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Just in Time for Valentine’s Day! When it comes to making plans for Valentine’s Day, choosing to spend time with your partner is a no-brainer, but picking the perfect activity can be trickier. While there’s nothing wrong with the classic dinner and a movie date, if you’ve done that year after year, it can get stale, and there’s no reason to stick to the script in a city with as much to offer as Atlanta! To get out of your Valentine’s Day rut and plan a date to remember, try booking one of these three uniquely Atlantan experiences. AGATHA’S A TASTE OF MYSTERY Located on Peachtree Center Avenue NE, Agatha’s A Taste of Mystery has been hosting one-of-a-kind comedic murder mystery dinners for more than 30 years. The shows are interactive, putting you right at the center of the action, and your partner is guaranteed to laugh out loud. Even better, you can pair your show with cocktails and a delicious four-course dinner. Visit to learn more and secure your seats! 3 Uniquely Atlanta Dates


The Story Behind the Myth

We’ve all heard the silly statement before: “The moon is made of cheese!” Although we may not fall for it as adults, when we were children, our eyes twinkled with possibility as we gazed up at the full moon and wondered if it really could be made of cheese. While science says no, it’s still an entertaining phrase that holds a valuable lesson for adults and children alike. The motif first appeared in folklore during the High Middle Ages as a proverb invented by a French rabbi. The full phrase is actually “The moon is made of green cheese,” and serves to warn against the dangers of credulity, or the willingness to believe in things that aren’t based on reasonable proof or knowledge. The simplest version of the phrase’s origin tells of a cunning fox that advised a starving wolf to search for food among humans. The wolf listened, and he was attacked by the humans. The wolf escaped, and in his fury, he attempted to kill the fox. To save himself, the fox promised the wolf that he’d show him the location of an abundant food supply. That night, under the light of a full moon, the fox led the wolf to a well and pointed to the reflection of the full moon on the water’s surface deep in the well, claiming it was cheese. The hungry wolf jumped into the well to eat the cheese, forever trapping himself. Thus, the fox successfully escaped the wolf’s wrath. As with any ancient proverb, variations of the story have developed over time, but its message has remained the same: Don’t believe everything you’re told. In today’s world of oversaturated information and advice, this is a valuable tip to follow, no matter what age you are.

THE PORSCHE EXPERIENCE CENTER Culture Trip recommends the Porsche Experience Center as one of Atlanta’s most unusual date ideas, and it’s high on their list for a reason! If your significant other is an adrenaline junkie or a fan of beautiful cars, a trip to the Porsche facility (complete with a chance to take a real-life or simulated test drive) will truly sweep them off their feet. After you take the wheel, visit the Overdrive Lounge rooftop bar and share a toast to living life on the edge. Head to to learn all about what the PEC has to offer. FERNBANK AFTER DARK If your partner loves science, this 21-and-over experience at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History will be their favorite night of the year. These science nights for adults pair exclusive museum experiences and demonstrations with live music, film screenings, cocktails, and tapas. Though these events happen year-round, this year’s February Fernbank After Dark happens to fall right on Valentine’s Day. The theme is “It’s Electric!” and it will take your chemistry to a new level. Visit Fernbank-After-Dark to buy your tickets.

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