Our church family is delighted that you have joined us to worship today! We want you to consider yourself among friends who care. So that we may know you better, please take a few moments to fill out this card and return it as directed. Again, we express an enthusiastic welcome and we encourage you to visit again soon. May God bless you richly!

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r-P"!.. ~ 6

Single O Married


040-49 050-59 0 60-older Age __ Name

Age __

Children: Name Name

Age __

Age __ Name

Pie'.}? check the applicable boxes: '9}irst-timevisitor

O Returning visitor O Would like a visit

iwould like to know more about this church

~ New to the area 0 Would like to know more about being aChristian 0 Guest of __________________________ © 1994, o... vdCurc Gr,111p, l1K., Mmm·,1111,1,~. 1'1,'\

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