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MAY 1956



Hume hake: For the Christian , a retreat in the Sierras see page 40

Wind-twisted Jeffrey’s Pine photographed at the 8,000 foot level in California?s Yosemite National Park.

Number two in a series of photo stories on education in California

College & Jim Poure Jim Poure’s hobby is photography. Jim is a big rugged fellow who loves to take his Rolleicord camera and head for picturesque, out-of-the-way places. Jim’s hobby is one reason why he likes going to college in California. Jim is a student at the Biola Bible College (a school of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc.). He wants to be a public school teacher and at Biola he has found what he considers the ideal combination: high academic standing with a strong spiritual emphasis. Biola offers a Bible College granting B.A. degree with majors in Bible, Christian education, public school education, psychology (with emphasis on guidance and counseling), music, philosophy, English, history. In addition to Biola Bible College there is Talbot Theological Seminary, School of Missionary Medicine and two year Bible Institute. Biola graduates include Donald G. Barnhouse, Percy Crawford, Charles E. Fuller, Dick and Don Hillis, Irwin Moon, Dawson Trotman. 16 -page picture-story booklet Write today for your free copy of this beautiful 16-page picture-story booklet. Big 8 x 10 photos showing scenic and educational sites of Southern California. From rugged snow-covered mountains to lush orange groves. See for yourself why so many students are coming to sunny Southern California, lust ask for picture-story booklet. BIBLE INSTITUTE OFLOS ANGELES, INC. 558 So.HopeSt., Los Angeles 17, Calif.

Jim Poure is in training at the Biola Bible College to be a public school teacher. Recently Jim told a friend: "The standards here at Biola definitely encourage students to a life of separation from the things of the world and unto the things of the Lord."

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Now’s the time to plan 'your summer vacation. Enjoy the great outdoors, make new friends, tempt your palate with delicious well prepared meals . . . and most of all delve deeply into God’s Word. Write to any of the beautiful well- equipped -to- meet -your -need confer­ ence grounds below for information about coming conferences.

In, tU (iiftjt ofe Forest Home Hi School Conferences, June 17-23 and Aug. 12-18 FOREST HOME CONFERENCE CENTER

Mail: 4940K Vineland Avenue North Hollywood, California or Hume Lake High School Conference, June 23-30 HUME LAKE CONFERENCE CENTER Mail: 155H Van Ness Avenue Fresno, California or Mt. Hermon High School Conference, June 18-24 MT. HERMON ASSOCIATION Mail: Box 413B Mt. Hermon, California

MA Y , 19 5 6

About the March Issue

What every Christian should know about Moody Annuities HERE ARE THE ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED... Perhaps, like many other Christians, you’ve heard a lot about annuities, but you’ve never read a simple, brief explanation o f what they are, and how they work. Then, this message is for you.

Sirs: You have assembled a wealth of valuable material that should reach the hearts of many men and women with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It will be our prayer that the Lord will richly bless the distribu­ tion of this tremendous testimony to the salvation of many precious souls. Chicago/ III. David R; Enlow Director of Publications Christian Business Men's Committee International Sirs: I am disappointed. The articles are like many long-winded sermons, dry and trite. They are hardly what I can put into the hands of a non-believer. I was hoping that the articles would be geared to pointing practical meth­ ods of coming to Christ and the prob­ lems to be faced in the process. Some­ thing about the wonderfulness of our Saviour would have been appropriate. Of course, the scriptural account of the woman at the well is always in­ spiring to read . . . I’m sending back the 10 copies I ordered. Brooklyn/ N.Y. Rev. James V. D'Amico Calvary Church of the Brethren Sirs: I think it is the most attractive issue of T he K ing ’ s B usiness I have seen. And especially from the stand­ point of typography and layout a splendid piece of work." The articles too are of good quality, although taken as a whole they seem to me to constitute “ raids” on secularism, rath­ er than a comprehensive challenge to all the spheres. Pasadena, Calif. Dr. Carl F. H. Henry Fuller Theological Seminary Cotton-Picking Preacher Sirs: As we are a youth group dedicated to the missionary service of our Lord, we would like to learn how we may help the “ Cotton-Picking Preacher” among the migrant workers of Bakers­ field. Could you send us his mailing address so that we may write to him and offer our services? San Fernando, Calif. Mrs. Eleanor Lively Rev. and Mrs. Leon Day’s mailing address is Rt. 3, Box 937, Bakersfield, Calif. — ED. Bible Study Users Sirs: I belong to the Bible study and prayer group of the Dairyland Meth­ odist Church and our group would like to take up the Bible study [see page 28] now offered in your maga­ zine. Since all members but four are already subscribing, please send information on rates for groups. Chowchilla, Calif. Velda M. Lawrence

