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Executive Women in Business

Rona Korman & Linda Parish, Union Center National Bank Rona Korman, Senior Vice President Linda Parish, Vice President


ona Korman, Senior Vice President Tell us how and

if so, what activities or ven- ues do you participate in? Men and women usually ap- proach most things from differ- ent perspectives. Who do you feel was most influential in your lifewhen choosing this profession? My mother was a working woman at a time when that was not popular. When I came into the workplace I met sev- eral women like her and was fortunate enough to become mentored by them. As I have grown in my career I have al- ways tried to give back and help the next generation of women professionals to succeed in their career goals. What is the funniest, most

unique situation you have faced/conquered during your business career? What outside activities do you enjoy during you free time? I like to keep busy and fit. My son is a competitive jump roper. This year, I decided to join him in competition. In June, we went to a national tournament together in California. It was a great bonding experience for us and I got to experience first hand why he loves the sport. I also came home with some medals so it makes for a good story. What do you feel is the key to your success? Working hard and knowing your customers and clients.

youneed to get the job done, and you treat people honestly and fairly, you will have an advan-

If you can pick up the pieces and give excellent service to those who seek your help, you will become a valuable part of their processes, and they will continue to look to you for help and support. n Linda Parish, Vice President Tell us howandwhen you began your career in the profession you are in? I began my banking career in Zurich Switzerland where I studied and worked for Gold- manSachs. Uponmy successful completion of the credit training and management development program at Chase Manhattan Bank, I worked in the interna- continued on page 1C

when you began your career i n the profes- sion you are in? I became a Lawyer in 1986. Very quickly I be- came inter-

tage. Hav- ing said that, there is more opportunity f or women today as we draw on our life experienc- es to problem solving in the wo rkp l ac e .

Rona Korman Linda Parish

Now more than ever these life experiences are embraced by employers. Do you feel there are any differences in the way that men and women develop business relationships and

ested in Real Estate Law and started closing bothResidential and Commercial transactions, and worked extensively in the Retail Leasing arena. I worked in a small law firm which was a great experience to get ac- climated to a wide variety of issues. What were some of your earlygoals anddidanything happen in your career /pro- fession to change them? Early on, I think I wanted to havemy own lawfirm. Soon, as I got to know my clients a little better, I realized I enjoyed being on the business side, so after six years in private practice, I went in house with a client in the retail business. What unique qualities and/ or personality traits do you feel makes you most successful in your profes- sion? I think I have a good practical approach to both business and legal matters. My clients and business partners appreciate that because most business partners want to move very quickly to accomplish their goals. If you can help them structure a deal that gets them what they want and protects themat the same time, ev- eryone wins. What challenges and or obstacles do you feel you needed to overcome to be- come as successful as you are today? It’s obviously very difficult to manage a successful a grow- ing career when taking care of ourselves and our families, and sometimes it was hard to keep that perspective. We need to be gentle on ourselves and remind ourselves that the glass is always half-full. Doyou feel beingawoman is an advantage in today’s business world? Why? Why not? I think whether you are a man or a woman, if you possess the knowledge and confidence

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