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October 2017


If any of you have been in the office lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve moved locations! We went from our old office in San Bernardino to beautiful downtown Redlands, on 205 East State Street. My team and I are thrilled to have made the move. Redlands is a cool, cozy little place with a small, hometown feel. State Street itself is right in the heart of the city, in a commercial district with streets lined with towering palm trees. Dozens and dozens of shops and stores litter the area, along with several delicious restaurants, from The State’s upscale burgers to Rok N Fondue, whose steaks come out sizzling on a literal rock, true to the name. We’ve got pizza right nearby, and the beloved

idea of moving for a while, having outgrown our little 900-square-foot number we were currently in. Me, Meagan, my son Alex — who’s also working in the business — and our two assistants were getting a little cramped. Looking out the window of the Muffin Top, I noticed the number for a broker on the big six-door building across the street — the Citibank building. I gave the broker a call and took a tour of a few of the units, but just didn’t like the feel. “Well, hey,” he told me, “I’ve got this building across the street. It’s 4,000 square feet!” It sounded great, but I was thinking to myself, “Man, that’s gonna be expensive.” But, after some thorough negotiating, we were able to knock the price down and reach an agreement, and the building was ours. Wanting to avoid the six-week wait for every painter I called — not to mention the six grand they were asking for — my wife, me, Alex, and four or five of his buddies all took three days and painted the entire office. We may have been amateurs, but I have to say, we did a top-notch job, especially Alex and his buddies. Frankly, they could make it into a business if they wanted. After putting in some new carpet and doing a bit of remodeling, the place came out looking very professional. We’ve got a nice kitchen and even a data room. Soon we’ll even be using the massive, 16-by-50-foot hallway for Meagan’s seminars on estate planning. Overall, it’s just a great location with a fantastic feel. It’s a big step up from both my tiny original office all those years ago, and the last one we were occupying. We’re all excited to start this new chapter in the firm. Come by 205 East State Street in Redlands sometime, and say hello!

Augie’s Coffee House just down the street. And I can’t forget the Muffin Top just two doors down, which makes the most mouthwatering handcrafted pastries around. I couldn’t have asked for a better location; I can literally step outside my door and be in any of these places within just a couple minutes. I’ve been finding myself at Muffin Top a lot in particular, chowing down on their incredible turkey sandwiches, with house-baked bread and Boar’s Head turkey. But why the move? Well, Redlands has always been one of my favorite places. Recently my wife and I were visiting Meagan, my daughter and fellow attorney, and we were having a coffee at the Muffin Top. At that point, I had been toying with the

-Patrick Silva

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