Eva Shupe, active churchwoman, volunteer Ev;i J. Shupe, 96, active as a vols ber during the 1960s, she coordi– unteer, died Tuesday (Nov. 5, nated the Festival of Nations cele- 2002) in Millard Fillmore Hospital bration and helped sponsor U.S. after .a brief illness. visits for several YWCA members Born in Buf- from other countries. falo, Miss Shupe She also was a volunteer with showed an apti- the Shea's Buffalo Spotlight Com- fode for math as . mittee, which honored her in 1992 a young woman. by making her a lifetime member. After graduat~ng She was accomplished in the art from Buffalo of china painting and created sev- Business School, era! complete sets of china. She she had a 30-year also hand-painted jewelry, which career indthe fi- she gave to family and friends. nance epart- . . . men · of · -he _ _ ~ . S_tie _ traveled . extensively Grange League Federation, which tlfrougnout the tl~1tect:-StateS>-~nd- later becameAgway. ~urope. Her two favo~1te destma- A t . · h. h h tions were Martha's Vineyard and n ac 1ve c urc woman, s e Bermuda was a member of Delaware Avenue · Baptist Church for 77 years and A very strong and independent was the first woman elected to the woman, she maintained her own church's board of trustees. She apartment until last summer. She served as church treasurer for enjoyed keeping abreast of the lat– many years and as president of the est news and political develop– Women's Society. She also found- ments and was a fan of the Buffalo ed the Delaware Care Shop, which Bills. provides clothing and other items Known affectionately to her to needy families. . family as Aunt Becky, she was de- She was an active member of voted to her nieces and nephews. the YWCA and in her younger A memorial service will be held years spent many~summers as a at 11 a.m. Saturday ~n Delaware counselor at the "Y" camp on Mar- Avenue Baptist Church, 965 Dela- tha's Vin~yard. As a board mem- ware Ave. ·

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