a contribution. A certain portion o f the an­ nual annuity income is tax free. Only the taxable portion should be reported as in­ come. A statement for income tax purposes accompanies the agreement. How safe is your Annuity Agree­ ment under the Moody plan? The Moody Annuity Plan was instituted more than forty-five years ago and not once during this period have we missed making a payment. Unlike stocks, bonds, mortgages and other securities, no time is required to supervise your Moody Annuities, since there are no market fluctuations to worry about. Your return is steady, regular and on time. What different types of Moody Annuity Agreements are available? ( 1 ) Single Life Agreement is issued to one person, who will receive a specified in­ come for life. (2 ) Joint Agreement provides for payments to two annuitants jointly. On the death o f one, his payment is made to the survivor. (3) Survivorship Agreement provides for payment to one individual until his death, after which the payment is made to a second person, the survivor, named in the agreement. How you can get started in the Moody Annuity Plan Just send for fr e e booklet, “ D o u b le D ivid e n d s .” Fill in coupon and mail •today. ------------------------------------------------- 1 Carl J. Frizen, K56-22-1 Dept, o f Stewardship MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE 820 N. La Salle Street • Chicago 10, Illinois □ Please send me "DOUBLE DIVIDENDS," story o f Moody Annuity Plan. O Please send folder, "You Can Take It With You” relating to stewardship and wills.

What is an annuity? In simple dictionary terms, an annuity is a specific amount of money paid to an in­ dividual at regular periodic intervals. How much money you receive and how often you receive it depends on which o f several kinds of annuity agreements you enter into. Basically, a Moody Annuity Agreement is a legal contract by which m o o d y bib le in s t it u t e , in appreciation of a gift of money for its work, promises to pay the donor a fixed sum of money at regular in­ tervals as long as he lives. Why do people buy Moody Annuities? Suppose you want to make a contribution to help support the work of Moody. At the same time you need a certain sum of money coming in regularly for living expenses. So, let us say, you make a gift of $1,000. Part o f this sum will immediately be used to support the daily needs of the Moody min­ istry, and the rest will be set aside in a fund to guarantee you a regular income for as long as you live. Some of the soul-winning activities of Moody that your money will help under­ write are the tuition-free Day and Evening Schools, Radio Station WMBI, the gospel literature work, and the gospel-science films. You can enter into a Moody Annuity Agreement for as little as $300, and there is no “ceiling” on how big an annuity you can purchase. How much income do you receive? It’s possible to receive a return of up to 814%, but you must keep in mind that annuity rates are figured like insurance rates, in that the size of the payments you receive are based on your age at the time you take out your annuity. They are also based on the size of your g ift. . . the larger the sum, the bigger your income. For ex­ ample, if you purchase a $1,000 annuity when you are 65 (female 70) years o f age, your annual income for life would be $59.22. If you are 70 (female 75) when you make your annuity contract, you would receive a life income o f $64.66 per year. Annuity payments may be made to you on a semiannual or annual basis, whichever you prefer. That portion o f the annuity sum which is considered the gift to the Institute is an allowable deduction from income taxes as

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Vol. 47, No. 5

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ARTICLES FRIENDSHIP — George H. Moore ............................................................. 10 UNITED PRAYER — Andrew Murray ........................................................ 12 HANS J. STIERLE — How Christianity Works ....................................... 14 IN CHRIST IS LIFE — Christ & You & Friends ....................................... 15 ARNOLD GRUNIGEN & SUMMER CONFERENCES ............................... 16 CONFERENCE DIRECTORY ........................................................................ 17 HOW TO DO LINOLEUM BLOCK PRINTING — Dixie Neely ......... 25 RETREAT IN THE SIERRAS — Photo Story — Don Curley ................ 40 FEATURES READER REACTION ........................................................................................... 4 PEOPLE — A monthly column of names in the news .......................... 6 UNDER THE PARSONAGE ROOF — Altheo S. Miller ........................ 8 RESULTS: SPECIAL ISSUE ....................................................... OUT OF THE LA B— Donald S. Robertson .............................................. 19 WORDS FROM THE WORD — Charles L. Feinberg ............................. 20 THEOLOGICALLY THINKING — Gerald B. Stanton .......................... 21 JUNIOR KING'S BUSINESS — Martha S. Hooker .................................. 22 SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES: LUKE — Chester J. Padgett ......... 28 BOOK REVIEWS — Donald G. Davis ........................................................ 35 DR. TALBOT'S QUESTION BOX .......................................................... 38 TALKING IT OVER — A psychologist answers — Clyde Narramore.. 39 ADVERTISERS' INDEX ..................................................................................... 42 CHRISTIAN EDUCATION OBJECT LESSONS — Elmer L. Wilder ...................................................... 36 COVER Across the U.S. and Canada this month Christians were busy making plans for their summer vacations. And for many it was just a matter of choosing which Christian conference to attend. To help readers plan a "vacation with a purpose" The King's Business presents its annual summer conference issue. The cover photo is beautiful Hume Lake in the high Sierras (see p. 40). Photo : David Martzen

