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Filling your maintenance medications just got easier with Cigna 90 Now SM

You have a lot going on. Taking your medication every day and remembering to pick up your refill every month isn’t always easy. We have a program that can help – it’s called Cigna 90 Now.

More choice Your plan includes a new maintenance medication program called Cigna 90 Now. Maintenance medications are taken regularly, over time, to treat an ongoing health condition. Cigna 90 Now offers you more choice in how, and where, you can fill your prescription. Choose what works best for you › If you choose to fill your prescription in a 90-day supply, you have to use a 90-day retail pharmacy in your plan’s new network, or Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy SM .* › If you choose to fill your prescription in a 30-day supply, you can use any retail pharmacy in your plan’s new network. Where you can fill a 90-day prescription With Cigna 90 Now, your plan offers a new retail pharmacy network that gives you more choice in where you can fill your 90-day prescriptions. There are thousands of retail pharmacies in your new network. They include local pharmacies, grocery stores, retail chains and wholesale warehouse stores – all places where you may already shop! If you prefer the convenience of having your medications delivered to your home, you can also use Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy to fill your prescriptions.* For more information about your new pharmacy network, you can go to Cigna.com/Rx90network . You choose! 90-day or 30-day supply.

Why fill a 90-day supply? Filling your prescriptions in a 90-day supply may help you stay healthy because having a 90-day supply of your medication on-hand typically means you’re less likely to miss a dose.** It also means you can make fewer visits to the pharmacy to refill your medication, and depending on your plan, you may be able to save money by filling your prescriptions 90-days at a time. Here are some of the 90-day retail pharmacies in your network: *** › CVS (including Target and Navarro) › Walmart › Kroger (including Harris Teeter Pharmacy, Pick N Save Pharmacy, Fred Meyer Pharmacy, Fry’s Food and Drug) › Access Health (including Benzer Pharmacy, Marcs, Big Y Pharmacy, Marsh Drugs, LLC, Snyder Drug Emporium) › Good Neighbor Pharmacies (including Big Y Pharmacy, Super RX Pharmacy, Medical Center Pharmacy, Family Pharmacy, King Kullen Pharmacy) › Cardinal Health (including Freds Pharmacy, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Harris Teeter Pharmacy, Medicap Pharmacy)

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