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JULY 2019

What’s Your Favorite Season?

Finding the True Beauty of Summer

bike ride or run almost every day. It really boosts my mood. isn’t as interesting a question as ‘Why is it your favorite season?’” The warm weather also brings more opportunities to spend time together, for humans have a need for social interaction. Save for a few weeks during the holidays, most people spend the winter months pretty isolated. We want to stay inside and away from the cold, so we avoid traveling much. In the summer, it’s so much easier to connect with other people. You can get together with friends for a backyard barbecue, talk to your neighbors while you’re walking around town, or spend a long day boating with the family. When I really think about it, that last reason is why I look forward to summertime. I love the summer because it means I have more family time. My children are out of school, so I get to see them more and have more quality time with the family. Nothing makes me happier than getting my wife and my kids together for something special. “‘What’s your favorite season?’

If you ask someone on the street “What’s your favorite season?” there’s a 60% chance their answer will be “summer.” A Pew study found that people tend to prefer warmer weather on a 2 to 1 margin. To be honest, I don’t think anyone needed a study to tell them people like summer better than winter. Most people could guess humans like warm, bright months over the cold, dark winter. I lean toward the summer more myself, but only slightly. I really do enjoy the winter months and my time on the mountains. But as soon as I can’t ski anymore, I’m ready to be out there on the boat. “What’s your favorite season?” isn’t as interesting a question as “Why is it your favorite season?” The fact that so many people prefer summertime means there’s something about the season that resonates with us. There are the obvious reasons, of course: The days are longer, there’s more sunlight, and people tend to be more comfortable when they’re warmer. But I think our love of summer goes deeper than that. It’s about what we can do in the nice weather that makes summer valuable. We’re able to enjoy the freedom of being outdoors rather than being held captive by the cold inside. For example, I’m able to enjoy more outdoor physical activity in the summer. During the winter, it’s dark when I go to work in the morning and when I come home at night. Meanwhile, the longer daylight hours mean I can enjoy a sunny early morning ride to work and an evening

These days, my herd has grown to include my daughter’s friends and my son’s girlfriend. I look forward to the warm days when we can have a cookout or be on the boat together. Those are great memories you can only make in the summer and the sunshine. I’m not the kind of guy who wishes for summer all the time. We enjoy some pretty dramatic seasons here in Massachusetts, and I try to enjoy them all. If we had summer all year, it would lose some of its luster for me. Summer doesn’t last, and that’s another thing that makes it special. There’s that added incentive to enjoy every moment while it’s still here. So, get outside and enjoy what is left of summer 2019! -Len Spada

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