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A monthly column of names in the news. In Glendale, Calif., Larry Ward has resigned from a key job with Gospel Light Press to go with a new Chris­ tian organization in Washington D.C. (Ward was formerly managing editor of Christian L ife and the Baptist Bul­ letin.) The new project was still being listed as hush-hush although enough “ leaks” had long since taken it off the secret list. But most evan­ gelical publications were withholding the nature of the new venture until official release sometime next month. Also linked with the project are Carl F. H. Henry of Fuller Theological Sem­ inary and L. Nelson Bell, (father-in- law of Evangelist Billy Graham). Another west-coaster heading East is the Rev. Richard C. Halverson, who resigned as of May 1 as an assistant minister at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. Halverson has just been appointed executive director of the International Council of Chris­ tian Leadership replacing Abraham Vereide. ICCL works primarily among political leaders and numbers Presi­ dent Eisenhower as a supporter. Hon­ orary president of ICCL is Princess Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and the president is Senator Price Daniels (D. Tex.). Working in association with ICCL (see above) is the newly-launched Revival Fellowship Team headed by Irish-born Evangelist J. Edwin Orr. Their first series of meetings were started in New Zealand in February and plans call for the meetings to continue there until November. Meet­ ings in Auckland had to be trans­ ferred from the largest church in town to the Town Hall where crowds of 1600 nightly attended. In addition to Orr, members of the team are Charles Turner (for many years soloist and member of the quartet of the net­ work “Haven of Rest” broadcast), Dar­ lene Janzen (brilliant young pianist who got her start with Phil Kerr and then went on to become a TV, radio and recording artist), Corrie ten Boom (women’s evangelist from the Nether­ lands who was imprisoned for the Faith by the Gestapo; field represent­ ative for ICCL), Robert B. Doing (from New York; former telephone company executive; associate editor of Evangel Magazine; field representative for ICCL), the Rev. William Dunlap (evan­ gelist and missionary; field represent­ ative for ICCL).

Evangelist Merv Rosell has announced plans for a special month­ long radio series starting May 2 .





Widely-traveled Evangelist Merv Rosell is joining with the Bible Institute of Los Angeles during the month of May for their “Miracle Month Radio Revival Time.” Evangelist Rosell will be heard Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8:30 a.m. over some 45 stations of the Mutual Don Lee Network and independent stations. For station log write Bible Institute Hour, Los Angeles 17, Calif. "Miracle Month Radio Revival Time"



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M A Y , 1 9 5 6

Under the Parsonage Roof by Althea S. Miller Without Price


"When I married after an unhappy childhood, I felt that a new life of joy would start for me, but after only one year I was left a widow with a little baby girl to care for. During the next six years I had a great struggle, working in different houses and out in the open fields, because I had no other means of support. I was willing to do anything for this little child whom I loved be­ yond words. But the great fatigue and the cold of winter took their toll o f my frail body, and one day I found myself in the Sanitarium of Lamia, suffering from tuberculosis. For two years now I have been separated from my dear child, my very heart. I had to leave her all alone in the streets. A kind woman took her in with her own children, but she is so poor herself she can barely manage to provide for her own. And how can my child find in a stranger the love of her mother? Feel with me in my pain and help me a little, so that I may be able to buy food and provide some clothes for my child. I can hardly write any more because my eyes are filled with tears and my heart is torn with grief. May God open your heart to an­ swer the cry of a mother in despera­ tion.” Sofia Skondrianou You need not feel helpless in the face of such abject need. Every little bit helps, and here are some suggestions: For $1.00 you can provide a 20-lb. sur­ plus food package, for $6.00 a clothing package, for $25.00 the medicine for her healing, and for $1.00 a Greek Bible for her salvation and comfort. As for the little child—wouldn’t you like to care for her? We are now inaugurat­ ing a program o f home care for such children who cannot be admitted to in­ stitutions, but can be supported for only $15.00 a month. How it would ease this mother’s heart to have her little one provided for. Let the love o f Christ rescue ¡this d e s p a i r i n g little family through your compassionate gift. Write to the American Mission to Greeks, Inc., Rev. Spiros Zodhiates, General Secretary, P.O. Box 423, Dept. K, New York 36, New York. (In Canada write to 90 Duplex Ave., Toronto 7, On­ tario.)

