The Experience Magazine - Spring 2017

friends and churches about their incredible weekend, I am sure many will talk about the new building.” In addition to the new dining room and kitchen, the Bollback Student Life Center also adds two private dining rooms, two supplemental classrooms, another student lounge, the campus bookstore, and café as well as the student post office. Both the lounge and café have massive stone fireplaces, comfortable seating, great views of the lake, and plenty of natural light. The café and campus bookstore are open to each other creating a modern bookstore feel. The building opened for business in January 2017, but the official Dedication happened during the annual Founder’s Conference April 7-9. On Saturday, April 8, scheduled tours led guests through the building. Harry spoke and addressed the students and conference guests. At 92, Harry’s words delivered a spiritual punch that only years of experience can bring, and he shared that wisdom with the students.The meeting came to a grand finale with a video and the Collegians singing “Hold Forth the Word.” After the meeting, students and guests gathered at the doors of the Bollback Student Life Center for the official ribbon cutting ceremony which was followed by a cake and punch reception in the dining room. The physical, tangible gift is the building, but the more significant contribution will be the eternal works accomplished within its doors.

“I’D WALKED THROUGH THE BUILDING WHILE IT WAS UNDER CONSTRUCTION DOZENS OF TIMES, BUT WATCHING IT TRANSITION FROM AN EMPTY BUILDING TO ONE FULL OF LIFE WITH THE STUDENTS ENJOYING TIME TOGETHER IN THE NEW DINING ROOM WAS A SURREAL EXPERIENCE.” Second-year student, Clayton Moore (’16), described his first meal there this way: “The table set-up is great; it feels like a family meal when you sit down. When it is warm enough to eat outside on the lakefront patio, it will only get better.” Damien Cordero (’16) also a second-year student, said: “The new student center makes the whole campus feel brand new.” Three days after opening, 400 campers and leaders descended on the campus for Snowcamp and enjoyed the new dining room. Even with this added number of people eating meals, the food lines moved quickly, and seating was plentiful. Tommy Sewall (’09), Snowcamp Director, said this about the impact the Bollback Student Life Center had on Snowcamp weekends: “The new building raises the overall standard of experience the campers have at Snowcamp. As the campers and youth leaders return home and tell their


Dedication of the bollback Student Life Center 05

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