Advanced Practice Physical Therapy - April 2020

THE SECRET TO REDUCING YOUR PAIN THIS SUMMER (Spoiler Alert: You’re Standing on It!)

Are you worried about lower back pain, knee pain, or another source of discomfort trapping you indoors this summer? If you are, we have some news for you. You might be able to reduce your pain through your feet ! Here’s why: • One-fourth of your body’s bones are in your feet, and if they’re out of alignment, your whole body can suffer. • Wearing the wrong shoes can make discomfort worse, causing lower back pain, knee pain, bunions, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and more. Flip-flops are the worst offenders!

Luckily, there’s a quick and easy fix to these issues: Custom Orthotics. In just 15 seconds , our clinic’s new Foot Levelers Kiosk can do a complete scan of your feet, diagnose any issues, and design the perfect orthotic insert to ease your pain. The results of this cutting- edge technology have been proven to reduce lower back pain by as much as 34.5%! We can even use the scan to create a pair of custom orthotic flip- flops or sandals , giving you all of the benefits of an insert with breezy freedom for your toes this summer. Just flip the page to learn more …



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