ren’t you glad we don’t have to pay for babies?” The question came from eigh 't-y ea r - o l d Kent as he romped on the floor with his two- year-old brother. Mother laughed in spite of herself. “ Yes, I’m glad, honey. The Lord is so good to give us sweet babies, and I’m glad you love Mark.” “ Anybody could love him,” Kent continued. “ lust look how he climbs on my back. C’mon, Mark. Get on brother’s back.” As he played horsie for the little lad, screams of delight filled the house. “I love to hear him try to talk. Did I sound as funny when I was learning to talk, Mommie?” “You were just as cute as he, sweetie. Mark talks exceptionally well for his age because all you older children teach him.” “That’s part of the fun of having a big family. I told ‘Red’ the other day he doesn’t have nearly the fun we do because he doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. I want lots of kids when I grow up and get married.” By this time the youngsters had gone to another part of the house. M o t h e r p o n d e r e d the question: “Aren’t you glad we don’t have to pay for babies?” How could he possibly know the price all parents pay when they bring new souls into the world? Mother’s price is physical inconveni­ ence and pain, Father’s the financial and material. Together they pay the price of concentrated teaching and training, eternal vigilance as they guard against the onslaught of the archenemy, Satan. No price to pay, Kent? Some day you’ll know. But I’m glad to tell you on the authority of God’s Word that your salvation costs you nothing. The invitation is extended to all. “Ho, every one that thirsteth, come . . . without money and without price” (Isa. 55:1). Christ Jesus paid that awful price because He loved you so. Just give Him your love and service, “ For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body . . (1 Cor. 6:20).


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MA Y , 1 9 5 6

What is your one wish?

A person I could call a friend.


B y G eorge H . M oore

T he patient shuffled up the aisle in the clinic room with the attend­ ant, paying no attention to the audience of intently observing college students. The doctor, conducting the clinic began casually talking. It was not difficult to note the apathy, the general loss of interest in the withdrawal from the external world characteristic of sim­ ple schizophrenia. Here was one who had withdrawn from the world of reality to which he could not adjust into a different world whose problems he could meet. Said the doctor, "Now, if you could have three wishes for things which you would like to have, what would you wish for?” The patient thought for a few mo­ ments. His first wish was to travel — that is to any place except Ann Arbor, Mich, (the place where he was first committed). And then he thought he would like to have some clothes. He paused a bit. Again the doctor spoke, "Now think real hard. You have just one wish left! Now you think o f something that you would rather have, more than anything else in all the world.” There was complete stillness in the room as the 80 or more students and spectators wondered what would be the ultimate in the scale o f values of a sim­ ple schizophrenic. And the expression on the face of the patient indicated that he was doing his best to focus his thoughts on the thing that would be of supreme value to him. And then he said, with an insight greater than he really knew, "Well, I would like to have one person that I could call a friend.” His life was an

empty hollow thing because of the ab­ sence o f friends. To have friends is a basic psycho­ logical need of the human personality — a basic requisite for mental health. Without them life becomes intolerably lonely. The psychologist, Gordon All­ port, in his book 'Personality, a Psycho­ logical Interpretation makes the point that ego-centricity is not the mark of a mature personality. The person who is so wrapped up in himself, in his own interests, his own desires, that every thought, every action is in terms of "what will this action, this business deal, this social contact have in it for me?” is a person incapable of holding friends, and is a likely subject for one of the world’s most distressing illnesses "*-cr that of self-pity. As the word is currently used, one could say that there are different levels of friendship. The lowest level would only imply casual acquaintance. The re­ mark of a fellow on the golf course — "I have a friend down in Texas who has more oil wells than he can count” might mean that the individual talking once sat beside such an oil man at a dinner; or once knew such a person years before when they were fellow About the Author George H. Moore has had 11 years ex­ perience as pastor in the Friends Church in California, Oregon and Idaho. He has a Ph.D. degree from the University of Iowa and has taught at George Fox and Venn Colleges and is currently Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Biola Bible College in Los Angeles.

