King's Business - 1948-08

IT'S AN IDEA By Rev. Carlton C. Buck

jji Idea 1. Call a Strategy Meet- Ill irig of your young people’s society ill sometime in August or early in HI September. This could be held at 11! some nearby retreat or in the HI home of the sponsor. At this HI meeting, plan the broad program III for the fall and winter work. Your ill.program strategy should include III adequate answers to such ques- III tions as: 1. How can we best exalt Ijl Christ? 2. How can we interest HI other young people? 3, How can ijj we serve our Church better? 4. HI What type of weekly meeting will Ijl help most in Christian growth? Ill Idea 2. To help you in the de- jjj velopment and presentation of the III September 5 topic, “ Facing Alco- III hoi Frankly,” there is a tract en- III titled “ Ten Reasons Why • I Do HI Not Drink,” available from the III First Christian Church, 115 E. HI Wilshire, Fullerton, California. |! Copies may be purchased at 15c III each with rates for quantities. Ill Idea 3. Let your Church office III help you make a list of all the HI public school teachers who are jjj members of your Church. Why HI not have the teachers as special HI guests on September 12 or 19, or III give them responsibility in the HI discussion of the evening? HI Idea 4. Have you t r i e d a HI “Homecoming Day” for your young HI people’s group? The fall is a good || time for one. Invite back to the III society all those living nearby HI who have been active members of jll the group in years past. They may HI now be in an older society within HI your Church, elsewhere in your HI community, or in other commu- ijl nities not too. far removed. If HI planned far enough ahead, this |H can prove a real blessing in the HI reviving of “old times,” in ex- III changing of experiences and in III the richness of Christian fellow- || ship. Christian students should be the finest in the school. They should earn the best grades and pay closest attention to their studies. The Holy Spirit is a great teach­ er, and no matter what is being studied —algebra, geometry or history—He is able to quicken the mind so that the lessons can be learned more easily and quickly. By thus depending upon Him, time is conserved; and there will be time for church attendance, study of the Scriptures, and Christian fellowship. School studies never need interfere with good grades in spiritual subjects. Page Twenty-one tional circles is to decry everything that pertains to church life and godly living. Time for Study 2 Tim. 2:15

September 5, 1948 FACING ALCOHOL FRANKLY Prov. 20:1; Gal. 5:16-25

Liquor has no value of any kind at any time for any purpose. There is no excuse -whatever for its manufacture, sale, or use. There are thousands of peo­ ple who never touch it any time in their lives for any purpose and they live nor­ mal, successful lives. The only reason for its existence is for the making of money and the gratification of lust. All of its effects are evil. It produces no blessing of any kind. It should be completely avoided. The Effect of Liquor on the Spiritual Life The use of liquor never increases god­ liness or fruitfulness but only hinders these virtues. It does not draw one into God’s presence or cause one to feel His nearness. Liquor is not an adjunct to prayer, Bible study, or holy living. It does not bring into the life the graces of the Spirit or the noble character that should characterize the Christian life. The use of liquor is not a badge of purity or righteousness. The Effect of Liquor on the Social Life Liquor is used to promote fellowship. So-called good fellows get together in ungodly places to enjoy their lewd jokes over the glass that sparkles. This socia­ bility is based upon liquor. Such gath­ erings are not for the profit of. those who attend. There is not even a pretense of goodness or purity or holiness in such associations. The tie that binds is the

whiskey glass. When the whiskey is gone, the friendship is gone. Liquor should be continually avoided. The Effect of Liquor on the Physical Life Liquor is injurious to the body. It damages the structure of the stomach and dims the eyes. It affects the diges­ tive processes and causes fatty degenera­ tion. It hurts the heart in serious ways and befuddles the brain. Its destructive work is accomplished very slowly so that it is hardly noticed, and so often the damage is not discovered until the parts are beyond repair. Liquor enlarges the blood vessels in the face which soon tell the story of what is going on inside. Liquor does not produce long life and healthy bodies. Avoid it. The Effect of Liquor on the Financial Life Liquor is expensive. Those who use it are never satisfied but crave it more and more. The appetite increases for bet­ ter quality which entails more expense. Its devotees become most liberal. They will spend many dollars for a night’s entertainment with their friends and put a quarter in the collection plate in the church. They have no conscience about how much liquor demands from them. They are glad to spend and be spent for the demon rum. We should do all we can to prevent the distribution of liquor.

September 12, 1948 PRIORITIES IN THIS SCHOOL YEAR Matt. 22:15-22

Time is very valuable. We are urged by the Lord to redeem “the time, because the days are evil.” In the olden days, schools took up time from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and from 1:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Now the schools demand much A U G U S T , 1948

more than that; pupils are supposed to give their evenings and afternoons as well to school plans, programs, and sports. But the school makes no provision for the spiritual welfare of the students. Rather, the general attitude of educa­

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