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issue no 31 | February 2011

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creating a cultural change to identifying mergers and acquisition possibilities to studying the market to implementing necessary interventions. There needs to be a shared vision in the organization’s top management and employees to think of the HRM system as a source of strategy implementation and as a means to achieve important business priorities. Ultimately, the goal of strategic HRM is to contribute to organization performance. Alignment, development and deployment are the three pillars of ensuring an effective and strategic HRM system in the organization. We hear a great deal about strategic HR interventions and in times of growing human resource diversity this has become more of a jargon than an action plan based on a process of implementation. Clichéd as it may sound we are all designed to be one thing or another. Our natural leanings towards a particular discipline/field define our career choices. Of course, there are intervening variables such as life events which also determine the course of our professional life but our natural predisposition towards a particular field is critical. In corporate houses, the trend is to do aptitude tests, behavioural assessments, interviews etc. to find the perfect personality job fit; but what happens thereafter? Am I doing what I was hired for? I might be hired for a job in advertising but end up doing sales which requires a different skill set; this is contrary to my expectations. Even before my talent was tapped into, my process of decay starts since my natural leaning was HELPING TALENT FLOURISH THROUGH STRATEGIC HRM OD FOLLOWER’S ORATE

Saman Khan

Saman Khan - Associate Consultant - Coaching Division, Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is an industrial psychologist with a post graduate degree in HR. She has a keen interest in exploring the human psyche. Her passion lies in learning and development initiatives. She is heavily into music and uses it extensively for soul searching

towards advertising. I’m not saying that I can’t be good at sales but the point I’m trying to make is that I would have excelled at advertising and it is this pursuit of excellence which could bring me to the border of self-actualization. Think of planting a rose sapling in a bougainvillea pit; there are two chances, either a beautiful rare species of plant will emerge or a slow decay and eventual withering away of the sapling; the human potential and talent too either flourishes or decays. The only way to make talent flourish is to strategically align it to the organization at large, develop it and accordingly deploy it; by giving it the right kind of learning opportunities and a conducive environment for growth.

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