students in a one-room country school. Claiming acquaintance and friendship in this manner is a popular, though sometimes unconscious, form of ego- inflation — basking in the glory of the accomplishments or the fortunes of others by a superficial claiming of friendship. Mere intimacy or acquaint­ ance does not necessarily mean true friendship as the lines from Rossetti so aptly show: "Was it a friend or foe that spread these lies? Nay, who, but infants question in such wise ? ’Twas one of my most intimate enemies.” Among today’s best-sellers are books on the psychological techniques o f mak­ ing friends. No matter what one’s opin­ ion might be as to the psychology in­ volved, the volume of their sales indi­ cates, on the one hand, the void in the hearts of so many people who lack friends, and on the other, the realiza­ tion o f many that one cannot attain much success in life apart from having friends. There is the cynical philosophy that business or social advancement is more dependent upon the kind of friends one can cultivate than on one’s own basic abilities. Although many helpful books have been written which are psycho­ logically sound dealing with the tech­ niques which are important in the culti­ vation of friendship, yet, to the degree that these techniques are used as a superficial, insincere trick for the pro­ curement o f momentary friends for ulterior, selfish gain, to that extent, they will "backfire.” For sooner or later, such tactics expose the individual



every man on the things o f others” grips him, he begins to see that here is the key that unlocks the door into other people’s hearts; for as he takes an- interest in other people, their problems, their hobbies, their accomplishments, he finds a world of fascinating people about him, and he finds that they re­ spond with their friendship to his inter­ est. "Going the second mile,” doing the thing above and beyond the call o f duty of the accepted standards o f the world’s level of friendship, creates in others a wonderment as to the secret o f person­ ality that will call forth such actions. And then potential enemies are made friends. The 13th chapter o f Paul’s letter to the Corinthians becomes a guide for action. From it he learns that the true friend has forbearance for others, does not envy, is free from conceit, is kind and thoughtful, has confidence and trust in his fellows, watches his tongue so that unkind words do not pass his lips. Certainly these are sound principles for the maintaining of friendship. The familiar law that like begets like is just as true in the area of personality as it is in the field of biology. These qualities implanted by the Spirit of God in the human heart will produce friendship in others. Thus, the greatest guarantee of a life free from loneliness, a life filled with friendships is in the possibility o f the i n d w e l l i n g Christ, dwelling in our hearts by faith. The Apostle Paul says that this is a great mystery but a tre­ mendous reality — that Christ is in you. To His disciples, Jesus said, "Hence­ forth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard o f my Father I have made known unto you” (John 15:15). Thus there is pro­ vided for us a divine, eternal friendship with one who has said: "He that be- lieveth on me shall never- die.” And through that friendship there is avail­ able to us the secret and the key to all friendships. Such a person will never say, "Well, I would like to have one person that I could call a friend” for his friends will be without number. END.

anointed the feet of Jesus; a stingy, hard-hearted tax collector changed to a warm-hearted philanthropist as was Zacchaeus, a bigoted provincial national­ ist transformed into a Christian philoso­ pher with a passionate love for people and a world view that swept the ages, as was the Apostle Paul. With such a concept o f people, no one need be lone­ ly for there are potential friends all about us waiting for the Christ-touch in our lives to touch them. All o f the above is made possible as one recognizes the truth o f the words of St. Augustine: "Thou hast made us for Thyself and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee.” Apart from God man is basically lonely. Apart from Him, life can never find its fullest satisfactions. The fruits of friendship can be anticipated, tasted, but never fully realized. For right reT lationship to God gives a release from those qualities of personality — self- centeredness, selfishness, egotism — that destroy friendship, and in their place gives those qualities of love, for­ bearance, patience, understanding —- qualities on which lasting friendship is built. It takes a supernatural love for one’s fellows to give the ultimate in friendship. As one experiences the right perpendicular relationship be­ tween himself and God, he wants a new horizontal relationship between himself and his fellows, in order that they may find the serenity, the peace, the tranquility o f spirit that he has found. The word of the Apostle Paul in re­ spect to the power o f Christ to break down barriers is found to be true in his own life, and the love of Christ in his heart melts prejudice, removes bitter­ ness, giving a true perspective to hu­ man differences. One has well put it, he has the "priceless gift of seeing with the heart rather than with the eyes.” And he finds the Bible to be the great­ est textbook on friendship. Says Solomon: "A friend loveth at all times, and is a brother born for adversity.” "Faithful are the wounds of a friend.” "There is a friend that stick- eth closer than a brpther.” As the truth o f Paul’s words, "Let not every man think on his own things but

