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Challenge: Enforcing Cost Controls at Scale While the cloud offers a range of benefits compared to legacy, on-premises infrastructure, without proper governance, cloud costs can quickly spiral out of control. The reality is that many teams lack the visibility and control they need to proactively manage costs across multi-cloud environments. Too often, teams find out about wasted expenditures, unused and underutilized resources, and budget overruns after the fact. Further, once these issues are discovered, it is difficult to get engineers to respond as quickly and effectively as needed because stretched teams are reliant upon manual follow ups and tactics. Compounding these challenges is the fact that across teams, different tools and processes are used. For example, different development teams might be using various provider services and deployment tools, such as AWS Cloud Formation, HashiCorp Terraform, and so on. This inconsistency introduces inefficiencies and miscommunication and stifles team productivity. Solution Overview Stacklet Platform is a Governance as Code solution that provides insights and proactive guardrails for cloud cost optimization. Using the platform’s easy-to-use, declarative language, FinOps and cloud engineering teams can codify, automate, and collaborate on cost policies. Stacklet Platform automatically deploys policies via standard CI/CD pipeline workflows. If policy violations occur, the platform enables real-time detection and visualization. The platform can also automatically trigger a remediation workflow and notify development teams in the channel of their choice, including Slack and Jira. Stacklet Platform is based on CNCF’s Cloud Custodian open source project, which is used by thousands of global brands. Stacklet Platform extends Cloud Custodian with intelligent management capabilities, including cost governance insights, real-time asset inventories, out-of-the-box policy packs, and advanced communications. With these capabilities, businesses can innovate more efficiently and scalably in the cloud. Benefits Reduce operational overhead associated with policy implementation, manual workflows, and inconsistent cloud management. Control costs by automatically identifying and right-sizing underutilized resources and de-provisioning unused resources. Foster education and behavior change among development teams by delivering useful notifications and automating remediation.

Unique Featur es Cost g overnance as code: Codify and automate cloud cost governance and align with the application development cycle using a standard, easy-to-use language that both engineers and non-engineers can understand . Automated remediation : Implement advanced workflows with sophisticated business logic into your remediation and notification playbooks. For example, a policy could identify Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) instances that are more than 30 days old and that have had no connections in the last 14 days. It would then notify the owners of these instances. If they don’t take action in seven days, the instances could be stopped automatically . Developer-centric, intelligent communications : Stacklet Platform automatically groups related notifications and routes them to the right stakeholders. The platform is integrated with existing workflows and collaboration tools that your development teams use, such as Slack and Jira. Plus the communications generated can include details on how to maintain a clean and cost-efficient environment. For example, they can outline essential procedures like limiting the number of backups to a set number of days, deregistering old and unused machine images, enforcing rightsizing guidelines for resources such as VMs and databases, removing unused and unattached resources, and so on . Real-time, contextual asset database : Gain a complete, contextualized, and accurate picture of all your cloud resources. Leverage real-time inventory management enriched with governance analytics. This database can also be used as a high-fidelity data source for your own dashboarding and reporting tools . Cost governance insights : Harness actionable intelligence to identify cost optimization opportunities, improve cross-team collaboration, and reduce time to remediation . Ready-to-run policy packs : Get a set of best- practice policies that address common cost optimization use cases . Battle-tested, open source core : Employ a solution based on Cloud Custodian, the popular open-source project that is used by thousands of well-known global brands .


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Stacklet Platform extends Cloud Custodian by providing additional capabilities to meet the needs of complex, large-scale multi-account and multi-cloud environments

Popular Use Cases Tagging : Trying to optimize cloud resources that don't have proper tagging is like trying to run a Walmart without barcodes. Stacklet Platform helps you normalize your tags, remediate any violations, and establish policies that will inform your developers if they violate policies. Deliver information to developers in the platforms they’re already using, such as Slack and Jira. Unused resources: Stacklet Platform can help you find unused resources in your environment, such as old or unused Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) images, Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) services, or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances . Underutilized Resources: Stacklet Platform can help you identify underutilized resources based on metrics and configurations. The platform can help you rightsize resources that may be overprovisioned while at the same time keeping your development teams informed every step of the way. Off-hours policies for development environments: Stacklet Platform enables you to automatically power off development instances during off-hours, according to your organization’s policies. Organizations can realize significant savings through this approach. Cyclical resources and retention: Stacklet Platform can help you enforce cyclical resources and data retention policies according to company policies. For example, it can help you establish policies for 90-day backups instead of 180 days . High-fidelity d ata source : Stacklet platform can provide a real-time data source for FinOps use cases such as financial modeling and reporting. In addition to out-of-the-box dashboards, it integrates with commonly used BI tools .

About Stacklet Stacklet was founded by the creator and lead maintainer of Cloud Custodian, an open source cloud governance project used by thousands of well-known global brands today. Stacklet provides the commercial cloud governance platform that accelerates how the Global 2000 manages their security, asset visibility, operations, and cost optimization

policies in the cloud. Request a Demo We will help you identify up to five cost- optimization opportunities in under 90 minutes for free.

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