Beef HealthCheck programme update

Rebecca Carroll, Programme Manager, Animal Health Ireland

L ots of work has been undertaken on the Beef HealthCheck programme during the first half of 2016. All 18 meat plants involved in the programme are now recording information on liver and lung lesions found at slaughter, using a standardised methodology which has been agreed with all stakeholders. Farmers across the country have been receiving the new Beef HealthCheck report. The double sided report summarizes the liver and lung scores for each batch of slaughtered cattle and the scores are explained overleaf. Now that the paper reports are issuing, AHI and the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) are working on making the Beef HealthCheck information available online through the ICBF website. Farmers will be able to view batch, herd and individual animal

level information. ICBF are also developing graphs and tools to allow farmers to filter and search the information as it builds. Farmers are encouraged to give their veterinary practitioner permission to view this information to aid herd health planning. The necessary consent can be provided directly through the ICBF website, or by printing off and signing a form, also available from the ICBF website AHI is attending a number of events over the summer to showcase the new Beef HealthCheck reports. So far, conversations with farmers at these events about the Beef HealthCheck reports have been positive, with farmers pleased to have a new tool to monitor the health status of their herd. We look forward to seeing many more of you at Beef 2016 at Teagasc Grange on the 5th July!

Rebecca Carroll discusses the Beef HealthCheck report with a farmer at the Newford Open Day in Athenry




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