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things did not happen as fast as I can tell them. There were many battles, temptations, doubts—but never any fail­ ure on God’s part to make good in pour­ ing out the blessing He had promised. The next year I was resting in Los Angeles and one Sunday morning I at­ tended a little church near the place I was staying. The minister was preach­ ing—of all things—on stewardship! As I listened to him, I thought of all that God had done through Christ to save me from hell, and my heart was strange­ ly moved. I wondered what more I could do for Him. When I got home, I took

which touched my heart deeply. It read: “Dear Daisy: I am writing this for Emma (her nearly-blind sister). She wants you to give the big check to your Mission and to keep the small one for yourself.” The “ small check” was for $50.00! This is the kind of multiplication with which the Lord delights to surprise His children. In September, 1946, I was a speaker at the World Missions Conference in Seattle. There the needs of the mission fields of the world were presented in such a way that all Christian hearts were melt­ ed before the Lord. The messages of Dr. James Cuthbertson of the Japan Evan­ gelistic Bands particularly moved me, and sent me to my room saying, “ I must do more for the Lord and His cause.” I was not forgetting Ecclesiastes 5:4: “When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it; for he hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowed.” I thought it over very seriously. I had my living to make; my allowance was not large. But after much prayer, I wrote in my Testament: “ I lay aside five tithes, Sept. 22, 1946.” The Results I have been asked often about the re­ sults of this kind of giving. For me, personally, it has meant a closer walk with God. You cannot see Him showing His interest in anything so practical as money without finding out what kind of a God He is. No one could ever make me believe that He does not care about the smallest details of the lives of His own! Of course, the exceeding greatness of His power is thereby revealed as well. It has meant a walk of faith. I have learned that when I have the courage and trust in Him to let go of a little money, He who has all the gold and silver in the world never lets me be put to shame. Dr. Louis Talbot says truly that God will be no man’s debtor. And I wouldn’t miss for anything on earth the joy of souls being saved through my lit­ tle gifts that reach needy mission fields. I have not been hungry. I have not missed a meal. And as for clothes, which I mentioned in the beginning of my testi­ mony, I have had to give away a great many really nice dresses, coats, sweat­ ers, hats and shoes, because I did not need them and had no room for them! True, not all that has been furnished is brand-new, but everything is good. Of course, with eleven in my family, I had good training from childhood in wearing “ hand-me-downs” ! So while I have not been fancy, I have never been shabby. Actually, more than once I have had to apologize for being so well-dressed. I never tell anyone to do as I have done. Each one must be led of the Lord Himself in such matters. But when I tell about God’s ways with me, the re­ sults are astonishing. For instance, one woman who was in the habit of giving (Continued on Page SS) Page Eleven

The Second Tithe Before I learned the next step in giving, a period of great trial and sor­ row befell me and I found myself alone with my living to earn. This was my real chance to put the'Lord to the test, and He did not fail me. I continued to give a tenth of my income, and He sup­ plied all my needs. One of the occupations in which I engaged was nursing and through it I came in contact with a Christian woman who told an amusing, yet moving, story of her experience in giving to the Lord’s work. An evangelist in her city annoyed her greatly by telling again and again about the joy that he experienced by tithing. At last she said to herself in exasperation, “ If a person can get so much happiness out of one tithe, why not two tithe?” So she did it, and to her surprise, the Lord doubled His blessing. When I heard this, I said to myself, “Well, if she can do that, so can I,” and I began from that time, which was the fall of 1935, to give two tithes to home and foreign work out of the funds that came to me personally. I cannot begin to tell of the blessing that followed. Eventually the Lord led me into full-time Christian service where I have continued to this day. I have traveled thousands of miles as mission­ ary representative of the Latin America Mission of San Jose, Costa Rica, and the Lord has met every need. I have never regretted doubling my tithe. The Third Tithe But God was not through with me. In 1942, in Seattle, Washington, I fell very ill with pneumonia, followed by heart complications. Hospital, nurses, a specialist, medicines, food and lodging were required. But I say to the glory of God that not one thing was lacking! Not only that, but so miraculously were my needs supplied that it did not cost my Mission one penny! Here was I, a stranger among strangers, who seemed to vie with one another in their efforts to do things for me. The Lord even added “ extras”—candy, fruit and flowers in abundance! It was one of the sweet­ est experiences of Christian love I have ever known. One night, after I recovered, and was preparing to go to British Columbia for my Mission, I began to consider how wonderfully God had provided for me through that serious illness. My heart was melted at His love and care. I asked myself, “What can I do for Him to show Him how much I appreciate it?” At once the answer came, “ Set aside a third tithe.” So again I record­ ed an important date in my little Testa­ ment—Oct. 24, 1942—and from that day began to give three tithes. I noted an immediate increase in income and my heart was filled to overflowing at the goodness of the Lord. The Fourth Tithe For lack of time and space, I cannot go into full details. Naturally, these A U G U S T , 1 94 8

Mrs. Daisy Monroe Missionary representative of the Latin America Mission Inc., San Jose, Costa Rica out my account book, and was simply dumfounded to note the amount God had allowed to go through my hands in a year. The figures seemed unbelievable, but I had been careful in keeping the records, so I knew they were right. I felt it was time to take another step. But an inaudible voice whispered, “ You might go hungry.” I knew who that was; it was not tbe Lord! So I said aloud, “ Lord, if I have to go hungry, you can take away my appetite.” Quickly I put it down in my little Testament that on October 31, 1943, I promised the Lord a fourth tithe. I was so happy I felt as if I had wings. The Fifth Tithe The final step (so far!) in the matter of giving came about this way: In August, 1945, a missionary of the Sudan Interior Mission sent a letter to his of­ fice asking them if they could not make possible an increase in the allowances of the missionaries in a certain part of the field. This letter was duplicated and sent to the friends of the mission with their news letter and thus one fell into my hands. I had given my four tithes and felt I could do no more, but I could not forget that heart-moving appeal. I had ten dollars, and after a struggle, I finally mailed .that with the request that it be used for the missionaries. I went away for two weeks, and when I returnee}, in my mail was a letter

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