for what he is. They cannot be camou­ flaged. But there is a higher level o f friend­ ship based on fundamental principles of human relations and social interac­ tion. It is seen among the people of every race, and in every culture. The literature o f all peoples gives idealistic accounts of its operation. Many o f its basic qualities are easily distinguishable ■—•mutual trust, confidence in one an­ other, love that overlooks petty faults, the enjoyment of companionship, the desire to share experiences and gifts, mutual helpfulness, the sharing o f joys and sorrows. These are some o f the qualities of true friendship. But it is interesting to note that while these qualities are found in every cul­ ture to some extent, yet they are inher­ ent in the Christian faith, and they can only find their highest fulfillment in those who have a vital relationship to God. There is a human level on which these qualities are seen, but there is a higher level — a "plus” level, dynamic and outgoing, for the individual whose life is devoted and surrendered to Christ. In the gospel according to St. Mat­ thew, Jesus graphically distinguishes be­ tween the two levels. Said He, it is easy enough to love those who love you, to give gifts to those who reciprocate by giving gifts to you. In other words, it is the natural thing to practice the prin­ ciples of friendship with people who are lovable, friendly and compatible. Anyone can do this. But said Jesus, "What do ye more than others?” Thus there is a higher, dynamic level to which God calls —-7 a level which gives personality a completeness, a satis­ faction, a joy, a maturity found in no other way. The little petty trifles, hurts, bickerings of the lower level drop off. We look at people from another point of view. As our emotions, our desires are cleansed from the sins o f selfishness and self-centeredness, the love of God enables us to see all people as potential friends; not as they are at the moment, but as what they can become through the grace of God. We are given the Christ-outlook in regard to people — the possibility of a saintly character created in the life of a fallen woman, as the woman who


M A Y , 19 5 6

O ne of the first lessons of our Lord in His school o f prayer was: not to be seen of men. Enter thy inner chamber; be alone with the Father. W hen He has thus taught us that the m e a n i n g of prayer is personal, individual con­ tact with God, He comes w ith a second lesson: you have need not on ly of secret solitary but also of public united prayer. And he gives us a very special promise for the united prayer o f two or three who agree in what they ask. As a tree has its root hidden in the ground and its stem growing up into the sunlight, so prayer needs equally fo r its full development the hidden secrecy in wh ich the soul meets God alone and the public fellowship with those who find in the name of Jesus their common meeting-place. The reason w hy this must be so is plain. The bond that unites a man to his fellow-men is no less real and close than that wh ich unites him to God: he ■is one with them. Grace renews not alone our relation to God but to man too. W e not on ly learn to say “ M y Father,” hut “ Our Father.” Nothing would be more unnatural than that the children of a fam ily should always meet their father separately, hut never in the united expression of their desires or their rlove. Believers are riot on ly members of one fam ily, hut even of one body. Just as each member of the body depends on the other and the full action of the spirit dwelling in the body' depends on the union and co­ operation o f all, so Christians can­ not reach the full blessing God is ready to bestow through His Spirit, but as they seek and receive it in fellowship with each other. It is in the union and fellowship of believ­ ers that the Spirit can manifest its full power. It was to the hundred and twenty continuing in one place together and praying with one ac­ cord, that the Spirit came' from the throne o f the glorified Lord. The marks o f true united prayer are given us in these words o f our Lord. The first is agreement as to the thing asked. There must not on ly be generally the consent to agree with anything another may ask: there must be' some special

thing, matter of distinct united de­ sire; the agreement must be, as all prayer, in spirit and in truth. In such agreement it w ill become very clear to us exactly what we are ask­ ing whether we m ay confidently ask according to God’s w ill and whether we are ready to believe that we have received what we ask. Gathering in His Name The second mark is the gathering in, or into, the name of Jesus. Here our Lord teaches us that the name must be the center o f union to which believers gather, the bond o f union that makes them one, just as a home contains and unites all who are in it. “ The name o f the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous run­ neth into it, and is safe.” That name is such a reality to those who understand and believe it, that to meet within it is to have Himself present. The love and un ity o f His disciples have to Jesus infinite at­ traction: “ Where two or three are gathered in m y name, there am I in the midst of them.” It is the liv­ ing presence of Jesus, in the fellow ­ ship of His loving, praying disci­ ples, that gives united prayer its power. The third mark is, the sure an­ swer: “ It shall be done for them of m y Father.” A prayer meeting for maintaining religious fellowship or seeking our own edification may have its use; this was not the Sav­ iour’s view in its appointment. He meant it as a means o f securing special answer to prayer. A prayer meeting without recognized answer to prayer ought to be an anomaly. W hen any one of us have distinct desires in regard to which we feel too weak to exercise the needful faith, we ought to seek strength in the help of others. In the un ity o f faith and of love and of the Spirit, the power of the name and the presence of Jesus acts more freely and the answer comes more surely. The mark that there has been true united prayer is the fruit, the an­ swer, the receiving o f the thing we have asked: “ I say unto you . . . it shall be done for them o f m y Father who is in heaven.” What an unspeakable privilege this of united prayer is and what a power it might be. If the believing

