Special Advancement Edition LIA - Canada English - 202006

Congratulations all! We are experiencing extraordinary growth at Melaleuca! Although we’ve experienced incredible growth before, we have never seen anything quite like this in our 35-year history! So we decided to celebrate this record- smashing number of advancements in a special advancement edition of our June 2020 Leadership in Action . We had 170 advancements for Senior Directors and above! An impressive 62 Executive, National, and Corporate Director advancements are represented here! 62! 18 are brand-new Executive Directors! And 1 Corporate Director advancement!

When you read their stories, you’ll notice just how unique each one is. But if you look closely, you’ll see evidence of the same truths in each of them: • The world needs Melaleuca! • We are the Wellness Company—and that’s why a record number of customers are shopping with us each month. • A record number of people are choosing to earn supplemental income with our Compensation Plan. • And every one of these advancements is further evidence that lives change here! What will you do to change your life? Start with setting a goal and committing to attend Convention 2021 .



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