MAKE A PREDICTION  Preview Around the Campfire. A boy’s flashlight doesn’t work on a camping trip. What do you think will happen?

SET A PURPOSE  Read to find out how a family solves a problem on a camping trip.


Around the Campfire

READ  What is the story’s problem? Underline it.

It is dark when you camp in the woods. That is why you need flashlights. Mine did not work last night, so my parents made a warm fire. We grilled our food on the fire. We sang funny songs and told silly stories around the fire. 

Close Reading Tip Put a ? by the parts you have questions about.


The family solves the problem by


READ  What is the new problem? Underline it.

When it got late, it was time for bed. Dad put out the fire. Then it was really dark . . . and hard to see! But when my eyes got used to the dark, I saw lots of stars in the sky. The moon was so bright! It even made shadows on the ground. I could see our tent in the light. I love camping, even without a flashlight! 

Close Reading Tip Put C by words or sentences when you make a connection.

CHECK MY UNDERSTANDING The boy’s flashlight doesn’t work, but he still loves camping. Why?



WRITE ABOUT IT What happens the next night on the camping trip? Add to the story. Write about the events in order. Draw a picture on another sheet of paper.


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