husband and w ife knew that they were joined together in the name of Jesus to experience His presence and power in united prayer (1 P e t.); if f r i e n d s b e l i e v e d what m ighty help two or three praying in concert could give each other; if in every prayer meeting the com­ ing together in the name, the faith in the presence, and the expectation o f the answer stood in the fore­ ground— O who can say what bless­ ing might come to, and through, those who thus agreed to prove God in the fulfillment of His promise. In the Apostle Paul we see very distinctly what a reality his faith in the power o f united prayer was. To the Romans he writes ( 15 :30) : “ I beseech you, brethren, by the love of the Spirit, that ye strive to­ gether with me in your prayer to God for me.” He expects in answer to be delivered from his enemies and to he prospered in his work. To the Corinthians (2 Cor. 1: 11 ), God “ . . . w ill still deliver us . . . ye also helping together on our behalf by you r supplication” ; their prayer is to have a real share in his deliver­ ance. To the Ephesians he ‘Writes: “ W ith all prayer and supplication praying at all seasons in the Spirit for all the saints and on m y behalf, that utterance m ay he giveri unto me.” His power and success in his ministry he makes to depend on their prayers. W ith the Philippians ( 1: 19 ) he expects that his trials will turn to his salvation and the progress o f the gospel “ through your supplication and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. . . . ” T o the Colossians ( 4 :3 ) he adds to the injunction to continue steadfast in prayer: “ W ithal praying for us also, that God m ay open unto us a door for the word . . . .” And to the Thessalonians (2 Thes. 3 : 1 , 2 ) he writes: “ Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word o f the Lord may run and be glorified . . . and that we m ay be delivered from unrea­ sonable . . . men.” It is everywhere evident that Paul felt himself the member of a body, on the sympathy and cooperation of which he was dependent, and that he counted on the prayers of the churches to gain for him, what otherwise might not be given. The prayers o f the church were to him as real a factor in the



work of the kingdom, as the power of God. W h o can say what power a church could develop and exercise, if it gave itself to the work of prayer day and night for the com ­ ing of the kingdom, for God’s power on His servants and His W ord , for the glorifying of God in the salva­ tion of souls? Most churches think their members are gathered into one simply to take care o f and build up each other. They know not that God rules the world by the prayers of His saints; that prayer is the power b y w h i c h S a t a n is com quered; that by prayer the Church on earth has disposal of the powers of the heavenly world. Th ey do not remember that Jesus has, by His promise, consecrated every as­ sembly in His name to be a gate of heaven, where His presence is to be felt, and His power experienced in the Father fulfilling their desires. Lord, Teach Us to Pray Blessed Lord, who didst in Thy high-priestly prayer ask so earnest­ iff°rtheunity°f people, teach us how Thou dost invite and urge us to this un ity by T h y pre­ cious p r o m i s e g i v e n to united f ra^er-A is.wlT we ara love and desire that our faith has T h y presence and the Father’s an­ swer. 0 Father, we pray for T h y peo­ ple and for every smaller circle of those who meet together that they m ay be one. Remove, we pray, all selfishness and self-interest, all nar­ rowness of heart and estrangement by which that un ity is hindered. Cast out the spirit of the world and the flesh through which T h y prom ­ ise loses all its power. O let the thought of T h y presence and the Father’s favor draw us all nearer to each other. Grant especially, blessed Lord, that T h y Church m ay believe that it is b y the power o f united prayer that she can bind and loose in hea­ ven; that Satan can be cast out; that souls can be saved; that moun­ tains can be removed; that the kingdom can be hastened. And grant, good Lord, that in the circle with wh ich I pray, the prayer o f the Church m ay indeed be the power through wh ich T h y name and W ord are glorified. Amen. END.


