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3 Causes of Back Pain and Sciatica Herniated Disc The symptom of a herniated disc is sharp pain located above the tailbone that may travel down to the buttocks and sometimes to the groin. A person with a herniated disc can draw a specific line down their back and leg indicating the location of the pain. Herniated discs can also cause numbness and weakness in the leg. Typically, a person with a herniated disc is younger and may have had some trauma or done repetitive bending and twisting movements. They often have pain bending forward, but leaning backwards reduces the pain. Arthritis and Osteoarthritis (not Rheumatoid), Stenosis, and Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) These are clumped together as they all have similar symptoms and causes. The typical person with arthritis is over 50, has pain while standing and walking, and experiences relief when sitting. They also have morning stiffness, as well as weakness, pain, numbness, and tingling from the back into the legs. It is often the person you see in the grocery store leaning on the cart, or someone who often says, “I just need to sit for a minute.” SI Joint and Pelvis Dysfunction (Often With Disc Symptoms, Too) SI joint problems are easy to miss, as they do not appear on X-rays or MRIs. These are the patients who may have had surgeries that did not help. People with SI disfunction range from young to old. They have pain sitting or driving. They often complain of pain when rolling over in bed and getting in and out of the car. They try to avoid bearing weight on one side. The pain is more diffused than with a herniated disc and can radiate to the outside of the leg, into the front of the thigh, and into the groin. This is common in women following childbirth and can come with a loss of bladder control. Let us help you find the cause of your pain so you can heal naturally — not with medications, injections, or surgery, but with physical therapy. Call us at (360) 279-8323 or email to find out how to relieve your back pain!

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Better Report Cards in 2018? Every parent wants to see their child do well in school, and there’s one fun activity that benefits students of all ages: reading. In a world with so much stimulation, however, it can be difficult to motivate kids to put down a screen and pick up a book. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity to make reading a priority. Here are a few tips to make 2018 the year your kids become bookworms. Make It a Family Resolution There’s no better motivator than solidarity! Plus, we’re guessing everyone in your household could stand to read a little more. You don’t have to read the same books or set identical goals, but it’s a lot more fun when everyone participates. Schedule weekly reading discussions so everyone can share the cool stories they’ve read. Stack your completed books in your house somewhere as a monument to all the knowledge your family has gained.

Set Reward Milestones Positive reinforcement will propel your kids to keep reading long after the calendars have turned. For a certain number of books completed or hours spent reading, offer them a prize. You can even create a big end goal to really cement those reading habits. Better yet, set a combined goal that the entire family can work toward. Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops. If your kids know that reading one book per week through June means an extra-special summer vacation, their enthusiasm won’t wane come spring. recommendations, share ratings, and create lists of both completed and to-be-read books. Users also create reading lists based on topic, genre, decade, and more. With over 2 billion books added, you’ll never run out of inspiration. Biblionasium offers the same services, but it’s designed specifically for children. Talk to other parents and create a network of friends and classmates. After all, nothing is cooler to a kid than what their friends are doing. Avid readers tend to do better academically from kindergarten through college. In fact, a study from the Journal of Education and Practice found that reading comprehension predicted success in other subjects more than any other factor. If you want to see improved report cards, make a reading resolution for your entire household. Use Reading Apps Goodreads is a social network for bibliophiles. You can find


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