King's Business - 1948-08

Northwestern's Radio After nearly two years, a grant has heen received from the Federal Com­ munications Commission by the North­ western Schools of Minneapolis, Minne­ sota, acting favorably upon their request for a standard broadcasting station of 1,000 watts, and an FM station of 3,000 watts. Both of these are commercial licenses, but Northwestern Schools yvill operate them on a non-commercial basis. Important Decision ^ In a case sponsored by the American Protestant Defense League, a :sixteen- year-old Protestant girl, held in Roman Catholic institutions since earliest child­ hood, was released to live with her Protestant sister in North Carolina. The girl, an orphan at two years of age, had been placed in a Roman Catholic orphanage by a Catholic aunt. The League invites correspondence from in­ dividuals or organizations knowing of similar cases. Religious Illiterates In a survey which' Time felt import­ ant enough to devote an entire column to, the result of '50 examination papers from a college sophomore class revealed a pitiful ignorance of religious topics. Most of the sophomores held there was no dif­ ference between the Old and New Testa­ ments and that everything in the Bible happened more or less at the same time and place, and that God appeared as “ a somewhat arbitrary yet sentimental old man who had a tendency to ran people’s knuckles when they didn’t show Him proper respect.” In this same survey, the seven Roman Catholics out of the 60 knew no more than the rest in spite of the popular myth that Catholics know what they believe! Informed Protestants have long been aware of the exceedingly superScial Biblical knowledge of both old and young. It is questionable wheth­ er 50 average mature church members would have passed the test more cred­ itably ! 3|§ Million ■£* In twelve years since it eopeared on the market, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold the remarkable total of 3V,- million copies. This is record for non-fiction and perhaps no one is more surprised at it than the author who is quoted as saying, “ I am probably one of the most aston­ ished authors now living.” However, dur­ ing this same period, nearly a billion copies of the Bible and portions of it in 1,250 languages have been sold to all races and classes of people. Popular Name •8* New York City’s Health Department is authority for the' report, following a study of the 1948 birth certificates, that the most popular names for boys, are Robert, John, James and Michael, and for girls, Barbara, Linda, Patricia and Mary. Four of these names are of Bib­ lical origin. Ever since the advent of-the A U G U S T , 1 9 4 8

William W . Orr, D.D.

united in service to mankind, there was a great gulf fixed. Two were believers in Christ as the Son of God, and only Saviour, two apparent unbelievers. God’s favor is not purchased on the basis of heroic death but by a personal accept­ ance of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. Released Time Approved •St It is the opinion of Los Angeles Coun­ ty Counsel, Howard W. Kennedy, that the .recent decision of the United States Supreme Court with regard to religious instruction in the schools does not apply to the system now in use in California. Mr. Kennedy holds that since the local programs are conducted in accord with California law, which provides that the pupils must leave the school premises and take their religious training accord­ ing to their parents’ wish, there is no conflict with the Supreme Court decision. Keep Calm •S* In a recent Associated Press dispatch, the army urged our population to keep calm if atomic bombs should start fall­ ing on American cities. With an admira­ ble attempt to reassure the citizens, the dispatch pointed out that it would not necessarily mean that the entire popula­ tion would be wiped out, or. that nothing could be done for survivor^ in case of such emergencies. Most of the readers of this statement, without a doubt, man­ aged a wry smile as they tried to asso­ ciate calmness with a rain of these super - destructive missiles, especially those who examined the photograph of Japanese cities leveled by the force of one, now outmoded, A-bomb. It is too much to hope that such assurances from the Army will bring peace of heart and mind to our population. Underlying the veneer of our civiliza­ tion today we find, as the Scripture has said, “men’s hearts are failing them for fear.” Let it be remembered also that “ There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked; they are like the troubled sea that cannot rest.” Calmness of heart comes only as a gift from the Heavenly Father when men and women receive His Son into their hearts. Page Five

■Christian era, people have been naming their boys Paul and their dogs Nero which indicates the unconscious yet pow­ erful impact of spiritual truth upon the lives of men. Catholic Emperor? «8* A recent visitor in Tokio with Em­ peror Hirohito was the Catholic Church’s most zealous missionary, Monsignor Ful­ ton John Sheen. Hopes were being pinned on this super-salesman for another Catholic conquest in this much-publi­ cized ruler. Japan’s Shintoism was al­ ready in a bad state and Rome’s hier­ archy sensed the possibility of a tremen­ dous scoop in another “ conversion.” Less Nicotine & A recent anouncement from the Plant Pathologist of the University of Ken­ tucky tells of a newly-developed tobacco containing but one-tenth of the nicotine content of most cigarettes. Supposedly a boon for .smokers, it is recognized by the Department of Agriculture, and ciga­ rettes from it are accepted for advertis­ ing in the journal of the American Med­ ical Association. Now if someone would just invent a 90% decrease in its stench and filthiness, and the rudeness and self­ ishness of smpkers, that really would be something ! Chaplain's S'amp <8* Recently released by the Post Office Department is a 3c stamp, commemora­ ting the heroic action of four United States Army chaplains during the last war. The United States troop carrier. Dorchester, was struck by a torpedo off the coast of Greenland and sank within twenty-five minutes. Nearly all the men were drowned, but four survived because life jackets were forced upon them by two Protestant, one Catholic, and one Jewish chaplains..That this was one of the outstanding acts of heroism of the war there can be no doubt. The Lord Himself taught that the epitome of love was reached when a man laid down his life for his friend. Yet, for all of this, let us not fail to understand that be­ tween these chaplains, even though

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