Just off the beautiful and historic LaHave River in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia is a hidden gem of the craft beer world. It’s a spot like no other. They often feature live local music. They have shuffle board, crib boards and board games. And they sell Lunenburg County’s premier craft beer – but they never push the beer. “If someone wants to come and listen to music and play games with friends and only drink water, that’s great,” explained Adam Sarty, co-owner of FirkinStein Brewing Inc. “We’re happy they’re having a good time. We didn’t want to build a place that was awkward to visit because you felt obligated to buy beer. We have a beautiful maple top bar that I built and often people just come in to check us out – and that’s fine. Devin and I enjoy a good time. We’re a little lacking on the business end of things but we do love to have a good time,” he laughed. Devin Fraser, FirkinStein’s other half, agreed. “We’re not marketing gurus but the beer really does sell itself. Our whole lineup – Nor’easter, Set Sail Pale Ale, Project Orange, Beet This, and Rock Your Boat Oatmeal Stout – is available at our store at 673 King Street, Bridgewater. We’re selling our Nor’easter at the Knot Pub and the Rime Restaurant and Wine Bar in Lunenburg. We’re also at the Local Public House, the River Pub and Boston Pizza all here in Bridgewater. People love it.”



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