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Executive Women in Business

Debbie Pomerantz, Gebroe-Hammer Associates Real estate brokerage is a profession that can be both rewarding and unpredictable

Pomerantz’s success re- lies on honesty, integrity and treating her clients’ investments as if they were her own. She has a proven ability to exercise discre- tion – recognizing when to say yes, when to be as- sertive and when to back off. Refining interpersonal and relationship-building skills also are integral, as is the necessity to continu- ally “raise the bar.” With a proven combination of cli- ent service, deal-structur- ing and relationship skills, she consistently obtains a high volume of exclusive listings and is able to cre- ate value-added services for every client. What challenges and or obstacles do you feel you needed to overcome to become as successful as you are today? As a brokerage profes- sional, Pomerantz has been challenged with delegating some of the responsibilities associated with marketing a property and closing a transaction. Feeling a tre- mendous sense of personal ownership, she has learned to tap into the talents of the firm’s management team. Pomerantz also recognizes that each person brings something different to the table and usually can com- plete certain tasks far more efficiently. She has realized this helps with her own time management as well as increasing her deal-clos- ing levels. Do you feel being a woman i s an advan- tage in today’s business world? Why? Why not? Commercial real estate brokerage traditionally has been, and in some respects remains, a male-dominated field. Pomerantz embraces the unique attributes a woman brings to this indus- try and feels that certain societal conditions actually help her in her career. For example, it has been her experience that, in gen- eral, people have more dif- ficulty saying no to a woman and are much more polite. Pomerantz also feels she is more in tune with nonver- bal cues, which contributes toward her intuition or “gut continued on page 16C

career /profession to change them? Pomerantz is doing ex- actly what she set out to accomplish in her career. Never accepting the word “no,” she persevered and remained focused on her own benchmarks, striving to always be a consummate real estate professional. She believes that a genuine love of one’s work leads to both professional success and personal happiness. What unique qualities and/or personality do you feel makes you most successful in your pro- fession?

investment firm. After meet- ing with several commercial brokerage firms in 2011, she joined Gebroe-Hammer Associates as a sales repre- sentative. In less than one year with the firm, she was promoted to assistant vice president in late 2012. Since joining Gebroe-Hammer, the Passaic County/Bergen County market specialist has closed sales aggregating more than $74 million and 775 units, averaging one sale per month for the past 18 months. What were some of your early goals and did any- thing happen in your

Debbie Pomerantz, Assistant Vice President Company: Gebroe-Hammer Associates

Type : Investment Brokerage Years with company/firm: 2

e l l us how and when you began your career in the Real estate organizations/ affiliations: New Jersey Apartment Association, Property Owners Association T profession you are in? Pomerantz was intro - duced to commercial real estate by an acquaintance

in 2005. With the support of her family, she successfully completed a formal training program, earned her license and was immediately hired by her instructor, an execu- tive with a New York-based

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