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C ompany F eature of the M onth

ConEd’s Contractor of the Year - Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program EnTech Digital Controls cuts energy costs and enhances heating efficiency


ith autumn well un- derway and winter approaching, lead-

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or via a mobile device, users can log on to their account to track live boiler activity,

ers in the buildings industry turn their attention to the dropping temperatures. Of course, no matter the season, the task of property owners and management companies has always been meeting the needs of tenants within the confines of a strict budget. And this familiar balancing act is obviously not exclusive to our industry alone. All businesses struggle with the question, “How do we make our customers happy while turning a profit?” Fortunately for property owners today, the answer to that question is clear: EnTech Digital Con- trols. For over 15 years EnTech has been providing building owners with hands-on heat control, allowing them to monitor, analyze, and control boiler usage, and dramati- cally reduce excessive fuel consumption. By keeping heat and hot water operat- ing at peak performance, the company’s control systems optimize tenant comfort, and save on thousands of gallons/ therms of potentially wasted energy costs. The company guarantees significant fuel savings for clients and indeed delivers results. Saving 15%- 35% on annual energy costs per property, most customers see a return on investment within one heating season alone. VR-500 Boiler Control System In its beginning, EnTech earned a name with the man- agement of dial-up boiler control systems, which were the heating control method of choice for most commercial and multi-family buildings at the time. The company’s engi- neers ultimately realized that a web-based program would make managing heat and hot water more efficient and accessible for building owners and maintenance personnel alike. In 2006 EnTech intro- duced what was to become its flagship product, the Virtual Remote 500 Boiler Control System (VR-500™). With a series of precision wireless sensors that read indoor and outdoor temperatures, the VR-500 uses real-time technology to analyze and self-diagnose inefficiencies

As one satisfied customer explains, “EnTech’s advanced computer system eliminates much of the guesswork in boiler diagnostics. Teaming up with the company takes a major burden off the management and is a real boon for tenant satisfaction.”

management and on-site personnel to develop a sav- ings strategy based on a property’s structure, chal- lenges, and needs. Paying special attention to areas of known temperature outliers such as excessively warm or cold locations, wireless temperature sensors are in- stalled throughout the inside and outside of the building. After the VR-500 system is installed, a team of En- Tech agents works to assess and constantly reevaluate the building’s energy usage data and boiler performance. Utilizing a slew of tools, agents analyze boiler activity and runtime, water usage, pressure levels, and sensor readings. They fine-tune set- tings, adjust differentials and cycle lengths, perform system evaluation and restoration, and account for outlying sen- sor readings. With their ex- tensive training and skilled expertise, EnTech agents are able to ensure each property achieves maximum savings that would be difficult to ac- complish with independent monitoring. As one satisfied customer explains, “EnTech’s advanced computer system eliminates much of the guesswork in boiler diagnostics. Teaming up with the company takes a major burden off the manage- ment and is a real boon for tenant satisfaction.” Comprehensive Reporting Whether monitoring the VR-500 system indepen- dently, or via the recom- mended Energy Manage- ment Service, all customers have access to their EnTech account online through the company’s comprehensive, user-friendly website. Email and text messages are sent to customers immediately if a heat or boiler problem arises. With just the click of a mouse

view daily graphs, and create customized historical reports detailing energy usage. This information is crucial in rendering a clear picture of clients’ dollar-for-dollar savings based upon energy consumption. More than just data delivery though, this service is programmed to de- liver intelligent data analysis and suggest corrective action based on system diagnosis. Environmental Impact For the past two years Con Edison has awarded EnTech the title of Contractor of the Year in their Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program. To encourage more efficient fuel consumption, Con Edi- son’s program offers a mon- etary rebate to customers who install a new EnTech boiler system in multi-family buildings of up to 75 units. As the largest company in the area, EnTech leads the program in energy conserva- tion and financial savings. The company has been rec- ognized by leading govern- ment efficiency programs as a leader in the promotion of sustainable energy solutions and the Green Energy move- ment. Future Outlook Using EnTech’s VR-500 System and in particular, their exclusive Energy Man- agement Service, EnTech customers experience en- hanced boiler performance and consistently reduced fuel consumption year after year. With clear results and a driven purpose, EnTech continues to make advances in boiler-control technology, providing customers with maximum savings and a proven means to reduce their ecological footprint. For more informat ion visit: EnTech Digital Con- trols: www.entechdigital.com 732.730.1595 n

Con Edison has awarded EnTech the title of Contractor of the Year in their Multi-FamilyEnergy Efficiency Program.

With just a click of the mouse or via a mobile device, users can have live access to their heating systems.

in a boiler unit. The software system then recommends appropriate modifications and allows for easy loca- tion adjustments, ensuring comfortable temperatures throughout all areas of a building. The versatile VR-500 guar- antees compatibility across a wide range of properties and heating systems. Installed in close to 4,000 buildings across the East Coast, users include large commercial proper- ties, multi-family apartment complexes, industrial facili- ties, warehouses, and hotels. The system supports steam or hydronic heating plants, single or multiple boilers, and direct steam or zone systems.

Since its release, The VR-500 has undergone several major program upgrades, and En- Tech engineers are frequently introducing new technology to enhance the system’s func- tionality and capabilities. Innovative Energy Management Service While EnTech offers the VR- 500 Boiler Control System as a stand-alone item, customers see the greatest savings and most robust functionality when used in conjunction with the company’s exclusive Energy Management Service plan. This service is imple- mented and monitored by the same trained agents and ef- ficiency experts who designed the patented VR-500 system.

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