Build Knowledge and Language

• Build background knowledge about the module topic. • Make personal connections to the module topic. • Pronounce new concept words and listen to their meanings. • Respond to questions using new concept words and complete sentences. LEARNING OBJECTIVES

Introduce the Concept



I Can Do It!

‘‘ We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough. Helen Keller

What does it mean to try hard?

Big Idea Words

practice (v)

MATERIALS • Module 5 Poster: I Can Do It! • Display and Engage: Big Idea Words 5 • Chart paper and markers

proud (adj)

The poster is still not final, will replace this redux next week

success (n)

Build Background Knowledge • Share the Module 5 Poster to introduce the topic “I Can Do It!”

• Read aloud and explain the Get Curious Question. When we try to learn something new, we don’t always get it right the first time. It takes hard work! • Discuss examples from the poster of children who are trying hard. • Use ECHO READING (GPS, p. 00) to read the Helen Keller quotation. Tell children about Helen Keller and talk about the meaning. ”Stick to it” is a way of saying “to keep trying.” Helen Keller is saying that you can do anything if you keep trying.

Who Said It? After becoming sick as a baby, Helen Keller (1880–1968) could not see or hear. When Helen was seven years old, a teacher taught her how to use sign language to talk to people. Helen practiced and tried very hard. Soon she was able to speak, read, and write.


BEGINNING: Point to playground objects on the Module 5 Poster such as the slide and soccer ball . Say the words and have children repeat them chorally. INTERMEDIATE: Provide a sentence frame for children use to describe playground objects on the Module 5 Poster : I see a ____. ADVANCED/ADVANCED HIGH: Have partners ask questions about favorite playground activities: What do you like to do at recess? I like to ____.


Module 5 • Week 1 • Day 1

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