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havemade several additions to our teamand thegrowthhasbeenablessing. Tessa,Mallory, Paige, Nicolle, and Cheryl have all joined our team. We have increased our ability to keep you healthy by teaming with JenFitness for strength classes, yoga classes and personal training. We are offering improved nutrition by partnering with Kettlebell Cookery for healthymeal options. Our Laser, DryNeedling, Cupping, and Tempering treatments have helped 1000’s to achieve better and faster results. We are looking to expand in 2020 to be able to helpmore people feel better and enjoy life to the fullest. Onapersonal note, I am looking forward to2020as a year of personal growth. I have big plans for Pittman PT this year and I am so thankful that YOU have trusted us to be your partner in health. We couldn’t be here providing care for our great community without YOU. Here is to a great 2020. Can you believe that it is 2020?! How long will it take you to stop writing 2019 on your checks??? Jeremy

Wow... where did 2019 go. It is said that time flies when you are having fun. Well, it does. I believe itwasKennyChestney that said, “Don’t Blink.” Actually, I know it wasKenny because that isoneofmy favorite songs. And yes, I am a country music fan. Anyway, 2019 flew by. We had a lot going on and a lot of traveling. I amquite tired of being on an airplane andprobably should’ve gotten that Capital One Venture Card to earn double miles on all purchases. “WHAT’S IN YOUR WALLET??” The Pittman clan went to LA several timesand I can tell you that, I LoveThe South. We are just good people. Not that the people in LA are mean, I just prefer southern hospitality... and sweet tea. I also went to Phillywithmy oldest son, Stone, towatch the NCAALacrosseNational Championship (the cheesesteak was amazing!!!) and to Omaha with Foster for a baseball tournament (got to see a game of the College World Series). BUT... I am definitely happy to be home with no plans to go anywhere for a bit. This year at the clinic has been crazy as well. If youhaven’t been in theoffice for awhile, you will probably not recognize many faces. We


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