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active interest in His service. If the heart is in love with Christ and with His Word, then there will be time enough found for spiritual activities. Time for the Church Matt. 6:33 A condition has been brought about in the last few years, and particularly this year in which there is a determined ef­ fort on the part of the enemies of God to prevent students from hearing any­ thing about God or knowing anything about His Word during school hours. This means that for the best part of five days a week God is to be eliminated completely from the program of our children and students of the higher schools. This attitude must be combated in every possible way. Christian young people will put the church first. Chris­ tians will see to it that the Lord Jesus is paramount in their plans and most prominent in their thinking. They will not permit school authorities to inter­ fere in any way with their faith in Christ or their love for the Scriptures. farm, or the digging of coal, may be used in bringing the Christian message to many who may follow those voca­ tions. The Christian who knows the most will be used the best in the service of the King. Education and Society 1 Thess. 5:13 Those who have been well taught and who understand the good things of life are usually acceptable in their ministry and message to associations, clubs, civic groups and fraternal fellowships. Men put no premium on ignorance. Those who speak should manifest a clearer knowl­ edge of the subject under discussion than is possible for those who listen. Those who are well-informed on temporal things command the attention and the respect of an audience when they speak on spiritual things. The world recognizes the value of the man who knows what he is talking about. Education and the Ministry Matt. 10:25 Those who serve the best should know the most. Spurgeon commanded the re­ spect of men of high rank because his ministry was filled with illustrations and facts taken from life which were correct in detail. He could speak with authority of mountains or fish or flowers or ani­ mals or history or politics. His diverse knowledge commanded attention from his audience; thus people listened to his message with pleasure and profit.

Time for Pleasure 1 Tim. 5:6

Some recreation is essential for a clear mind and a healthy body. It is most difficult to continue in an intense mental effort without great fatigue. Clean games, honest pleasure, and un­ tainted fun may be compared to medi­ cine. Solomon said, “ A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” However, pleas­ ure should never crowd out God’s claim and opportunities for Christian service. Put God first in this matter; let His claims predominate. Then the heart will be glad and the life’ fruitful. Time for Business Rom. 12:11 Many students find it necessary to work their way through school. They must earn enough to pay their bills. This is not altogether an unhappy con­ dition. Many of the world’s best men have been self-supporting since young manhood. We must guard against per­ mitting even that to hinder our walk with God, time for His Word, and an Wise men continue to be observing and attentive students to the end of their lives. One may learn much about history and yet not profit by it in his daily life; one may become an excellent chemist and be a wretched citizen. Education consists in taking in well and giving out profitably. One may be considered edu­ cated who has poise, culture, and a true knowledge of many facts, with a gra­ cious ability to use these facts for the blessing of others. Education and the School 2 Tim. 3:7 Education involves more than merely learning what- is in the textbook which is but a guide to knowledge. There is far. more to a subject than that which is found in the book. This knowledge we obtain through contemporary reading and from personal contacts with those who know. We should study the text to obtain the facts and then seek to enlarge our knowledge in ways that will make those facts profitable in our daily ex­ perience. Education and the Church Phil. 1:9 The world expects the Ghristian to speak intelligently upon any subject he discusses and to present actual facts in the case. Godly men who have observed and studied throughout their lives are best able to serve God’s people intelli­ gently and profitably. A knowledge of the manufacture of jewelry, or the bak­ ing of bread, or the operation of a

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September 19, 1948 WHEN IS ONE EDUCATED? Dent. 6 :4 -9 ; Prov. 3 :1 -6 ; 1 Cor. 1:26-2:5

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September 26, 1948 FINDING A REAL PURPOSE IN LIFE Matt. 22:34-40; Phil. 3:13, 14

An aimless life is usually a failure, tion is, of course, most essential. After- To have a goal and press toward it usu- wards, specialized training is required ally insures success. A general educa- if one would excel in any line. The Chris- T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

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