors for New Build and Renovation

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Hansen Millennium ® Hansen Millennium® offers unique window and door solutions with industry leading slim profiles for any type of building. With the slim profiles, maximum light and ener - gy influx is achieved. The system combines classic architecture with modern features, and the minimalist expression with narrow frames ensures maximum utilization of daylight in the buil - ding. This is the window system that everyone falls in love with at first sight!

Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

Whitfield Street, UK

Villa Gullikssson Sweden

Modernist villa with sleek li- nes featuring sliding tilt do- ors with unique slim profiles that optimize the glass and provide maximum natural light. The doors can be positioned in three ways: open, closed, and tilt. When in the open position, the entire door is hidden behind the fixed panel next to the doorway, eliminating any obstructive door leaf in the room. A handle with all three fun- ctions makes operating the doors effortless. Even very large doors are easily and quickly opened using the concealed fitting.

Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

Hotel NH Collection Denmark

Renovation of an office buil - ding from 1961 designed by Palle Suenson. The building was once called the ”Desert Fortress” because of its clo - sed facades. In connection with the reno - vation, transparent solutions have been chosen, which provide a lighter and slim- mer expression. The facades have been opened up tow - ards the surroundings with the help of an extension with large glass partitions. The extension allows passers - by to see the life inside the building, and towards the waterfront, the large glass partitions contribute to ope - ning the building towards the harbor.

Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

Hotel Noble House Sweden

The Hotel Noble House was named after James Clavell’s bestselling novel from 1982 (the hotel opened in 1986) set in 1960s Hong Kong. The founders of the hotel wanted it to have the same luxurio - us feel as the fine hotels in Hong Kong. After renovation, the hotel no longer focuses on Hong Kong, but all environments draw inspiration from movi- es and books. Hansen Millennium glass partitions have been deli - vered for the project, which are adaptable and despite significant variation in the different environments, fit equally well in each room. Overall, Hansen Millennium contributes to the delightful atmosphere that permeates the hotel.

Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

Renovation of Private Villa Denmark

This renovation project in - volved carefully preserving the original architecture of the building while enhan - cing its functionality and aesthetic appeal. One of the key features of the renovation was the in- stallation of beautiful mullio - ned windows, which not only add a touch of timeless ele - gance to the facade, but also allow plenty of natural light to flood the interior spaces. In addition to the windows, we also installed new doors and patio doors that perfec - tly complement the original design of the building. To ensure that every de- tail was perfect, we added beautiful brass handles to the interior of the doors.

Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

Stratford Waterfront London, UK

At East Bank, you’ll find the UK’s newest and most excit - ing Cultural Quarter situated right in the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This cutting-edge destinati - on is the new London Colle - ge of Fashion campus, a hub for innovation, creativity, and learning created thanks to a collaboration between top universities, arts and culture organizations, offe - ring opportunities to all in east London. East Bank boasts an impres - sive feature that elevates the experience to a whole new level. The project is fitted with slimline Hansen Millennium windows, providing optimal sightlines and an incredible view .

Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

Window design with respect for the past In the early 20th century, windows and facades were often made with narrow steel profiles, and this architecture can still be found in many parts of Northern Europe. As architecture evolves and standards improve with technological advance - ments, there is a demand for better windows and doors. Old steel windows lack insulation, causing significant ener - gy loss and condensation buildup.

Järnvärkstäderna, Sweden

With respect for the past and existing architecture, Hansen Group has de- veloped a profile system that not only maintains the narrow profiles and ma - ximizes natural light but also meets the strictest demands of energy perfor - mances.

The profile design has been developed in close collaboration with leading ar - chitects, respecting the past and main - taining a consistent aesthetic appeal for the entire system.

HansenMillennium windows can be constructed in any shape, such as rectangular, tri - angular, round or with arches. This makes them particularly suitable for renovating older buildings without compromi - sing the original architecture.

Hotel Ottillia, Denmark

Barnängshuset Sweden

The Barnängshuset building was constructed as early as 1917. For the first 30 years, it housed a cotton factory before it was taken over by printing and publishing com - panies. At one point, more than 1000 factory workers were employed here. Preserving the building’s character and style was of utmost importance. Hansen Millennium was perfect for this. The profile system can be integrated into the existing facade, and the appearance can imitate the existing windows/glass panels. With the new glass facades in place, the chara - cter of the building and the surrounding area was respe- cted, but now with modern units with excellent energy performance

Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

A House with a View Denmark

This house is located on the former site of the lifeboat house. The slim window profiles provide maximum view and natural light. The owners can enjoy bre - athtaking views with our slimline windows and terra- ce doors that let in plenty of natural light to brighten up the interior. Hansen Millennium windows are designed to give you unobstructed views of the surrounding scenery, allow - ing you to take in the beauty of your surroundings from the comfort of your home.

Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

Smådalarö Gård Sweden

Smådalarö Gård - one of Swedens largest spa hotels - is located only 50 minutes away from Stockholm. After extensive renovations and a 2000 sqm extension the complex now boasts a gym, 56 new hotel rooms, spa, and relaxation rooms. The large Millennium glass partitions create a lovely manor environment where the transition between buil - ding and nature is seamless. The design and colors inside reflect the archipelago na - ture outside, creating a fee - ling of being outdoors while indoors. The extension is well thought out, creating an exclusive and luxurious yet present feeling.

Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

Kværnerdammen Townhouses Norway

Turbinveien in Kværnerby - en was known for its turbine production, which took place all over the area. In Kværnerdammen, AF Gruppen has built 89 apart - ments and 7 town houses in the old industrial area and the new Oslo district Kvær - nerbyen. Although the majority of the project is newly built, an outer wall from the old fac - tory premises for ”Kværner Brug” has been restored and reused in the series of mo- dern townhouses. The windows in the old faca - de have been designed to be reminiscent of the old facto - ry windows which wew made in cast iron.

Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

Handles Window and door handles are crucial for both func - tion and aesthetics. We offer standard handles but can also provide unique custom-made handles to match style and preferences. The classic handles can be supplied in all RAL colours.

Stainless Steel (window)

Classic (window)

Classic w/key (window)

Stainless Steel (door)

Classic (single door)


Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

HansenMillennium windows and doors are delive- red with surface treatment customized to our cust - omers preferences and architectural style.

We offer our windows and doors in all RAL colours, anodized aluminum or with sandblasted surfaces. It is possible to use different colors for the exterior and interior of the windows

Stylebars Stylebars are a decorative element that can be added to windows to enhance their visual appeal. These bars are designed to mimic the look of tradi - tional windows with divided panes.

Bonded stylebars

Stylebars between glass

Mechanically fixed stylebars

Fire Safety

Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

HansenMillennium EI60 has been tested for fire re - sistance from both the inside and outside according to EN 1364-1:2015.

The fire test of Hansen Millennium EI60 includes window elements and is only approved as fixed window sections. HansenMillennium EI60 is based on the Hansen Millen - nium system. Therefore, it can be combined with stan - dard windows without any visual difference.

Opening functions The opening function for windows and doors de - pends on several factors such as the design, layout, and purpose of your space. By selecting the right opening function, you can improve the aesthetics, functionality, and security.

Window Fixed

Window Tilt/Turn Inward opening

Window Top Guided Outward opening

Window Side Guided Outward opening

Tilt/turn window door (also available as tilt/slide)

Terrace door Outward opening

Single door Outward opening

Single door Inward opening

Double door outward opening (also available as inward opening)

Illustrations according til European norms

HansenGroup HansenGroup has a proud history that extends back more than 100 years. We have design, project management, and production facilities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, and the UK.

We have a unique international network with locations in Denmark, UnitedKingdom, Poland, Sweden, Norway and Germany. We carry out projects from a single window to the most complicated facade solutions. We build on traditions of quality crafts - manship and combine them with modern management principles and modern met - hods of production, professional project and construction management and a high - ly qualified staff. We do all of this in close collaboration with architects, builders, developers, and main contractors to develop unique, cost-effec - tive, and sustainable solutions.

Quality & Sustainability

We prioritize delivering high-quality, defect-free construction on time and at the agreed-upon price. We work with a modern quality assurance system which is an integral part of our ma - nufacturing and construction process. The quality assurance system follows the window all the way through the factory and finishes when the window is installed in its final position.

HansenGroup is dedicated to meeting the highest demands for energy performance in windows. Our designs prioritize energy efficiency to provide a comfortable indoor environment while minimizing energy con - sumption and costs. Over the years, we have been involved in a wide range of projects which have obtai - ned certifications such as DGNB, LEED and BREEAM. We have a longstanding tradition of active - ly collaborating with designers to identify and implement solutions that promote po- sitive change and improve the overall im - pact of our practices. This includes the selection of materials, indoor climate and working environment, and energy savings focus during construc - tion process of minimizing waste. HansenGroup employees, through their personal qualities and competencies, con - tribute to our ability to efficiently adapt the process and production towards energy ef - ficient construction.

We can, upon request, provide our Hansen - Millennium windows and doors in recycled aluminum or low-emissions aluminum from our supply chain. Glass and aluminum are generally recycled and our regular waste collection partner is environmentally certified.

Product Range We operate within 4 main segments: Windows & Doors, Facades/Skylights, Pre - fabricated facade elements and Services We draw on more than 100 years of expe - rience in a Danish family-owned company since 1909. The segments cover projects from single window to large, complicated facades. We have offices servicing each of our loca - tions in which we operate.

Solutions available may differ by geograp - hical market.

Custom fenestration Windows & Doors

Specialist Facades Facades | Skylights

Unitised Engineering Prefabricated facade elements

Service Services

Prefabricated facade elements l Prefab facades l Architectural freedom l Various materials l Hours are moved from the

Windows & Doors l Windows l Entrance doors l Terrace doors l Folding doors l Sliding doors

Custom fenestration

Unitised Engineering

construction site to controlled conditions

l Premium Quality

Services l Replacement and repair of shop fronts. l Replacement and repair of store doors and windows l Glass replacement/glass work. l Service and repair of windows and door systems. l Maintenance and repair of door closers, locks and fittings. l Other service and repair works.

Facades | Skylights l Glass facades l Skylights/Roofs l Shop fronts l Special


Specialist Facades

Denmark : HSHansen a/s Bredgade 4, 6940 Lem W : hshansen.dk Norway: HSHansen as c/o Intravat AS, Nedre Strandgate 80, 3012 Drammen W : hsh.dk Sweden: Preconal AB Linjegatan 5, 302 50, Halmstad W : preconal.se

United Kingdom: HansenGroup Ltd. Hub 26, Lawrence House, Riverside Drive Cleckheaton BD19 4DH W : hshansen.com Poland: HansenPolska sp. z.o.o. ul. Lotniskowa 17, 36-060 Głogów Małopolski W : hansenpolska.eu Germany: Hansen Metallbau GmbH Osterbekstr. 90a, 22083 Hamburg W : hshansen.com

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