As I enter into the fellowship of Delaware Avenue Baptist Church I am interested in the following fields of Christian Service: (Check the areas where you have an interest)

D Teaching a class in Church School

@1:hurch Office Help

D Regular D Children

D Substitute

D Stenographic D Mimeographing

D Cutting Stencils D Church Mailing

D Adult

D Recreational Leadership D Vocational Skills and Hobbies D Painting D Carpentry

D Counselor for Youth Group D Leader in Scout Work D Church Board Member D Deacon D Deaconess D Trustee D Usher D Christian Education D Service on Church Committee D Visitation D Social

D Electrical

D Dramatic Interest D Church NewspaP,,er

D Art and Poster Making D Religious Periodicals D Participation in Musical Activities D Choir D Instrumental D Youth and Children's Choirs

D Council of Churches D Flowers to the Sick

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