Complete: Relieving Low Back, Hip & Knee Arthritis

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Introducing The Latest In Physical Therapy Technology

The innovative AlterG Treadmill truly is a game changer in Physical Therapy. Imagine being able to get back on your feet even sooner than you thought possible and with little to no pain at all. With the AlterG at Complete Physical Rehabilitation, this idea is now a reality. The Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill is the first in Jersey City. Controlling gravity and reducing body weight while walking or running, patients can have: • Rehabilitation after surgery of the lower extremity (hip, knee, ankle or foot) • Training through an injury • Reduced impact training and conditioning • Treatment for exercise with arthritis • Gait training for neurologic patients • Weight control and reduction • Strength and conditioning for older patients Unlike any other piece of rehabilitation equipment available, the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill can take you further, faster than you ever thought possible after surgery, injury or other mobility impairment. For more information on Physical Therapy with the AlterG treadmill, contact a clinic in your area and we’ll do the best we can to give you the information you need.

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