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than men doing the Lord’s work in the churches. I have more requests for gos­ pel literature from women than men. God has used and is using women in a remarkable way and there are hundreds of avenues of ministry open to them, teaching women and children particu­ larly. We have to compare this Scrip­ ture with other passages to get further light about their taking part in church services, and we must also remember the customs of that day. There is no limitation in my mind, except in the matter of ruling, which is definitely forbidden by the Lord. GOSPEL SURPRISE OBJECTS Reach the child heart with visual aids where the truth stands out above the trick. Complete. 200 titles ready. 21 lessons for $3,00. Free Sample. Arnold Carl Westphal, Rt. 2, LaPorte, Indiana

Dr. L. T. Talbot

man is today mentally, morally, phy­ sically and spiritually degraded, and needs salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. Was Christ sinless due to the fact that He was unable to sin or to His de­ termination not to sin? It was due to who and what He was, God manifest in the flesh, a holy God who could not sin. Those who claim He could have sinned have but a low view of His deity. If there had been a possibil­ ity that He could have sinned, our salva­ tion would have been jeopardized there­ by, and never fully accomplished. I was listening to a preacher on the radio who seemed to propound a very strange doctrine. He claimed that the English and Americans were the true Jews, and that through their nations salvation and blessing were coming to the world. What new teaching is this? It is Anglo-Israelism. They teach that Anglo-Saxons are really the lost ten tribes of Israel. They claim that Eng­ land is Ephraim and the United States Manasseh. This is, of course, ethnologi- cally impossible, as well as completely false and unscriptural. I am wondering if they will not make some revision of their teachings in view of the recent startling happening in the land of Pal­ estine; This passage from First Timothy troubles me: “But 1 suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression” (1 Tim. 2:12-lb). Does this mean that women are not to work in the church? Please explain. No. God has placed a ban only upon woman’s sitting in the seat of authority in the church. The reason for it is given in this passage. Because woman was deceived by Satan, she became subject. It is not a question of man’s superiority or woman’s inferiority, but only a mat­ ter of the order in which God has placed them. Today there are far more women

Why. should there be sacrifices in the future Jewish temple as described in Ezekiel bO? These sacrifices will serve as memori­ als, pointing back to the one sacrifice forever accomplished on Calvary, just as the bloody sacrifices of the past dis­ pensation pointed forward to the offer­ ing of Christ. There is an illustration of this principle in the incident of Melchisedec’s and Abraham’s eating the Lord’s Supper 1900 years before Calvary, and our celebrating it over 1900 years afterward. You say death for the Christian is not really death. What do you mean by that? It is death in the sense that it is a real severing of the body and spirit. The body actually dies. But Paul said, “ To depart and to be with Christ . . . which is far better.” Jesus referred to the death of the little girl as “ sleep.” Death to a believer simply means that the spirit goes into the presence of the Lord while the body sleeps in the grave until the resurrection. But to an un­ believer death means separation from God and eternal darkness, the end of opportunity to be saved. A friend of mine recently lost an only child. She grieves exceedingly and says this proves that God does not love her. How can I comfort her? Read to her the entire eighth chapter of Romans and particularly the 32nd verse: “ He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?” The measure of God’s love is this, that He was willing to give up His Son to death for us. He could do nothing greater. It doesn’t. The so-called “ cave men,” who were supposed to have evolved from the apes, are a myth. However, that men degenerated after the experience at the tower of Babel is clear from the first chapter of Romans. That is why A U G U S T , 1948 Where does the era of the cave men fit into the Bible record?

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