King's Business - 1948-08


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which stands without apology for the "old time religion" and the absolute authority of the Bible, applies the principles of Eternal Truth to today's problems and needs. Young people who feel called to careers in such modern fields as INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT and LABOR RELATIONS . . . AVIATION . . . INTERIOR DECORATING . . . may take their degrees in the spiritual atmosphere of America's Great Christian University, where they will be tech­ nically trained and character prepared for posi­ tions of leadership. Over 800 young men are studying for the ministry. There are more than 500 volunteers for missionary service, and hundreds of students are being trained for usefulness in various businesses and profes­ sions. Music, speech, and art without additional cost above regular, academic tuition. Fall term opens September 8.

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u n i v e r s i t y * * ® ? ^ GREENV ILLE, SOuTH CAROLINA

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