CHARLES ERNEST' SIEGESMUND May 6, 1872-March 2, 1928 Mi-. Cha1·les E. Siegesmund, after a week's illne ss, was called hom e Farly on t he mornin g of March 2nd. His first chur ch connection was with th e Lafay– ette Ave nu e Baptist Church. He a wl Mrs. Siegesmund tran sfe rr ed th 0 i1· nw mbn ship to D elawar e in Octob 0 r, 1919. Since coming to us h e has fill 0 d a co nsp icuous place in our church lif 0 , serv ing as church treasurer and as presi– dent of the Delaware Men's Club through a series of years. A man of few words, he could always be counted upon when work was to be done . Throughout his life he was ac– customed to bear burdens, subordinat· ing hi s own int ere st and profit to th e a dvantage of others. His faith was in hi s Lord Christ a nd his hope for the lif e beyo nd vivid and strong. Many will fee l bereaved in his going. The church's loving sympathy is extended to Mr s. Siegesmund and their two chil– dren, Karl and Eleanor, in their sorrow.

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