March 2020 Turn-Key Newsletter

Acts of Ownership

Ryan Aulph, Carpenter Foreman Gerald Wimbro, Painter Foreman Eric Ruiz, Painter Apprentice Nick Mariott, Carpenter Foreman This crew responded to an emergency job over the weekend. The owner wrote an email to the Project Manager, holding Lee Contracting and the crew in the field in very high regards. Steve Bedsole, Recruiter Steve was nominated for a chip due to his fantastic efforts in staffing the Machine Repair department. Steve has been providing spectacular candidates in a timely fashion. Neal Balamucki, Painter Foreman Pequandra Manley, Shop Assistant Neal and Pequandra were recognized by a customer for doing great work while on a job. The customer then sent an email to the Project Manager, commending them for their efforts and work ethic. Dan Lathers, Pipefitter Foreman Cameron Rose, Pipefitter Apprentice Robert Sanchez, Pipefitter Apprentice Dan, Cameron, and Robert worked on the ESPEC North America: Toyota Chamber Install project. The hours came in way under and the customer was incredibly impressed with us.

Thank you for going above & beyond!

February New Hires Jeffrey Salvador , Painter Craftsman Eric Denryter , Metrologist Stephen Harrington , Account Manager Grant Bullock , Electrical Foreman Nicole Whitton , Administrative Assistant Welcome Aboard!



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