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If you want to learn more about your neighborhood, ask your mail carrier.

It wasn’t exactly the picture of an ideal, affordable family home this couple was looking for, and they were horrified (rightfully so!). Despite the home being fairly safe and getting relatively good marks from us, that couple high-tailed it out of there. I’m not sure what happened to the son or even that couple, but the house was eventually razed so new owners could start over. Inspectors are used to angry sellers who disagree with our findings about a home, and we can face animal danger, too, as you read about in September’s newsletter. We go into every inspection prepared for the worst and hoping for the best for our clients, but we certainly can never fully prepare for the unusual instances of horror we could find.

Throughout my years as an inspector, I’ve learned that no one knows your neighborhood quite like the person who passes through it every day. If you happen to see a mail carrier when you’re looking at a home, stop and ask them for some information on the neighborhood. A few years ago, a mail carrier played a crucial role in one of my most memorable inspection horror stories. This story goes beyond the sellers disputing our findings and getting angry with us, and it’s not something you can really prepare for as an inspector. Liberty Inspections was hired by a couple interested in purchasing a home in Drexel Hill a few years back. The listing was cheap, but upon an initial look at the house, it wasn’t clear why. The house had not been foreclosed on. The roof was not damaged. It wasn’t under an overpass and didn’t have an unsightly view. It was a regular family home that this young couple was hoping to steal off the market, pending my inspection. By some twist of either cruel or blessed fate, at the inspection, a mailman passed by the home. Per my advice above, I asked him if he knew anything about the home and its cheap listing. That’s when he explained the gruesome story of a double homicide that had happened inside the home. And the circumstances of this tragedy were especially shocking: A son had killed his parents.

Being told about a double homicide by the mail carrier in front of clients — now that’s a scary (and rare) inspection story I’ll never forget.

This serves as a reminder to others to take time to investigate properties to ensure you’re getting the home you deserve and want. This couple didn’t deserve to live in a place where they would be constantly reminded of terror, and they would never have found the happy home I have no doubt they live in today had we not inquired about that particular house’s price.

I guess mail carriers don’t just deliver mail — they can save the day, too.

Happy Halloween!

–-Chris Earley | 610.717.3082 | Page 1

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