T * - * A lyill lcci Jrraver T ) ^ T T O f


by Andrew Murray


M A Y , 1 9 5 6 V


Hans J. Stierle

Today I’m a happy man

^ I ■*oday I am perhaps one of the happiest men any one of you has ever seen. And because I want to share this happiness I am writing this account. It is not one o f those “ happy moments” anyone might have because he may have won a brand new Cadillac for giv­ ing some very smart answers on a T V quiz show or because he re­ ceived from his boss a pay raise or his sweetheart gave him a wonder­ fu l necktie for his birthday. It took me almost 52 years to know what I know now. I don’t agree with this saying any more that the first 50 years are the hard­ est because if they are hard it is our own fault. I also disagree with W ilhelm Busch, the German poet, when he said in one o f his poems (or was it a song?), “ In fu en zig Jahren ist alles verb ei.” F ifty years didn’t bring an ending but rather a beginning of contentment and happiness. I know now what makes me happy and I have many friends in all walks o f life who feel the same w ay as I do and who are as happy as I am today and who will be as happy as they are now , al­ ways and forever. I have not become a fanatic in some kind of belief or some kind of religion but I have come to Christ, our Saviour. And I came almost by a miracle. A fter 52 years I had lost everything I had at one time: m y w ife, m y sons, m y daughter, m y automobile, m y garage, m y home, m y garden, m y orange and peach trees, m y grapevines, m y dog, m y relatives, m y friends, m y home furnishings, m y bank ac­ counts, m y credit, m y insurance policies. I lost everything I worked so hard for all m y life, cared so much for all m y life, worried so much about all m y life. I even lost m y health. During all m y life— even through

all this trouble— I believed in God. But I also must say that although I believed in God and although I prayed to H im a thousand times and more, help did not seem to come and many times I had m y doubts. And worst o f all I tried often to read the Bible and almost always I was not able to under­ stand what it said although I tried to understand. I could almost in no case conceive the idea of the many wondrous changes which, ac­ cording to the Bible, took place in many men after Christ spoke to them. But now these things are no mystery to me. I had been blind but now I can see as I never could before. You m ay be wondering what h a p p e n e d to bring about this change. As you may realize I had been a very lonesome man after losing everything. I worked hard every day, but after the day was done I was alone. I had no one to talk to, no one to go to. I lived in a town completely new to me with no friends, relatives or acquaint­ ances. So every evening I walked II blocks to town, bought a news­ paper, walked back, read it and then I went to bed. A fter six months o f this lonely life I decided one Sunday evening to go to town, have a glass of beer at a bar and watch television. On m y w ay to this bar I passed a church and heard people singing inside. I stopped and lis­ tened. Singing had always attract- A b o u t t h e A u t h o r Hans J. Stierle was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1904. H e came to the U.S. in 1929. He went back to Germany in 1938 and remained there during the war, re­ turning to the U.S. in 1946. Comments Stierle on his conversion and baptism in early January of this year: “ The stream of blessings coming to me is increasing daily at such a rate it is near to impossible for me to keep track of them.”

ed me. As I listened I walked up the steps turning over in m y mind whether I should go into this church and have m y glass qf beer after. The door was open and I saw two or three men sitting in the back row. W h ile I was still wondering if I should go on in, one of the men turned his head and smiled at me. I guess the smile helped because I walked in and joined in the sing­ ing. A fter the service was over the minister spoke to me. He asked me if I enjoyed the service. “ Yes sir, thank you ,” I said. He asked me if I was married. “ Yes sir, I am mar­ ried and I have three children,” I said. “ W ell, come again, sir, and bring your fam ily along,” he said. That was the moment when God must have entered into our short conversation. I said to the minister, “ W ell, sir, I cannot bring them because I have been separated from m y fam ily since more than a year now .” He said he was sorry. I turned around and walked out o f the door w ith tears streaming down m y face. It was dark. I walked home the 11 blocks I had come on ly one hour before and I cried so that I thought m y heart would break. I went to bed. The church I had visited was the Fremont Avenue Brethren Church of South Pasadena, Calif. The follow ing Tuesday Bill Smith of Washington D.C. began a two-week evangelistic service at the church. I attended every evening and on one occasion the sermon and the songs we sang touched m y heart. W hen the i n v i t a t i o n to accept Christ was given I went forward and confessed m y sins and I felt for the first time that I was right with God. It was this personal ex­ perience with Jesus Christ that completely changed m y life and brought such deep-inside happiness.

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